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Pair of Studebaker Hawk Barn Finds


The Mustang may be considered the first pony car, but for some reason we keep thinking that the title should have gone to the Hawk… This 1960 Studebaker Silver Hawk has slowly been turned into storage space for all the kid’s toys. It is now being offered here on eBay with a starting bid of $1k and a BIN of $8k.


It appears that the humidity of Orleans, Canada has taken its toll on this Hawk. There is lots of visible rust on the outside of the car, so there is likely even more underneath. With everything that is piled on it, digging it out of this barn could be a chore. While the seller may be correct in their claim that clean examples can sell for as much as $40k, this is far from being a clean example and the restoration costs could easily exceed its value.


If the Silver Hawk above looks like too much work for you or you want more power than its 259 cui V8 provides, then this 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk might be more your style. Not only is its 289 cui V8 bigger, it also came with a McCulloch Supercharger strapped to it. It was just recently pulled from a barn in Indiana and can be found here on eBay.


This Hawk has some rust too, but not nearly as much as its brother up in Canada. This bird of prey is very rare and after a full restoration, will be a blast to drive. With the reserve already met at $3k, it might even end up going for a decent price. Now, what exactly defines a “pony car” anyway?


  1. Jeff

    Actually Jesse the Plymouth Barracuda beat the Mustang outta the block by 2 weeks as far as “pony car” production, just sayin’………

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  2. Peter Lee

    The car identified as a 1957 Golden Hawk is missing its fins although it has the chrome trim around the rear window. What’s with that?

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  3. Joey Kelley

    Well – Learn something new every day. I thought those came with Paxton superchargers like the Avantis did. I have to admit, I’ve never thought of a Hawk as a ‘fast’ car but then again, my perception is colored by the 60s Muscle cars that followed it.

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  4. Rene

    I would very much like to own the Golden Hawk…

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  5. hoss cumbee

    prolly not a mcCulloch supercharger either prolly a paxton

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  6. twwokc

    The fins were fiberglass on the Hawks. Without them you can sure see the 53 Coupe that they were based on.
    Studes are known for rusting. Be careful with these. I assure you theres rust underneath,

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    • vince Habel

      56 had fiberglass fins. All the rest were metal.

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  7. twwokc

    Did a little research on McCulloch. Looks like he was involved with McCulloch and Paxton. Check out his middle name.
    It was a McCulloch on a Stude.

    Robert Paxton McCulloch.

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    • vince Habel

      The are the same except the Paxton did not have the variable speed.

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  8. Michael

    Agreed! the studies SHOULD BE if not the ponycar (horse) the first GT’s of that era. Stude offered full instrumentation including a tachometer in 53-54 along with Front and rear Anti roll bars and decent brakes with a three speed + OD AND the blower optionally.
    TRUE, they weren’t as fast as a HiPo big block but neither was a corvette so that makes them sleds??

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  9. Clay Bryant

    On the Ebay “pics” I don’t ever remember them coming with a yogurt cup on the intake but nothing surprises me. I saw one one time with a diaper bag over the intake and thought “Wow, maybe an early methane set-up!”

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  10. Steve

    How hard would it have been to pull it out of the shed, take all the garbage off of it and take some good pictures, these people cant clean them up at all, then want outragous money, now way will he get 6k for that.

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  11. joe lonzello

    You can always chop of the front or tail of a vehicle & make a really cool wall hangin complete with working lights……

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  12. Mike the Bike

    ^^^Steve: I’m glad you articulated those thoughts- I totally agree! You’d think it’d just be common sense and in your best interests as a seller to make that effort, but few seem to bother- it gets to be annoying as an interested potential buyer.

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