Barn Finds Classified: 1928 Chevrolet Truck

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I could really use this 1928 Chevrolet truck right now. I need something more than my 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport pickup to haul a few things and this would be absolutely perfect. This nice-looking hauling machine can be found listed here as a Barn Finds Classified. It’s located in beautiful Van Nuys, California and the seller is undoubtedly taking a loss on it selling it for $14,000.

This looks like a really, really nice example of a truck that shouldn’t look this good. It should be all beat up and rusty and dented with broken glass and rotted wood and everything looking horrible. That’s typically how we see a 92-year-old truck made for hauling, but this one would look right at home on the red carpet. Speaking of that, the seller bought this truck a decade ago in order to use it in a TV show but that project fell through and now it’s time to let it go to another owner. I wonder how long it would take to drive this truck to Minnesota… at 35 mph…

I sometimes feel like I’m 92 years old and I probably look like I’m 192 years old, but this truck appears to be in amazing condition for being almost a century old. Let that sink in for a minute, it’s almost 100 years old. We’ve been through relative H-E-double-toothpicks (sorry for my strong language) over the last two and a half months and most of us are ready to: A) Scream. B) Pull out our hair because we can’t get a haircut. C) Realize that past generations have had things worse than this. The milestones that this truck has been through make a person think, or it makes me think, of just how lucky we are as a society to be living in the time that we’re living in right now, even with everything that’s going on now. Back to this great-looking Chevy truck.

There are no engine photos but it was rebuilt a decade ago and hopefully the seller would send a photo of it to a serious buyer. It should be a 171 cubic-inch inline-four with around 35 hp. The interior looks fantastic and everything else really appears to be in outstanding condition. They say that this truck was restored around ten years ago and it sure seems to have held up well. How would you use this beautiful 1928 Chevrolet truck?

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  1. GarygsrMember

    Scotty, no matter how long it took to get to Minnesota it would be well worth the trip. Great find

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    • JP

      This is the way to buy a classic vehicle – fully (if not councours) restored and ready to go. $25k discount or more over doing it yourself.

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Great write-up, we’ll be fine( like my ex-MIL would have said) We look at this and think, what an antique from the Byzantine era, but for 1928, this was really a state of the art machine. I mean, horse and buggy weren’t that far away, and many still used horses well into the 30’s. I read, these cost about $495.00 new, or almost $7500.00 today. These were sold as 1 ton models, again, I’m sure more than a ton was put in these. Not a lot of money, but with the depression around the corner, I bet many that bought these, had a hard time paying for it. As much as I hate to say it, probably best to trailer it to a show, off load it on the edge of town, and putt-putt into a show. Driving this on Colorado’s infamous( and deadly) 3 lanes highways, would be suicide. At a local show, a fish hatchery has an IH of similar vintage they bring out. It’s looking pretty haggered,( clearly an older photo) and, like the lone Model A, I was the only one looking at it.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Yes, Howard, these old trucks were loaded with whatever fit inside the box. Farmers routinely hauled 100-150 bushels of grain in trucks like this, giving them a net load of 3-4.5 tons. They handled it, albeit none too fast. That old Binder looks pretty good. If I was at that show, there would’ve been at least (2) guys looking at it, and especially enjoying it. Let the others go ape-doey over some ‘Yakasaki RX-27’ with a stereo so powerful that it requires 3 alternators, 1000 hp and more batteries than a ‘Testakla’ just to keep the sounds coming. Cynical? Me?

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  3. Jay

    Way cool truck……

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  4. Joe Machado

    Just for fun, I would follow you Scotty, driving it to Minnesota with a truck n trailer following you.
    Follow like a support vehicle does for a bicyclist.
    So, no excuse. Truck is at Van Nuys airport. 165 miles away.
    We do 2 car shows a year at Woodley Park, by the airport.
    Here, weather is 100. Cold over the Rockies. Hwy 6. Done. Takes about 1 1/2 weeks.
    Get a company name on truck to be a sponsor. Hagerty, Budweiser, Chevrolet dealer, or?
    Think about that for a moment

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  5. geomechs geomechsMember

    Scotty, you do seem to have a fetish for old Chevy trucks. This is a nice find and would make for a fun time. That highway would be very long to drive it back to your neck of the woods but it wouldn’t be impossible. Just think that in the good ol’ days people came out in covered wagons pulled by horses and oxen. Or a boat trip from the east coast to the west coast taking months because they would have to sail around the tip of South America (I remember Captain Gregg, in the Ghost and Mrs. Muir, saying that a trip would take months, then acknowledged that there was a route through Panama.). I might add that my predecessors came out from NY to the Four-Corners in the 1840s, and they likely did it via wagon train, cooking their food on dried buffalo crap and whatever else they could find that was combustible. Back to this truck, I would rather have a ’29 model with the six but beggars cannot be choosers. Had I the means and the room I might well chase this one down…

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  6. Desert Rat

    Typical Chevy truck last forever.

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    • JP

      With the help of $??k in restoration…

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  7. BigDoc Richard Van Dyke Sr

    That is a beautiful truck wish I had the means

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  8. Charlie

    What a well written tribute to this truck and the hard times the country has faced before and recovered from. Puts things in perspective. I will get some pictures of the engine!

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    What! No comment about the Waltons truck. I’m sure it could haul a load of lumber from Walton’s mountain to wherever it was needed.
    God bless America

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      That was a great show, but John drove a 1929 Ford AA pickup. Same vintage, although I think this was heavier duty yet.

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  10. Burger

    I drive a similar truck. You have missed the point if owning a truck like this is about the destination, and not the journey. Moving down the road at 35, in a vehicle that rides along like a Red Flyer wagon, puts life in a whole different paradigm. Some are ready to see things in a different way. Others never will. It takes a special mentality to be one with a truck like this.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      I agree, too bad not everyone sees it that way, already running late for some crazy thing. I’ve driven slow trucks for a living, not this slow, but it’s amazing what people will do to get around you. Risk life and limb and there they are at the next stoplight,,,

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