Barn Full Of Classic Muscle Cars

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For many of us, it would be a dream come true to have a barn that’s jam-packed with muscle cars! Well, the guys over at Restore A Muscle Car didn’t exactly find this barn, rather it’s a collection of barn finds and projects that have been stashed away in the owner’s barn. The original plan was to restore each of these cars, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to fix them all, so they are going to start listing them in hopes that they can find good homes for everything. If you’ve been on the hunt for a muscle car project, especially a Trans Am, you will definitely want to watch their barn walkthrough video here on YouTube!

There’s definitely an emphasis on Trans Ams in this barn, but according to the video they have other projects parked in other storage locations and at their shop, so it would be worth seeing what else they have! Personally, I wouldn’t mind having one of the H.O. Trans Ams or the bright red Camaro Z/28. I’m sure the Z/28 is well out of my price range, but one of the projects might be a more realistic dream.

I’ve already made my wishlist from this collection, it’s in the mail to Santa already, but I’d love to hear which ones you’d like to have in the comments. Heck, I’d even be happy to just spend an afternoon walking around this barn! We will be keeping an eye on this collection, so stay tuned. And if there is something here you’d love to have, let me know and I will see about getting more info on it!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. sir mike

    Flipper heaven

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    • triumph1954

      Darn Flippers, now they have there own heaven!!!

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  2. DEN

    And I would purchase everyone of the vehicles and flip them just to make you boil over. Everytime I hear someone bashing a person for buying a car and reselling it, I hear the word flipper. So when a dealer buys cars and resells them for a profit, are they referred to as flippers, or someone that is working and making money ? The person that that use the term flipper is jealous of that person that bought it, that’s really what it’s all about. A person that buys a car that is sitting around wasting away and sells it to another interested part is actually saving that vehicle from wasting away any longer. You really should look at the positive side and set your personal jealously aside. I guess Ford, GM, Chrysler sell there cars to flippers ! Yes, it does sound ridiculous, that’s the point !

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    • moose_feather

      Not sure sir mike’s comment ‘flipper heaven’ necessarily has negative connotations to it. Just a matter of fact about this posting that is really tough to disagree with, at least at first glance. Looking at the prices not sure there’s a whole lot of meat left on the bone to profit off of.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      While you justify the buying of cars to “save” them and sell to someone who will do so, and that is quite reasonable, I think the term “Flipper” refers to someone who has not contributed any added value to the vehicle; just drags it home and puts it up for sale. While I think anyway you obtain a car and however you sell it is your business, its just as reasonable for folks to disparage the business of “flipping”. Personally I Iike to know the provenance of a vintage vehicle preferably from an owner who has had it for some time so I can make a more informed decision.

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    • george

      @Dr.Jones-sounds like you are jealous. and what do you do for a living?? Nobel Peace Prize winner????

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    • Kevin Harper

      The technically correct word is “arbitrage”.
      I buy and sell cars and parts and sometimes I never see the part. You are paying me for my knowledge and connections. Anyone can do this it just takes all your time and resources to do research and find who has what and who needs what. My profit margins are not huge but average in the 20 to 25% range. I have never forced a person to sell to me or a buyer to buy from me. It is the ultimate expression of freedom as no force is used.

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    • triumph1954

      Den. I agree 100%. Flipper is a term the uneducated or jealous use. Very negative term. This hobby is still fun regardless of your financial status.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      A 54 K ’78 Blazer? Hahahahahah. I guess I’ll be dead when the fever breaks.

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      • Jon Allen

        I seen an 87 Toyota pick up sell for 160k so not out of realm lol

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  3. stillrunners

    We do look at it on the positive side but….when it appears someone is asking 3 -4 or sometimes 5 times what they paid for it – that’s a flipper out for the most gain not considering what it will take. Car lots can not be compared to these trailer sellers.

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    • Mike

      And they buy some filters and hoses so they can say “Extra parts included” in the ad.

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    • Rx7turboII

      Simple solution then….dont buy it if you don’t like the price! My company’s markup on our parts is 500%, so that makes my company a flipper because we mark up our stuff so high? I agree with DEN, just jealousy makes people hate flippers.

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    • Greg72

      Why does it matter what a person paid for something they are selling? They will either sell at the price they are asking for or not. It is not their responsibility to pass a great deal onto the next person. Rather it is their right to sell their possessions for whatever someone will pay for them.

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      • Mark

        Based on your logic if the local gas stations all went to $7 bucks a gallon you would be glad to pay, right? After all, it’s the oil companies right to charge what they want for their possessions.

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      • Kevin Harper

        Yes Mark, if I could get them to keep that level I would open up my own oil company and sell gas at 6.50 per gallon and make Rockefeller type money.

