SoCal Barn Find: 1958 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe

UPDATE – This Cadillac barn find has been relisted, but this time the seller has extracted it from the barn to photograph it. We now have a much better look at the car and its overall condition. It’s definitely worth a closer look, so be sure to check it out here on eBay!

Oh, to have a time machine. I would’ve loved to have seen this highly-optioned 1958 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe (finished in a gorgeous Meridian Taupe) in all of its sparkling, new-car glory. And I would’ve loved to have been able to help keep it on the road before it was parked in a garage and later in a barn for nearly 40 years. Located in Ramona, California, this true SoCal barn snoozer is for sale here on eBay. As of this writing, it had generated 17 bids for a top price of $5,600.

According to the seller, this Caddy is original and was last driven by its second owner in 1984, then parked in his San Diego garage due to some brake and transmission issues. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t have the money or the time to make the repairs, so it stayed in his garage until it somehow ended up in a barn in Ramona, California in 1997. When the owner passed away several years ago, the Caddy was left to the seller. As you can see from the photographs, it wasn’t covered and collected more than 20 years of dust, dirt, and other “organic” elements. There is one interesting photo provided that shows what the Caddy looks like cleaned up a bit from all the dirt and gunk. Too bad the other “before” photos provided weren’t taken after it was cleaned up.

It’s hard to determine the overall condition of the car’s body since the car is sandwiched in with a ’65 Fairlane beside it, an early 60s Falcon Ranchero behind it, and a ’67 Chevy inches away from the front end. The seller states that “the body is straight with no dents or noticeable imperfections and very minor surface rust on some of the chrome, but no significant rust anywhere on the body.” In its current flat tires condition, one can’t see what the underside looks like and there were no photos provided of the inside of the trunk.

Even though the Series 62 was the “entry level” Cadillac, this Coupe came highly optioned with Air Conditioning, Air Suspension, the Autronic Eye/Automatic Headlight Beam Control, power seat, power windows, and even power vent windows. This was in addition to its standard equipment of power steering, power brakes and Cadillac’s smooth Hydra-Matic Drive automatic transmission. The seller describes the interior as “intact and in very good shape overall” and I wish the photos were of better quality and detail. Based on the photos, the original two-toned rose and black interior and white headliner look to be in good shape for a 63-year-old car. The dash pad has been sun damaged and the two-toned rose colored steering wheel looks good except for a few cracks.

Under its long hood, the engine bay has been gathering dirt, dust, and cobwebs for 40 years. The dormant 365-cubic-inch V8 (the seller states it isn’t running and hasn’t been turned over or touched) was new for 1958 and described in their sales brochure as “a highly refined, superbly balanced, remarkably economical power plant specifically engineered to deliver a full 310 horsepower.” With so many unknowns about this 1958 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe (1 of 18,736 built), especially the condition of its underside, engine, transmission, and whether it still has its original (and complex) Air Suspension System, it’s hard to know what, or how much do-re-mi, would be needed to get this classy coupe back on the road. Hopefully, it’ll run again someday and finally see some sunshine. It’s been cooped up inside a garage and a barn for way too long.



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  1. Steve R

    The seller has listed three more Cadillac’s within the last 24 hours, including another Series 62. If the seller keeps it up, there should be some interesting cars coming up.

    If he’s smart, he will wash them, if any of the other cars clean up nearly as well as this one, that minimal amount of effort will pay in spades.

    Steve R

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  2. Arby

    Is there any logic behind all these dirty pics?
    I don’t get it, is he trying to sell it or show off the dirt?

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      It lends to the authenticity of “barn find.” He also has pictures showing the car hosed off

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      • Tom

        Well in this article the seller claims “No Dents”;but unless the angle of the 3rd pic (of the right rear fender and fin, are deceiving me…?
        Then it appears that the Fin has a vertical crease dent in it!..?
        It sure looks bent in about the mid point of the fin.more so than a optical illusion of the photo angle.
        Am I wrong? Or does anyone else notice this to?

