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Barn Find And A Half: 1972 Mustang Mach 1

1972 Mustang Mach 1

I’m not quite sure what a “barn find and a half” is, but according to the seller, this Mach 1 is one. The muscle Mustang was on its way out by the time this pony was built. The big blocks were gone and there were only 3 engine options with this 351-2v sitting being right in the middle. There’s lots of rust and an automatic transmission, so this probably isn’t the most desirable Mach 1 out there. Still, with bidding low and only a day left it does look tempting. Take a look here on eBay and let us know what you think.


I wish there was a 4 in place of that 2 on that air cleaner sticker. Sure, you could just swap in a new manifold and carburetor (which I would probably do), but it still wouldn’t be the same because the 4v benefited from higher compression and different heads. With enough money, I suppose those issues could be addressed though too.

Mustang Seats

The interior is dirty and worn, but does look complete. Just about every part needing replaced can be found through local and online parts stores, so rust is the biggest concern here.

Rusty Quarters

The photos make it hard to determine how much damage will need to be repaired. Mach 1s are always hot though so it might be worth restoring. You’ll just have to watch your pennies to come out ahead on this one.


  1. randy

    I know of two guys on here drooling over this one! Did these cars have a back seat?

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    • Lemble

      Yes they do Randy . Mustang has never been a two seater.

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      • randy

        That’s what I thought, but the pic makes it look like no back seat. I was thinking that there may have been a special edition ‘stang w/o a back seat somewhere in the past.

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  2. grant

    Well, some of the Shelby models deleted the back seat, and I seem to remember a few special edition fox cars without back seats, but I don’t think they were production cars.

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  3. Dan

    Back in the 70’s I had one that looked just like this one except it had a 4 speed and a 351 Cleveland. Was a quick car. The back seat folds down on this model. I believe it was an option because mine didn’t

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  4. JW

    Yes the fold down seat was a option we have it on our 70 Mach1. I know I’m going to take heat for this but there’s a reason bidding is so low with only a day and a half left, the 71 to 73 models were not that popular except the Boss cars.

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  5. piper62j

    Too much work to bring this one back.. But then, you never know who will take on the challenge..
    All the models of the 71-73 below the Mach 1, were just drivers for most people.. Most Mach 1’s were and still are very popular.. The breed is just now coming into it’s own for increased value and demand.

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  6. Rocco

    You could put an intake & carb on that cleveland, but you would still have the less desirable FMX trans. that didn’t hold up to hot rodding very well. The ’72 351 4V cars came with the C-6 trans for the small block(first year), with 2800-3000 stall converters from the factory. A much more potent combo.

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  7. 64 bonneville

    The ASC McLaren versions of the later 80s’ to early 90s’ (88-93) didn’t have a back seat. The convertible top was similar to the old Triumphs’ in that it had a 3 piece back window. Other than them the only “no back seat” Mustangs I have seen were set up strictly for drag racing. typically the notchback (trunk) coupes of 81-93.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      2012/2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca is meant to go around corners (well) and has a cross-brace instead of a back seat.

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  8. Rocco

    All ’65 GT-350 Shelby Mustangs & some ’66 GT-350’s as well.

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  9. Wabbit

    Back in 74 I had two of those style Mach 1’sthey were a year apart, can’t remember if they were a 69 and 70 or a70 and 71 but they were both like new, but they weren’t so cool too have back then. the older one was red with back stripes and lettering and the newer one was blue like that with silver strips and lettering.

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    • randy

      There is a huge difference from 1969 to 1971 mustangs, just FYI

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    • JW

      If you had 2 of this body style they could only have been of the 71 to 73 model years because that’s the body style this one is. 69/70’s were completely different and 74 started the Mustang II body style which wasn’t much bigger than a Pinto.

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