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Barn Find Cadillac Limo At No Reserve!


Peeking out from under a 25-year layer of dust is a 1964 (despite being called a 1965 in the auction listing) Cadillac limousine located in Shelby, North Carolina (looks like it should be a Ford or Dodge product from there, huh?). It’s up for auction here on eBay, and bidding is starting at only $1,250 and there’s not a reserve!


It looks to me that the car has a pretty solid body, and I’m guessing that under the dust it’s probably not that bad. With it being this long, large and black it just has somewhat of an evil ambiance, doesn’t it?


Based on this picture from a factory brochure, I think this may be a “factory” limo rather than an aftermarket conversion, although I’m not sure if they were converted under license or done at the Cadillac factory–I’m betting one of the Brilliant Barn Finds Readers (*BBFR) can tell us, though!b2

Although you can just see the blue interior through the windows, we’re told in the ad that it’s blue velvet. I wish we could see it’s condition, or the engine, or something else apart from these three pictures! Oh well. What do you think? Is it worth taking a chance?



  1. Steve

    Could be a ’65 as they shared the same body dies for both years.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Ok–it looked different to me from the images I googled, but I will defer to your expertise!

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      • mat

        he is correct. the limo did not change in 65.

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  2. Richard

    he’s right the 1964 and 65 Cadillac are identical in appearance the only difference of course was the production date. the body change actually was in 66 but theoretically there was no 65 in appearance series 75

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  3. Michael

    Yep 1965 Cadillac limousine. They kept the 64 style solely for the limousine version for what ever reason

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    • SamM

      True, The limo version used the previous body style because the new frame didnt lend itself to lengthening. IIRC

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  4. geezerglide85

    All other Cadillacs got a complete restyle for ’65, but for some reason the limo Series 75 used the ’64 body and got the update in ’66. I remember back in about 1980 there was a ’64 limo for sale at local gas station. It was in great shape and only $1000. I didn’t the extra money at the time and no place to put it. Broke my heart when I saw it about six weeks later with some kid driving it. Completely trashed, creamed on both sides, it looked as if drove it through the woods. I had a ’64 Sedan Deville in high school but always wanted a limo.

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  5. Steve

    As I recall, Cadillac had chosen not to continue the Model 75 and contracted out to one of the coach builders (I think it was Lehmann-Peterson), but at the last minute the deal went south and Cadillac was stuck with orders for the 75 and no body dies for them at the Clark Street plant. I think there were subtle differences in the chrome and they had pin-stripe white walls on delivery. Otherwise, same as ’64.

    The other coaches, on the commercial chassis (Ambulance, hearse, flower car, etc.) had the standard clip and tail of the ’65 model year, so matched the rest of the production line. I had a ’65 Superior coach that was a pure dream to drive.

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  6. Woodie Man

    Strange lazy and ineffective way to sell anything…much less a limousine. What is wrong with people?

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  7. Andy

    I used to have a ’65 Calais, and I don’t remember if it was in the owners manual or what, but I was struck by how different the 75 looked. The windshield looks like it goes all the way back to 1960. Interesting story about how they got stuck building these limos.

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  8. Chuck Black

    Only differences were VIN and hubcaps were 65 design ..,

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  9. jeff6599

    First, it is not a ‘stretch’ Stretches were subcontracted to body builders. This is a production 75 Series car. It may be a limousine or may not depending on whether there is a seatback privacy window. Formal sedans did not have them but limos certainly did. Just a check on the option box.

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  10. Terry

    Rode in one of these at my Granny’s funeral. I was eight. That car was enormous. I can’t remember the funeral but I remember that car!

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  11. That Guy

    Yes, these Cadillac limos were produced by Cadillac themselves, unlike the ambulances, hearses, flower cars etc. which were made by specialty body builders on a Cadillac commercial chassis. They were available as Formal Limousines (with divider window) or Formal Sedans (no divider). From what little I can see in the lousy pictures, I think this is a Formal Sedan; there doesn’t seem to be the structure behind the front seat which would house a divider window.

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