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      • Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

        I think that it’s just the lighting, Tom. Look at the 2nd picture. There’s no crease showing.

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      • Bellingham Fred

        I had the same thought. I stared at that pic for a long time. I could see that it was the angle of the fin, plus the lighting/shadows making the paint appear like it isn’t all the same shade. Often times sellers will take pics at certain angles to hide bad stuff. It was just the opposite in this case.

    • Gary Rhodes

      Barn find, a dirty vehicle that has sat for years. Brings a premium price man

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    • DavidL Member

      As I recall few years ago Wayne Carini on Chasing Classic Cars put a high “Don’t touch the dust” premium on original dust on a one owner car or two (If I remember right). One car when he found out it wasn’t the first owner’s dust he had it washed. Ever since it seems that every car that shows up dirty is more valuable w/ an accumulation of dust.

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  3. Rodney - GSM

    I think a good guideline here might be one “as found” photo. We get to see its excrement encrusted sleeping bag. Then, only photos of a washed and happy car.
    We are buying a car, not dirt. At least I’m not, perhaps others have a different inclination. If so, I won’t be coming to your house for dinner anytime soon…

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    • Dave

      I agree! I will never understand how they can show a car on that condition. They should wash it, polish the paint or repaint it, gut the interior and install all new components, then rebuild the engine and transmission before offering it for 10 bucks. 😒

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  4. junkman Member

    The hell with the Caddys, what’s going on with the 60s falcons and comets?

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    • Terrry

      This looks like a whole collection that has sadly been abandoned and left to rot.

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  5. Terrry

    The seller has a lot of cars in the same dirty and dilapidated condition. Like other folks here, I’m wondering why doesn’t he spend a little time and clean these “beauties” off? It would pay him in the long run. Also apparently some of these cars won’t be available for pick up until August. To me, that raises a red flag.

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    • Steve

      I totally agree that if these were mine, I’d clean them up as best as possible and put them in the best position to sell them. However, there seems to be a growing population within the collector car hobby that is infatuated with this “barn find grime” and are offended when someone cleans up their car to sell. It’s so ridiculous and I can’t stand it. I guess some of these sellers have either bought into this insanity and won’t clean their cars, or have inherited them and aren’t true car guys, and just think this is cool.

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  6. Steve

    I totally agree that if these were mine, I’d clean them up as best as possible and put them in the best position to sell them. However, there seems to be a growing population within the collector car hobby that is infatuated with this “barn find grime” and are offended when someone cleans up their car to sell. It’s so ridiculous and I can’t stand it. I guess some of these sellers have either bought into this insanity and won’t clean their cars, or have inherited them and aren’t true car guys, and just think this is cool.

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    • Steve R

      I think the only truly rare and valuable cars fit into that category. Those are the cars where someone will travel to inspect it themselves or have a surrogate do so before purchase. You see pictures of dusty “as found” cars at MCACN in Chicago and every idiot with an internet connection thinks their generic 40 year old car will bring more money in the same filthy unwashed condition. The smart sellers on this site might include one or two pictures before they clean up the car, but they know putting in the work detailing and being able to give thorough description pays off when the car is sold. Buyers also share some blame, this trend will quickly die off if the cars stop selling.

      Steve R

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  7. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    no dents or noticeable imperfections? The only cleanish shot shows a pretty whacked right fin.

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    • JImmyinTEXAS

      Well, my po’ ol lying eyes can not see the twice mentioned dented right rear fender/fin, but the rust I can see and wasn’t even looking for is going to keep me at bay unless I find one that needs a lot of interior parts.

      • JImmyinTEXAS

        After searching again I think I might have found it. Is it between the fin and trunk lid?

    • Tom

      Thanx ..I’m not seeing things then.. righfun is creased vertical at about the middle area ..above the top of the fender curve..
      In pic 3 of this article..
      Where it’s been cleaned up a bit . The barn shot of same angle is poor cant see the crease as well..but I can see a dip in the same area in the dust.