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  4. Bob

    The prices are too high for me, but let’s thank this guy for finding and saving them. I understand the dislike for a flipper, but we should really just be happy that someone saved them from an unwanted home. Hopefully each will find a new home. I am sure the prices are negotiable.

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  5. Steve

    Just to be able to crawl up in the 69 Camaro and fall asleep in the midst of the other cars in there would be cool as heck ,and then waking up realizing I should do it again and again!

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  6. Jeff

    They’re all pony cars. Not a single muscle car to be seen.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      There is a GTO.

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    • Josh MortensenAuthor

      I went with muscle cars due to the mixture of models and years. Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily call the Super Duty 455 T/As pony cars, that’s a lot of engine out front. Dave, the owner, emailed us shortly after posting this to let me know that several of the T/As are SD 455 cars and that he has been collecting these cars for the past 24 years in his own personal collection. After speaking with him, he seems like a great guy that is trying to find homes for projects that he isn’t ever going to have time for.

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    • DonC

      A pony car isn’t a muscle car? Since when?
      I’ll put my 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with a 383 magnum up against anything.

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      • Sal

        A muscle car is defined as “A midsize car with a full-size engine.” This is why the 1964 Pontiac GTO was the first “muscle car.” Trans Ams are on a firebird platform which would make them a pony car no matter the size of the engine.

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  7. Art M.

    I don’t know how anyone can get mad at a “flipper.” All they are doing is buying a vehicle that is going to waste and reselling it to someone else who willing to pay more for it (and hopefully afford to restore it). Some people get mad at dealers that “overcharge” for vehicles, when they can only charge what the market will stand. If you don’t want to pay for it, don’t buy it, just like anything else that you can live without.

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  8. Fin Dude

    The yellow tractor will get the most money. Work it baby, work it!

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    • lance white

      Theres a tractor?Hmmmmmm

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  9. Flmikey

    Wow…after looking at the inventory, I gotta say they are asking the world for these beauties…and the last few are “call for price”…it’s like seeing “market price” on a menu…

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  10. Bob

    If a menu says market price, I will not even consider what is being offered. If a car ad says call for price, I will move on to the next car. The seller just wants to feel you out to see how rich you might be, or the price is so high, nobody would ever call. I think the seller thinks he can tell you how wonderful his car is and you will fall for his story and overpay for it.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Regarding the menu comment…. “Market Price” for something at a restaurant usually indicates that they can offer something which has times of scarcity, so the price to the table has to be adjusted with frequency. When a purchaser goes to market for what will be prepared for just a day or two, they must also pay “Market Price”.

      Years ago there was a fine restaurant in a converted house in Dexter, MI. The chef at Cousins would shop the farmer’s markets early in the day, select main ingredients and sides according to his thoughts about preparation, and the menu would therefore change DAILY. When you made a reservation to dine, you had no idea what would be offered when you were seated. There were only two or three main selections, with compatible sides.

      In that circumstance, ALL of what was on the menu was “Market Price”, even though the short, photocopied sheet was printed with a number for the cost to the diners. They could do that every day. Most larger restaurants cannot.

      Oh, and to this day, one of those visits remains the only time I have eaten pheasant. It was so extraordinary, that even though the opportunity has arisen a couple of times since, I have not dared to give it another go, fearing a great letdown.

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    • Solosolo UK Ken TillyMember

      I will never buy a car that doesn’t have an advertised price or a sticker on the windscreen. As for P.O.A.forget it.

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  11. Lroy

    The profit quotation is why we get to see these long lost cars. Nothing wrong with buying low selling high. Flipper was an adorable dolphin in a tv show. Capitalist are bringing these cool rides forward. Long live capitalism.

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Rx7….500% markup? Really? Man, that is rapacious to say the least. Post the name of your company so we’ll know to avoid you.

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    • Rx7turboII

      Rex, I would post the name of my company but then you wouldn’t be able to ever buy another car on the face of this Earth, because we make relays and timers and all kinds of electronic components for just about 95% of automobiles on this planet. LOL

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      • Kevin Harper

        500% profit is not really that unusual. Starbucks cost is 31 cents for a cup of coffee that sells for 3.95, Home depot and lowes both sell those 3 pack of bolts that you need for 2.98 and the real cost per bolt is pennies. Small items frequently have the highest profit margin, but things like cars have a relatively low profit margin with Ferrari leading the pack at around 28% but most of the volume producers around 4.5%.

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    • Nick P

      Certain items and markets simply yield high profit margins. He can probably sell at a 500% markup and still be the cheapest guy selling those goods.

