Barn Find Project! 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Wearing its original paint in an interesting copper color… Oh wait, that’s rust! Nevertheless, this 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport in Conway, South Carolina seeks a new owner with the knowledge to assemble its scattered parts into a functioning vehicle. The listing here on eBay has attracted more than a dozen bids from potential suitors with minimal fear of the unknown, and the value has reached at least $10,000.

The seller claims that “everything” is numbers-matching except for the missing TH400 automatic transmission, an upgrade from the two-speed Powerglide. According to, the 396 cid (6.5L) V8 was probably a 325 HP L35 or the 350 HP L34. Maybe a Chevy expert can help us out in the comments below.

The classy and sporting center console survives. Personally I’d have cleaned it up and taken a second set of pictures, but this way you get the thrill of discovering its actual condition beneath the barn dust. Back in the days when I drove a V6 Pontiac my college roommate’s girlfriend had a ’67 Malibu SS 396 – yowza!

The Butternut Yellow paint is about gone, but will make a handsome hue when finished. Manual brakes and air conditioning tell a tale of someone with specific priorities. While the car needs serious attention in all areas, it retains nearly everything original. What’s your top bid on this SS?


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  1. Hans

    Actually, doesn’t look too terrible. In one of the images is the intake manifold – cast iron with Quadrajet style primaries and secondaries, so definitely not the 375 HP variant. Appears to have AC as well, so with the auto/ac/big-block, would make a nice cruiser. But gonna need a ton of parts. Expensive to restore back to factory, but the 1967 Chev Chevelle Assembly Manual will tell you exactly how to do it!

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  2. rpol35

    The “ET” stamped block code is indicative of a L35 or 325 HP 396 CI engine.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Hans makes some great points. The surface rust may not be as bad as it looks. Trunk well ventilated. Need more picks of the frame and the damage around the rear window. Certainly not the worst one I ever saw. Love a 67. Well, its all apart why not convert to 4 speed or 5 speed. Lots of work but will be sweet when its done, put some speed goodies in while its apart. Good Luck to the new owner. Would be sweet to see it butternut yellow again!

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  4. Bob S

    That colour combination is the same as my 67 SS, and it looked great with the black interior. My engine was the 350 hp version with the 4 speed.
    If the car has the tick tock tach, the red line for the 350 hp engine was 500 rpm higher, at 5500rpm. My engine came equipped with the Holley manifold and carb, and the engine valve covers were factory chromed with the Tonawanda sticker on the rh valve cover.
    The inside of the valve covers also had the dripper strips. I can’t confirm that all the 325 hp engines had the painted valve covers without the dripper strips, but all these engines I saw back in the late 60s and early 70s, were equipped that way.
    I can’t remember what air filter the 325 hp engine had, but my car had the open sided air cleaner with the chrome cover.
    These are the differences I encountered.
    I loved the engine so much, I still have it.

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    • Bob S

      I forgot to add, that another difference in the engine, was that the 350 hp engine had a forged crankshaft, and also came equipped with the high volume oil pump.
      The crankshaft in the 325 engine was cast.

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      • rpol35

        325 HP 396’s had forged crankshafts too from ’65 to ’67, they were converted to cast iron in 1968. The real issue is that the only difference between the 325 HP engine and the L34 (350 HP) is the camshaft lift and duration. The additional 25 HP of the L34, however, comes on at a higher RPM so to allow for the extra 500 RPM needed head room, the 350 HP engine warranted the forged crankshaft. In the case of the 325 HP engine, max power is realized by 5,000 RPM which works with a cast crank so the economy change (forged to cast) was made in ’68 to save $$$. Supposedly, some very early ’68 325 HP engines had forged cranks too but I have no evidence to prove or disprove.

        The 325 HP engine had chrome valve covers and a single snorkel black painted air cleaner with a chrome lid. I had one, very original, that I bought in 1973 and sold in 1977.

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  5. local_sheriff

    I hate to be the party pooper here but 10k for a resto object that neither is complete but also needs sheet metal work is rather…steep. Yeah; I know it’s a real deal 138 SS and I must admit it’s one of my favorite Chevelle years in one of the best GM colors ever. However this ain’t no weekend project and I suspect whoever buys it will have no problems worrying about how to spend each month’s income – for years that is.

    I certainly wish best of luck hoping it will reappear as one beatiful Butternut Yellow 67 Chevelle sometime in the future!

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    • JEFF S.

      Only a car a body shop owner could love, if he gets it for $10 K. Invests $20 K and sells it for $40 K+, 6 months to a year later. My Dad worked projects like this, on the weekends, when not doing customer work. I am sure there are small shops still doing it. I would not touch it, I like finding them done, for a good price, once complete. Way less headaches.

      I just watched an old Adam-12 yesterday and they were chasing a guy driving a 67 SS into the LA Memorial Coliseum. I love watching the old shows on HULU, seeing the cars is better than the story lines.

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  6. Troy s

    Day two street bomber loaded with cubic inches, ‘glass hood, Cragars, and a bit tall in the rear. Save the original parts for later.

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  7. Del

    Nice Lego kit.

    No thanks

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  8. bob rickman

    Here is the FACTS,,,the 350 horse motor had a diff. cam,,,intake,,, (has holley cast right in the intake) and carb.(holley) and came with a clutch fan,(350 horse motor) also came with ss full hub caps(rims should painted same color as car),,, Yes some came painted black) If you got the 350 horse motor,,,,,I know,, I bought one brand new

  9. Jeff D.

    Another difference between the 325Hp and the 350HP in 1967 was the 325 used a Q-jet carb and intake, while the 350 HP had a single feed Holley carb. The 350HP also had an open element air cleaner, and yes, both had chrome valve covers. The A/C present precludes this having a 375HP 396, could not order solid lifter engines with A/C. Also, all 375HP engines had manual trans, and no TH400 with solid lifter till 1969. ET is the engine code for 325/TH400.

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