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Barn Finds On The Road: Minneapolis

041016 Barn Finds - Mazda Pickup - 1

Since it’s the political season, I guess I can technically say that I was on the road, but since I live here it wasn’t a real road trip like the last Barn Finds On The Road report. I just happened to be downtown on a quiet weekend (if there is such a thing in a town of 3.8-million people) and spied this nice Mazda B2200 Diesel Pickup and couldn’t resist stopping for a few photos.

041016 Barn Finds - Mazda Pickup - 2

There are a couple of small dents and I could see some rust lurking under that beautiful, brown candy coating, but man, this thing was in great shape for a pickup in Minnesota that’s almost forty years old! And, it’s a diesel! This may possibly be a “Sundowner” edition with a longer bed and overhang in the rear, but I’m not sure and there are no Sundowner badges so it must not be one.

041016 Barn Finds - Mazda Pickup - 5

This is a Perkins 2.2L diesel engine with 59 whopping, stump-pulling ponies under the Bronze Brown Metallic hood. This has to be the ultimate option for the third-generation Mazda B-Series pickup. They made the diesel version from 1982 through 1984 so that narrows things down a bit on the year.

041016 Barn Finds - Mazda Pickup - 6

Someone must have absconded with the MAZDA emblem here; punks! This B2200 may need a headlight, too. Pay no attention to the rusty Outback on the right side of the photo.

041016 Barn Finds - Mazda Pickup - 3

Someone will know if this is a Sundowner edition, that bed sure looks long. But again, there are no badges, emblems, or graphics to confirm that. Yes, that’s a chunk of wind-blown cardboard under there. I never touch anyone’s personal property so I just left it. The cardboard was drip-free so that’s a good sign!

041016 Barn Finds - Mazda Pickup - 7

This truck has done some work in its life, at least some light-duty work. It looks good, though, with the bare minimum of rust and just a few little dings from being used as, you know, a pickup, which is what it is. I think that I can barely make out an “84” on the tail light which would confirm that this is the last year for for the Perkins diesel-powered Mazda B-Series pickup: 1984.

041016 Barn Finds - Mazda Pickup - 4

Again, not touching anything, although still a bit intrusive, here’s the only interior photo that I felt comfortable taking. I didn’t want to intrude on anyone’s personal space too much, but dang it, if you’re going to drive a truck as cool and nice as this one is, you have to expect a few gawkers! It looks like there’s a built-in cup holder in the top of the dash but that’s more likely where the missing speaker cover goes. This truck, or anything from this era, wouldn’t have had anything as silly and useless as cup holders. Of course, now they come standard on most shopping carts. Whomever owns this truck has a little gem on their hands. Kudos to them for keeping it in great shape and for thankfully not driving it in the notoriously-salty Minnesota winters!

Until next time, Scotty G reporting from the road for Barn Finds.


  1. MH

    Scott G where in MN do you live?

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  2. jim s

    a lot of small pickups could be had with a diesel back then. most have been used up so it is great to see one still on the job. nice find.

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  3. Dan

    Proud owner here! Found this gem on Craiglist about 4 years ago and scooped it up that day. I needed a vehicle because my 1987 Dodge Raider (so awesome) was parked on the side of the road and was totaled. Previous Mazda owner said he never drove it in the winter, and I’m continuing to do the same. Bought it with only 89,000 miles and currently has 94,000. It should last me quite a while.

    Not 100% sure if it’s a Sundowner because it never had any markings like you noticed, but it is the long wheel base with the long bed. Maybe the markings were painted over?

    If anyone cares to take it for a test drive, you can usually find me at Modist Brewing Company in Minneapolis, MN. Please don’t steal it ;-)

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    • Schwag

      In North Loop? I’ll swing by when I get time for a beer or two. Nice to see some local guys on here. Great truck, bud!

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  4. Andy

    I know the owner and he just shared this to Facebook. He is an avid follower of Barn Finds and is quite excited about your enthusiasm regarding his truck.

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  5. AF

    I know the owner and he just shared this to Facebook. He is an avid follower of Barn Finds and is quite excited about your enthusiasm regarding his truck.

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    • Scotty G Staff

      Fantastic! Please tell him that it’s our pleasure and to not drive that beauty in the winter! Thanks for following Barn Finds!

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  6. Bret S

    Cool read, Scotty G. Happy to see you doing this to impart some of your knowledge upon us. I know you are a car/truck head, so this fits really well for you.

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  7. grant

    Well, that’s just cool. It isn’t really my cup of tea, but it’s in phenomenal shape; and that the owner is a fan of the site just proves it’s a small world.

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