Barn Fresh: 1960 Jeep FC 170 Update!

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It certainly didn’t take long for this Jeep to find a new home! We just heard from the seller that a fellow Barn Finds Reader purchased it shortly after we featured it and picked it up yesterday. It will now call Tennesse home! Hopefully, it’s new owner will keep us posted on their progress with reviving it. Our congratulations to both parties!

We’ve featured some cool trucks over the years but this one might be one of the coolest! In 1956, Jeep (then part of Willys Motors) decided to offer something other than their tried and true CJ. Apparently, they decided to build something that was just as rugged but far more unique. So, they created the Jeep Forward Control or FC! This example is barn fresh and has just been listed in the Barn Finds Classifieds with a $3,500 asking price.

After spending the past 25 years in this building, this Jeep appears to be in good overall condition. Being in Massachusetts means you might find some rust issues, but I don’t see anything that looks too serious. The body looks to be straight and even the stake-side bed looks to be in decent condition. It definitely has the potential to be an awesome project!

It looks like you could just clean it up, get it running, and hit the road! I’m sure it’s going to take more than that to make it a safe driver, but it really does look good out in the daylight. The first thing I’d do after getting it running would be to remove the snow plow mount and hydraulics. It would clean the lookup and reveal that unique front end.

Taking a look at the interior gives us a better idea of what we are looking at in terms of how much work there’s going to be to make it a driver. The floors appear to have lots of surface rust, but I don’t see any rust through. The interior was quite spartan in these, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to restore. I sure love the look of that wrap-around windshield and the very utilitarian dash.

While we don’t get a photo of the engine, we do get a video of the seller’s attempt to turn it over. They told me they didn’t try to get it running out of fear of damaging it. It sounds like the Super Hurricane six turns over nicely and will run without too much work.

This really looks like it could be a great project and the price sure seems right! With some work, you could have one sweet truck. I might consider finding an original style box for it or at least cutting down the stake-side bed to a more usable height. These sure look great with their original step-side bed though! So, what would you do with this Forward Control?

Here’s a quick video of the Jeep setting off on its journey to Tennesse! We want to thank Rick for sharing this footage with us and doing such a great job of presenting his find.

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  1. Jay Morgan

    Didn’t pull the plugs and put some oil in there first ? Christine might like a word with this guy.

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    • Rick

      Owner here – plugs were pulled and mystery oil put into cylinders. Thanks for the concern

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  2. Dave

    Grab a couple of seats out of a semi, clean it up, and drive it, although these aren’t Interstate cruisers by any means. Air horns on the roof and twin CB antennas on the mirrors and you’re good to go!

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    Okay, while I may have been a bit off on the last one, the V8 one, and thanks to those who actually know about these( and not what Wiki sez, although, I still like Wiki, again, for what IT is) I didn’t get to say what neat trucks they are,,,for what they were designed for. Again, coming from the midwest, these were very popular with gas stations for plowing, parks had them with brooms for ice skating rinks, linemen used them for crawling through the brush, they came with an array of options, and I bet many farmers used them as their tractor. Barreling down a 6 lane interstate, not so much. Hence, few survived, once the cab fell off, they became parts trucks for the much more popular CJ. If you are to use this as intended, you couldn’t get a better find( that V8 was too much, trust me). Parts galore, even local “Parts Hut” has or can get most mechanical parts. I wouldn’t dawdle on this one.

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    • Garrett Raucci

      Just called left a message, I’m local cash in hand
      Garrett 781-589-9664

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      • pugsy

        You lucky man……good luck with it.

        Like 5
      • Mike

        It’s going to TN. So Garrett didn’t get it? He was local!

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  4. Maestro1

    Josh, thank you, and I agree. Find a box for it and save the vehicle. For those of us who have convenient shopping, meaning low mileage with little highway use this would be unique and perfect. I have no room. It’s a good buy. Somebody become the next owner and enjoy.

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  5. Dan B.

    Awesome. Hope the new owner makes it over to as well as the Great people there; lots of help and technical info.

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  6. pugsy

    This could make an excellent rod. There would be no others. Cool find.

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  7. JudoJohn

    I love this! It reminds me of one of my Matchbox cars from childhood. Not in a position to get this, but if I was, I would restore to a nice driver and use as a tow vehicle to car shows.

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    good luck Garett–keep us posted. Another great BF story!! Stay safe.

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  9. Classic Steel

    Every time car backfires a Barn-find gets a new home or is that “an angel gets its wings”.😝

    Good to see it head to Tennessee to a new home.

    I bet it fires up with a tune up, oil change etc.

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  10. Ed Nash

    My good friend had one and he converted it to a tow truck for show n go. Nut and bolt restore AND MADE IT A POWERED TILT CAB!

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  11. 1Ronald

    Love those FCs. Really love them. Always have. Drove my dad’s Econoline and he was always looking out the passenger window as I made a right turn running over the curb.

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  12. MBorst

    A neighbor has one here in Wyoming. I thin is a 58. Not sure. But it is in great shape considering it is a Wyoming truck.

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