Barbie’s First Car: 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite


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When we first spotted this 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite, we assumed it was a color change done in bad taste. Well, it turns out that Austin actually churned out a few pink Sprites. The seller claims that only 50 ever left the factory wearing Dark Pink and that only 6 exist today. We’re not sure about that, but it is the first time we have ever seen an AH in this hue. This one is missing its drive-train, but is relatively solid and bidding starts at $500 here on eBay.


You don’t have to be a fan of a certain pink loving child’s toy to want this pink project car. Just think, your wife may even approve the purchase for once. Be sure to remind her that Barbie’s first car was a pink AH too. That should do the trick…

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. ScareCrow

    “..your wife may even approve the purchase /for once/” haha

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  2. Horse Radish

    I would have thought that they would have made a lot more hot pink cars.
    I can see ‘Barbie’ now,
    standing on the side of the Highway in 1962,
    waving at passing motorists and
    trying to alert them of her mechanical woes.(or is it whooowee?)
    That bright pink should have been the number one seller !

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  3. Leo

    The sellers is placing way too much gospel on information from You Tube videos. There were more than 50 made (considerably more) and there are lots more than he claims are still out there. It isnt a “hot pink” but is rather a salmon colored pink. The far more rare item in the auction is the cream colored steering wheel. Now that is a rare item


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    • MC

      I parted out one these “pink” Sprites about 10 years ago.

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  4. z1rider

    These were the prize for runner up in Mary Kay sales contests. The winner of course got a Cadillac.

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  5. Jim

    Now, that’s funny! Love it!

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  6. rancho bella

    The tag on the car reads “See Engine”………….hmmm…….where?

    The car looks to be solid, unless my eyes deceive me. I am the odd man out as I like these style wise better than frog eye Sprites.

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  7. Jon

    A family story runs around from my dad’s side of a Mk II Sprite my grandfather had with a color they called “Dusty Rose.” It could very well have been one of these “Deep Pink” cars.

    Sadly, when Dad’s family moved across country, they had only room in the moving van for either the Sprite or a player piano.

    They chose the piano.

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  8. krash

    just like Barbie’s little convertible…….no motor…

    …you push it around the yard and make “vroom” sounds while your 4 yr old steers toward the neighbor’s fence…

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  9. Jay

    The Deep Pink count of “50” is a comment made by a friend of mine who owns another Deep Pink Sprite. She admits to starting the rumor in an off-hand comment she posted on the internet.

    The count of 6 that still exist is likely an observation by someone of those that have been listed on eBay over the past few years.

    Rare color? Yes. But let’s put the brakes on the rumors, unless you like the old phrase “I read it on the internet so it must be true.”

    I understand the reserve on this is $1,500. This car was sold on ebay a few months back for $1,600 with a drivetrain. It’s a shame it was separated from the car.

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  10. jim

    this car is missing a lot more then the drive train. i think it was used as a parts car and now they are trying to sell of what they can not use. i also see rust and i do not know what the under side and tunnel look like. if you want a sprite or midget there are 28 on ebay alone. you can get a driver for a lot less then what it would take to get this one back on the road. what you will end up with is a very small unsafe car.

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  11. Dan Farrell

    I wonder if a Miata running gear would fit?

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    • rich

      Not sure on that one but a Early 70’s Datsun (Nissan) 1200 is a bolt in and they can be made to run. More power and reliable plus the blocks don’t weep oil

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  12. jim

    if you want pink this is it. me, i had a lot of these back in the day and worked on a lot more over the years. this year i went to imports at carlisle looking for one, and looked at some others that were for sale. i still love them but also remember how bad they do when they get hit. me i moved on, i think, at least until i get near one. in 1 1/2 years the 1990 miata will be 25 years old and i’m going that route. for what it would cost restore this sprite i could have a driveway full of mx5’s. but then again i could take a sprite/midget apart and put it back together in my sleep, as i have done that before.

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  13. DolphinMember

    First thing I thought was “chick car”, but of course I would never write that here.
    Then I saw that it had pretty much already been written here.

    So does this one coming out of the woodwork mean there are 7 pink ones, or was it already counted?
    Jay confirmed my thought that it’s actually guesswork and throwaway comments that can lead to these numbers.

    Too many of these going for cheap in much more complete form to bother with one that’s only partly there. Needs a couple more pedals too.

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  14. jim

    and the listed has ended.

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  15. jim

    lets try the listing has ended

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  16. Linda

    I have one too. And yes it is called Deep Pink, I spoke with Terry Horler the author of the famous Spridget restoration book and he said it was a rare color but unless someone goes through the documents in the UK the production number is a guess. Although he did say back in the day there were arguments when a deep pink Sprite owner of the club wanted to repaint a different color. I have this in a snail mail letter from Terry.
    My Sprite with faded deep pink.

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  17. Kman

    Back in the day when I was driving my red TR 3 and was visiting the local brit mech, as one so often did, I saw a bright pink TR 3. My mech told me it belonged to a young woman who bought it in a different colour but got hit 3 times by other cars and finally, in desperation, had it painted pink. She wasn’t hit again.

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