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Barn Cat: 1958 Jaguar XK150

1958 Jaguar Xk150 Front Corner

This poor Jaguar XK150’s owner abandoned it to a slow and painful death, but it has been given a chance to be revived and saved from a sad death. The XK150 was the last of the XKs Jaguar built before the introduction of the E-type. Jaguar released the exquisite XK line in 1948 with the release of the XK120. The XK120 ended up being so successful that Jaguar decided to continue the XK line with the XK140 and XK150. Each new XK got slightly heavier, more powerful and more refined. The XK150 was the fastest and most refined of the XK line. This XK150 is in need of some major work and is available on eBay with a BIN price of $8,500.

1958 Jaguar Xk150 Rear Corner

This fixed head coupe is in very rough condition, it obviously set in a field for a very long time. The rust will be very problematic to fix, as there is even rust in the C pillar. It’s really sad to see such a beautiful car riot away, but this one might be to car gone…

1958 Jaguar Xk150 Engine

The major feature of the XK line of cars other than their flowing body lines, were their 3.4L straight-6. The 3.4L was capable of hurling this beautiful car to 130 mph or more in S form, making the XK one mean cat. This XK has the original engine and close ratio transmission with overdrive. If the engine isn’t seized, it’s almost worth the seller’s BIN price alone.

1958 Jaguar Xk150 Side

We would love to see this beauty back on the road, but it’s going to take the right buyer to save this cat from the crusher. For this to be a good buy the reserve needs to be quite a bit lower than the BIN price, but since it came with the special equipment package we wouldn’t be surprised if the reserve was set at $7,500 or more. We are still up in the air on the price for this one. What do you guys think? Could it be saved? Or would it better serve as lawn art?


  1. Derrick

    Would have been a beautiful car if it wasnt so far gone. the end wouldnt justify all the hassle of restoring THIS ONE.

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  2. Ron Southan

    I love Jags but that's a heap. Spill some navel jelly on it and it will be gone.

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  3. C Doyle in SF

    Too. Far. Gone.Pity.

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  4. Michael

    Unknown drivetrain condition, frame and body shot, glass missing. Take the chassis plate and S equipment to another car…

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  5. Snake

    Not an “S” model as this does not have the 3 carb setup!

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  6. clarke

    Extremely sad. I really like the big grill, disc brake 150s over the 120s.

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  7. jt68

    Sorry dude, no one is gonna by what amounts to a pile of rust that looks like a jag

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  8. Dan

    That was my car. I sold the car and it was well worth the money id be willing to pay anyone who says differently $500 to tell me where they can find another XK150 SE with overdrive close ratio gear box. My number is (781)630-0185.Thanks

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  9. Cameron

    Its… definitely…a parter I’ll give it that, you might be able so save SOME panels to use as spares but the rear drivers side is shot, it looks like the door hinges are bent which could have warped the front drivers side panel, moving across the rear itself nothing fits and do I see that the roof is in fact not connected at rear drivers side? at the very best you would break this for what’s left of the panels and parts, the engine might run given persuasion, I expect that the whole floor pan is shot, it also has some characteristics of Richard Hammond’s pick up in the Top Gear USA Special, where the pick up had 1 alloy this has 1 white-wall tyre though its probably worthless now.
    It really is a shame as these (I’m told) can be a very rewarding car to own and I think it goes without saying that they are B-E-A-Utiful when i showroom condition, the kindest thing to do here is to strip it for parts and then acid dip the rest, you might get some more usable panels up that way and if not its had a noble death, Dying so another can live on, I salute you *salutes*

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  10. Kent Pearson

    I wonder why, when you list the XKs, you always leave out the XK 130. btw the numbers were supposed to represent the speed the car could achieve.

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