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Barn Collection: 1950 Chrysler New Yorker


This Chrysler New Yorker appears to be stored in a barn with a large number of classics. You can find the Chrysler here on craigslist in Rockford, Illinois and priced at $3,500. The owner is also willing to trade for a 1951-1953 Hudson, a 1940’s Buick or a 1940’s Cadillac Sedanette, (fastbacks). We don’t know if any of the cars parked around this unit are for sale or trade as well, but we would definitely love to find out what is happening here!

This New Yorker has been in the possession of the present owner since 1976. The car sits with the original paint and is said to have a very solid body. I wish all of us could be in this good of condition at it’s age.

The New Yorker is powered by a 323 cubic inch straight 8. It has power brakes, an M-6 semi-automatic transmission (fluid drive) and 1950 was the last of production year for the straight 8. The owner has installed a replacement exhaust manifold and a new exhaust system. He milled the head .005, replaced the head gasket and he says it was installed with the proper torque sequence on all the head bolts. We won’t have it any other way, would you? A new hood was installed many years ago. The owner has been winterizing the car to -30 every season, so hopefully that means the engine is in good shape throughout. It has been in dry storage for 40 years and run occasionally over the years, so that give some hope. The owner plans to paint the car before winter and after the painting is completed the asking price will be $8,000.  After the car sat for 27 years the owner starts the car as seen on this video on YouTube.  Please note the “fuel tank” on the roof.  She does run and stop and if you contact Lance you might be able to purchase one or more of the other cars in the barn.



  1. Avatar photo Mark E

    Early ’70s Pontiac, late ’60s Olds, a ’56 Chevy coupe and ??? to the right. The fender & chrome make me think of a ’40 Olds. I think IMO the New Yorker is the most interesting car.

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  2. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    The seller includes a photo of someone’s value list of this particular car. Value lists like these may be of some help when insuring the car, or, in my case, when my Volvo 1800 was totaled a while back, but are they accurate? To me they always seem too high.

    Take a rusty/crusty 1950 4-door like this one…how broad is the market for this car? 4-doors are of course less desirable than their coupe counterparts, and this bulbous post-war Mopar just has no sex-appeal whatsoever. OK sure, it’s interesting and in respectable shape for a 65-year-old car, but wouldn’t anyone old enough to be interested in this tub be too tired to deal with it as a project car? I know I would!

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  3. Avatar photo redwagon

    when folks threaten to do something to the car, crush it, paint it, restore it, etc unless i buy it now i usually just walk on by.

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  4. Avatar photo Chebby

    That poor old car looks like a ghost. He hasn’t washed it in 38 years, now he’s gonna paint it?

    Crack pipe all the way. Look at this one!


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  5. Avatar photo Mark S

    It amazes me how these old car can sit for decades with owners never doing anything with them. They deserve better, as most of you know nothing is harder on a car than sitting around turning to dust. As for the car, IMHO this is an awesome car with an amazing engine, they were indestructible with tons of torque. They would hit best power at about 1500 to 1800 rpm. The truth though is there fat fendered style was undesirerable even when they were new, and the majority of them will end up in the crusher

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  6. Avatar photo Speedo

    Can’t have too many miles on it as it still has the original bulls eye headlights.

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  7. Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

    “I wish all of us could be in this good of condition at it’s age.”
    Hey. I resemble that remark!!!! I looked exactly that good 25 years ago when I was that age….

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  8. Avatar photo Yasha

    Front was obviously stolen to make a Russian Pobeda, just like moskvitch was an Opel.

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  9. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Ya gotta love the seller. Those 4 dr Chryslers were none too popular to begin with. Doubly so now. But at 3500.00 bucks a good project for anyone so inclined. I would pass only cause I think the car is butt ugly. Then again my first car was a 1950 Packard which wasnt much prettier, but it was a Packard.

    Like his garage. That dirt floor cant have helped the sheet metal. BTW looks like a ’47 or ’48 DeSoto or Chrysler to the right of the one he just pulled out. Its great that folks like the seller still have cars sitting around.

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