Barn Bound 46 Years! 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS 409

Something in the water maybe? Unlikely, just an unusual run of highly desirable 409 equipped Chevrolet Impalas that have turned up here on Barn Finds in the last few weeks, and I’m going to continue with the pile-on. For your consideration, barnfinder Ikey H. has found this 1962 Impala SS 409. It is located in Wayne, New Jersey and is available, here on craigslist for $60,000.

Our subject car is listed as a barn find from Florida where it has been lounging since 1975. The seller adds, “It was driven through the streets of Naples Florida from 1962 until 1975. It was then stored and forgotten about“. I don’t know how in the Sam Hill you could forget about a car like this. It is also described as, “This is a 100% factory original Matching # car the real thing” – more on that to follow. According to Muscle Car Facts, about 705K Impalas were constructed in ’62 with approximately 100K wearing the SS badge and 15K or so graced with the 409 CI engine.

Two different 409 CI engines were available in ’62, a single carburetor version weighing in at 380 HP and the “Big Mo”, a dual quad version, such as this Impala possesses, at 409. The seller states, “This is an original matching # car the engine block only has been replaced with a correct 1963 dual quad QB code high-performance block“. That being the case, this is not, as previously claimed, “a matching number car”. While operationally it doesn’t matter, from a value perspective it does, especially at this price point. Equipped with a four-speed manual transmission and a 4.11, positraction differential, there is no description as to how this Chevy runs and drives. One noted mechanical alteration is what appears to be exhaust cut-outs peering out from behind the front wheels.

There is no denying this Impala’s physical attributes, it has an excellent bearing about itself. I can tell from experience that the storage location of this car must have been ideal. I’ve had long term parked vehicles in Florida garages and even fully enclosed, the heat and humidity can still take their toll. The Ermine White finish still has depth if not its original sheen. It is listed as a 100% factory original car so we’ll go with the assumption that applies to the finish too. There is no evidence of rust or crash damage but an image of the underside, especially on a car at this price, should have been included. Admittedly, the trunk space is as new, so that is probably indicative of the unseen portions of this Impala as well. Of note are the wheels, the rear ones, in particular, are wider than standard and all four are adorned with baby moon hubcaps.

The interior has held up remarkably well! The buff-colored, vinyl upholstery looks at best, gently used as does the nylon loop carpet. The door cards are showing the slightest bit of discoloration but that is to be expected after 59 years. The spartan instrument panel looks to be in excellent original condition with the addition of an aftermarket tachometer as the only modification. Actually, make that two modifications as the gear shifter is a Hurst replacement unit and not the original. Go for a hattrick? The seatbelts may not be original either. Good to see is the born-with Delco radio.

Expensive? Yup, these always are. Does the engine block swap have an adverse effect on value? Maybe. This car is listed, by the seller, as a survivor, and it has experienced 56K miles, so it has been driven and can continue to be.  And that may be where the value is in this car, it’s not 100% original, and not a trailer queen, so the next owner should be able to derive some driving enjoyment from it. I like it, how about you?

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  1. RayT Member

    I like it too. If I were a Serious Collector, I wouldn’t bother, as the replacement block should mean a noticeable drop in value. Ditto for the shifter and seat covers. It’s an almost-survivor, within shouting distance of being original.

    But that’s all by the way. It has the look I like, the equipment I would have wanted if buying an Impala in ’62, and I would class it as a fine — if maybe thirsty — driver.

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  2. Howard A Member

    This car is a prime example of the Beach Boys hit, “my 4 speed, dual quad, positraction 409”. Even though, they never actually mentioned what car they were talking about, I read, the dual quad came out in ’62, ironically just when the song became a hit. I think ’62 was the last year for the 409 that meant any business, even though it soldiered on until ’65, as by ’63, Ford and Chrysler were beating them at the track and something needed to be done. Iconic as it gets. $60g’s worth of iconic? I suppose that’s up to you. One thing for sure, 409’s had a distinct sound, I bet it sounds sweet with those pipes open.

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    • al

      talk about sound of a 409 and the beach boys song the engine sound on the record is of a 348 not a 409 they used a friends 1961 348 for the sound 409 just over grown 348 had a 1958 impala 348 loved that car

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  3. Chuck

    White with a beige interior, I would call it a “sleeper” because that combination would sure put me to sleep.

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  4. sir_mike

    The block might have been replaced under warranty?? Who knows for sure when it was replaced.A beautiful car.Next owner will be a happy person.

