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We know this one has been featured elsewhere, but we couldn’t resist. There are few barn finds that would more exciting to uncover than a Porsche Speedster. They are so sought after that we used to assumed they were all accounted for, but somehow people stumble across forgotten ones on occasion. We have a friend that found one parked in a garage and this one has been sitting in plain sight in this backyard! It is now listed here on eBay. Prepare yourself though, as the current bid may make your eyes water.


Ironically, the Speedster was meant to be a more affordable version of the 356. Porsche stripped out the extras, chopped the top, and shipped it to America. People loved them though and they were perfect for Southern California where weather protection wasn’t needed and where there was always a track nearby. Now they command top dollar in any condition. We want one badly, if you couldn’t tell (notice the BF logo), but this one probably isn’t for us. Someone will save it though, we have no doubt. Just for fun, can you list all the differences between the Speedster and the standard 356?


  1. jim

    the good news first. looks like the car has been moved inside. the first bid was $1000. the seller has a motor that is for sale at extra cost. the other site has 167 comments which are worth reading. and the other site has listed a vw with a porsche motor which is for sale on ebay with high bid just over $20000…. the bad news. high bid is $86000 with 2 days to go. there is no motor at that price. the car has a lot of rust and is going to take a TON of work/time/MONEY. still a great find

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Over 100 comments… Wow, we really need more traffic! At least you won’t get lost in the crowd here… I saw that VW too, very cool.

  2. Webby

    No way. When I think of what else I could get for 86K.
    Eyewatering maybe, mouthwatering, nope.

  3. paul

    86k humm let see a nearly new 911, a used GT3, new Corvette ZO6, hmmm a hunk of junk in a garden, hmmm.

  4. Dolphin Member

    My eyes aren’t watering…they’re bleeding. But I admit that, personally, I undervalue old, very needy Porsches relative to some other people.

    Reality, Porsche Speedster style:
    It’s at $86K so far, on a car that’s valued between $175-210K in #2 condition, so even without an engine, and despite needing everything, this would make sense to the right person, someone who knows these cars, has skills or friends with skills, and maybe some parts in the basement that have been waiting for the right car to come along. They made only 2,911 of the ’56-’58 series of Speedsters, and how many unrestored ones can be left?

    Speaking of unrestored, it’s good that it lived in L.A. all these years….I bought my last rust-free car out of there—not a Porsche, BTW. But this is an open car, and anyone who has spent time in So Cal in the Fall will know that it does rain there—sometimes, torrentially. So, no surprise the floors are toast in this car, which sat in a back yard for who knows how long. Any prospective buyer should make sure there’s enough metal in the tub to allow this to be a safe car to drive in the end, or they might end up with a bunch of trim pieces, some special brakes, and a Reutter body tag for their $86K+.

  5. Gene

    we know of a hardtop Porsche in a yard in san diego sting 72 and was driven in and he went away and past away died. car had dogs living in it all this time a 1956 Porsche will go see if it is in yard now next time in town.

    • razmataz

      Hi Gene,
      I live in San Diego and would check it out if you want to post info, or send it to me. My project is a 951 right now so no room for anything, but could pass along info.

  6. rancho bella

    I sold my last 356 two years ago. I cannot stand the engine noise on the freeway. As for this car, let the folks with money fight it out, I couldn’t care less. I am by no means an expert but I have been in and around the 356 model for decades.

    • paul

      Ditto rancho, & I forgot in my post to add all that this car needs & still not a matching # I could buy a new GT3 & a ZO6 for the price of this car plus the resto & then you end up with a VW bug but with a big P on the front & that big P translates to a bunch of zero’s added to anything you need! A fine jewel of a Ferrari 275 GTB these will never be or even a Zagato bodied Alfa Romeo.

  7. Rene

    James Dean used to drive a Speedster (as far as I remember)

    • paul

      & that is probably the single most important thing that has hyped this car.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Yep, He raced one for a while and then traded it in for a Spyder, the car he ended up dying in.

  8. jim

    listing shows as item no longer available, reserve not met at $1000 and no bid history? so sold outside of ebay, will it be relisted?

  9. Dolphin Member

    About 17 bids placed, the highest being $92,600, but all cancelled on the last day by the seller because ‘item no longer available’.

    • paul


  10. Chris A.

    I’ve seen a Beck Speedster replica that looked pretty good from 20′. And it couldn’t have cost new anywhere near $92,600. A used Beck Speedster can be had in the mid 30’s. Be a fun car.

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