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Barn Bundle: Saab 95 Wagons


What’s better than getting one barn find? How about getting three barn finds for one price? These Saab 95 Wagons might not be every barn finder’s cup of tea, but for any Saabophile or even just the collector that loves the unusual, this bundle deal could be a dream come true or their significant others’ worst nightmare. This bundle is being offered here on eBay with no reserve. Thanks go to Jim S. for this tip!


We have featured several other quirky cars to come from this barn and like the others to have been pulled out, they are in rough shape. The owner originally planned on restoring two of these wagons, while using the other as a parts cars. They made it as far as painting one of the bodies, but then parked the cars in their barn and left them to rust.


While the new paint on this red ’74 wagon is still shiny, it has a number of problems as a result of sitting in the barn. The seller’s statement that “most of the rust was repaired” makes us a little nervous. Do they mean that only some of the rust was repaired before it was painted or do they mean that new rust has formed since the respray? This might not seem like a huge issue, but if they mean that some rust wasn’t repaired in the first place, that could mean there are a number of surprises hiding under this shiny bright red paint job.


The other Saab they had intended to restore is this grey ’64. They didn’t make it to even starting the restoration of this, but as a result is much more complete. Both are going to need extensive work and lots of parts, which is where the third car comes into play. It has many of the parts needed to finish both cars. The 95 is an interesting little wagon and hopefully someone will see the potential fun of restoring and owning one and will save these cars! Which of these projects would you tackle first, the partially restored red one or the untouched grey one?


  1. Avatar photo scottski

    They gray one says, “Let’s go. Now.”

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  2. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I like quirky station wagons as much as the next guy, and have owned a few, but I would be cautious on these. I’m not sure you could actually make one good wagon from these cars without a lot of work, and what with the water pump drive having been sheared in the only engine among the three, I would assume that the engine is probably in tough shape.

    Stay cautious, my friends’.

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  3. Avatar photo rancho bella

    Saab wagons are so neat looking and you can put stuff in it, and…..drive around like a “earth firster” …………………:/

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  4. Avatar photo Joe Herald

    At different times, long ago we had two 95 wagons. A 3cyl/2cycle, and later a V-4. Enjoyed getting gas in the 2 cycle telling the attendant to pour a quart of 30wt in the gas tank. Also liked to watch car wash employee’s react to the “4-on-the-tree” shifter.

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  5. Avatar photo rapple

    A lover of old Saabs with a couple other parts cars (or cars needing parts) may want to pursue this, but the investment in time and energy necessary to make any of these presentable should keep saner folks away. The bidding is now at a reasonable price for this pile: $207.50. Now, about those Volvos in the background………

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  6. Avatar photo mfedun

    I read yesterday that a Chinese company has revived SAAB and started production.

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  7. Avatar photo Paul B

    Different models, different years, different engines, fewer parts in common than one would think outside the suspension and basic bodywork. Take a pass unless you are a really committed Saab gear head (I’ve been one and it is fun when you know what you’re doing and know what parts fit which Saab). This would sink many people into debt and depression.

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