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    $60k ?? i think its overpriced by about $3.00

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  6. A.G.

    I can understand why this fine car was parked. The oil embargo happened in late 1973 and the price of gas doubled. The following year many states had some form of gas rationing. Gas mileage wasn’t practical for a 409 with a 4.11. Another strike against it is it was a 13 y.o. used car in 1975; not the classic we see today.

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    • Bill D

      Indeed. I went to high school in the early ’80s, when lots of what are today considered “classic muscle cars” from the late ’60s-early ’70s were available for incredibly short money, like a few hundred dollars. They were considered gas-guzzling old bangers then and nobody wanted them.

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  7. Bill D

    Apropos of nothing, I was looking at this photo and asking myself, “Why does that parking lot look so familiar?” Turns out it’s about 5 miles from where I grew up. I’ve eaten at that Wendy’s.

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  8. Morley

    Not much left on this car to indicate it is original. Neat car but way to much money for a modified car. And you know the correct equipment is readilly available, so why not get it if you want to pedal it as an original car.?

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  9. Daniel Gavin

    I like it……..worth the price? NO!!

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  10. ACZ


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  11. Dennis

    There are several things not original. The master cylinder and the wheels, just to name a couple. It appears to be a nice car, but it’s obvious the person who wrote the description is hoping for a cash fat buyer who has just fallen off the turnip truck.

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  12. LarryS Member

    Have to agree with it being overpriced. There are no underside photos – a problem. But there is also no indication that any documentation is available to confirm all of the statements about originality. Not saying it isn’t all true, but there is a big difference between being able to say, “it’s original except for ………. according to the build sheet” and “when I bought it I was told that it’s original except for ……….”.

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  13. Tort Member

    With a 409 and a 411 gear the gas embargo days makes sense why it was parked and the owner was fortunate enough to be able to park it and not sell it. I have always liked the color white for this year Chevys whether it be an Impala or Biscayne. Like the interior color also but seems like an odd combination with the white exterior.

  14. Stan Marks

    IMHO, this car is puuuurfect. It has everything I would want, in the classic ’62 Impala. Only problem, it’s not $60K perfect.

  15. Gus Fring

    Those wheels are horrible…and the paint on them doesn’t match, to make it even worse.

    • Stan Marks

      I have to agree, Gus.
      I take back my “perfect” remark.

  16. Mike Manship

    Wrong hubcaps

  17. Bill McCoskey

    To paraphrase a recent Mercedes-Benz TV commercial;

    It’s either an all original car . . .

    Or it isn’t.

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  18. 370zpp

    Regardless. I like it.

  19. JoeNYWF64

    Tiniest hubcaps i ever seen!
    2 different master cylinders? – 1 that does not open up? lol
    Looks like most of the heater core is under the hood – easier to replace?
    I like that fuel filter.

    • Joepissots

      My first car was a two year old 1962 impala sport coupe. A 1962 was and is very special to me. Mine was a 327/300 with 3 on the tree. Long gone I’m afraid.

  20. Chuck Dickinson

    It’s actually NOT a beige interior. This is the ‘gold’ (actually more of a yellow) interior that was normally found in the Anniversary Gold cars, altho’ it was offered on white, black, or Corona Cream cars as well.

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  21. Chuck Dickinson

    The cover for the heater core is under the hood. You still need to remove the entire heater box from under the dash to replace the core. Same on all GMs of this period.

  22. mike henry

    Overpriced? Probably. But then I see guys on Mecum Auctions with one foot in the grave shelling out six figures for stuff I wouldn’t trade this Impala for. So, it’s worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it, and not a penny more.

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    • Stan Marks

      Mike, those auction buyers are wealthy people, who are also car collectors. The $$$$ they spend, is a drop in the bucket.
      It’s a very expensive hobby.
      You don’t think they actually drive those cars, do you??

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  23. John

    In 1966 I bought a 63 impala SS 409 4 speed. Itook it to the coast to coast muffler shop to add Walker Continental mufflers. My car had cutouts just like that picture behind the front wheels.
    Owner told me he could order me “front pipes with dumps” if I need to return for replacement work on the rest of the system BTW black w blue interior

  24. Lonnie

    This appears to be the same car at the Atlantic City auction last year. All these critical comments about the car are probably from a bunch of broke souls. It was a very impressive car and I believe if you made the owner a respectable offer it would be sold.

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  25. tony t

    AND a black “Sun” tach transmitter “box” on LH inner fender panel …

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