      • JImmyinTEXAS

        His other “sun-baked” caddy has a horizontal dent in the right fin but that car is not even a parts car in my book. Too many missing little things and more rust than the one this article is about…

  8. Christopher Gush

    The new owners can visit the print shop and have a Peanuts Pig Pen decal made to affix to the glass and leave the Cadillac marginally uncleaned. A mechanical recommission will of course be a herculian task and of course costly. In so far as the comment regarding the automatic suspension, the compressor affixed forward of the power steering reservoir is your first clue. The varmint decontamination is always the greatest challenge insuring the new owner lives long enough to enjoy the car when done. And yes, in the true sense of the words…. it is a “Barn Find” residing in a barn, rather than others defining as such when simply parked in their garages.

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  9. piper62j

    I see no damage on either fin!!!???

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    • Egg Shen

      Yes, its whacked all right…bent inwards.

      Like 2

    Flour dusting…..the newest scam

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    • Rodney - GSM

      …yet another half-baked automotive idea.

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  11. Lowell Peterson

    That is ash from a terrible fire that raged thru that area and thankfully didn’t claim this barn.

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  12. Bill Hall

    Being inland San Diego are there should be no rust issues unless somewhere along the line it was imported from the east.

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  13. Fordomatic

    The seller should be glad that eBay doesn’t have a “Scratch and Sniff” option.

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  14. Kenn

    I think Steve hit the nail on the head when he suggested some vehicles here are not cleaned up ’cause they were inherited and the beneficiaries aren’t “car guys/gals”. Just looking to unload them quickly and easily.

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  15. Bill McCoskey

    Last time I worked on a Cadillac air suspension rebuild, the set of 4 reproduction air bags were between $1,500 and $1,800. Just for the 6 rubber pieces. And ya can’t drive it on the road without working air suspension. With 12 hours remaining, bids are up to $11,200.

    This has the potential of being a very nice, mostly original car, once the mechanicals are sorted out. It’s very rare to find a series 62 2-door hardtop that’s well-optioned, especially with air suspension and A/C.

    I do hope that whoever does get the car back on the road, doesn’t take the cheaper route of putting the modern high pressure airbag system onto this car, with the big air tank in the trunk.

    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      I just checked the eBay page and there are 8 days and 9 hours left to the auctions close. The top bid is $1,725. If you read the sellers description, there is evidence of rust, previous rust repair and collision damage to the rear. Anyone interested in this Caddy should insist on better pictures, especially of the damaged and rusty areas.

      • Paolo

        The seller has 2 1958 Series 62 hardtops for sale. You are looking at the other one.

    • Paolo

      Bill, What was Cadillac’s warranty solution to the leaking airbags? I recall that they eliminated the air ride and replaced it with something conventional. I presumed it was a matter of equipping them with what ever the standard suspension was. I find it surprising that these still have the air ride especially on the one that was driven until 1984. That system had to have had some kind of work done at some point. My understanding was the faults were apparent very soon after purchase.
      One of my uncles had a 58 4-door hardtop, not sure what series. It was Salmon with a white top. I don’t think his had the air ride, He bought it new and kept it. After he died in 1980 my aunt kept it until 1984. I didn’t know they still had it until I was visiting and she mentioned she had just sold it to their mechanic shortly before.

      • Bill McCoskey

        I bought a green ’59 Eldo convertible in the early ’80s, it was from the estate of the first owner [a DuPont family member]. I don’t know when it was converted, but it had the standard Cadillac suspension on all 4 wheels. The lines for the compressed air were still there, as was the tank, valves and pump. The V-belt was simply removed.

  16. George mattar

    Air bags cost $1,800. If the new owner decides to rechrome the pitted pieces, he or she is looking at 10 times that minimum. Been there done that.

  17. Steve Clinton

    $6,100.00 with 7 days left to bid.

  18. Mark Poppendeck

    Dirt Schmirt. Who cares? As long as the car is salvageable, that’s all that matters.

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  19. glen kay

    nice old cars which i had the spot for one of them

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