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    Apparently the market is willing to pay the price for whatever it is that Rx7’s company sells. If not Rx7 would be looking for a new job. What about the $100 aspirin? Do you plan to boycott the hospitals? What about the many different prescription drugs that have a much higher mark up than 500%? Are you willing to give up any prescriptions you might have?

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  14. Jay

    If I find a diamond ring in the sand
    Should I just give it away because I didn’t pay nothing for it 🤔🤔

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    • RexFoxMember

      No, you should try to find the rightful owner.

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  15. J Liu

    Yikes…chill folks. Some people stumbling into a bargain will probably sell for a profit. Others may just love the bargain, polish it, restore it, and hang on to it. I think the term flipper may not always be accurate, although looking at the “Pickers” show..those folks know the value of what they are buying and really have no intention of telling the seller..that’s not always so cool and is flipping at it’s worst. I once found a really clean older car owned by an older woman. When she told me how much she wanted, I actually told her it was worth much more. She smiled, thanked me for being honest but gave me the car for the original asking price. I’m no angel, but I was raised not to take advantage of folks, especially if they are clueless about these matters. Have I bargained down prices being asked? Yes, almost always. The worst that the seller can say is “no”. 500% markup=pure greed. Pure greed, whether for aspirin as one person said or life saving drugs that are priced so few can afford is obscene. Greed is the operative word here, not flipping. I also believe in karma, what comes around, goes around. Just be honest and fair in your dealings…someone is watching:)
    Let’s go back to car talk…rust, oil leaks, missing a/c compressors, and failing brakes…much more fun, lol.

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    • PaulG

      I recently was on both sides of the selling for less than offered, and buying for more than asking…Like you I paid a bit more to an older lady for a vehicle, and I was offered more than I wanted for a 340/6 T/A engine.
      Karma is part of the negotiation process, as is how you want to be treated by others; the Golden Rule…

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  16. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    Buying and selling obviously has many different viewpoints here. Every buyer, whether a “flipper” or “picker” or the end buyer, wants the best deal. The same goes for a seller, each and every one wants as much as they can get for whatever they are selling. That goes for all commenters here.

    I was in the antiques and collectible business for a long time. I’ve overpaid and lost money and I scored some very good deals(I currently drive a good deal I made). I never cared if the seller was a picker or a flipper; if I saw money in it, I bought it to re-sell at a profit. As to offering more to the seller because they under value what they have, I done it myself a few times but never what the item is really worth. Nobody does that. The bottom line is don’t buy it if you don’t like the price; move on to the next deal. Also, don’t pass on an item because it’s being sold by a flipper. They make mistakes too.

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  17. Poncho

    I liked when Saturn dealers had the ‘No Haggle Price” on their cars. Here is what it costs…done. Haggling is a game as is evident if your watch some of those shows on TV ie: butt monkey garage and masfat garage. I can feel an aneurism coming on when I see them telling us what it cost to buy and build then think they are going to charge 90 or 100k for them. Worse is when there is someone portrayed o pay those prices. Tell me what you need, a fair price, giving you some profit, and then I can consider that number. There have been many cars I could have loved, but the initial asking price just puts me off to the point where I walk away. GateWave Classic Cars is infamous in this. I know they are a consignment shop, but have seen how they blast the car with artificial light, take pics that hide flaws, then ask way too much for a car. I’ve been to 3 different locations, looked at 3 different cars considering to buy them, and all were way overpriced for the condition. The first location was asking 40k, salesman said make an offer, I would say in the condition it was in, low to mid 20’s, but ended up making no offer because my price was far away from theirs. They sat on that car for a long time and I did see them slowly lowering the asking price. At that point I was put off by the car due to the condition and flaws and didn’t consider those cars and now that seller regardless of location. Don’t see the advantage of their marketing plan unless someone will buy the car sight unseen, over the phone and then is disappointed when it arrives on the doorstep.

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  18. Chad

    the American Way (world wide?) “by lo sell hi”. I don’t like em cuz it raises ALL prices. If 1 can get that price the nxt one tries it & up they go outta my reach. So, yeah, I ‘get some feelings’. But I’m in the, ya know, 5% or may B even 1% (but other end).
    I buy low (all I can afford) & put in time’n material. A flipper to me is just a ‘pass thru’, no real labor, a fish on a 1970s TV show…

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  19. bull

    REDNECK 401K Retirement Plan!

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  20. Bob

    Come on guys, this is supposed to be about cars, not bashing each other. Please, let’s get back to talking about the cars.

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  21. Maestro1

    I am not an enthusiast for muscle cars of any stripe but if you are this might be a good place to start. With regard to flipping and so on, it’s all really simple. The car is worth what someone else will pay for it. If these prices seem high, let me remind you that nothing I saw was stored outside underneath a leaky roof, the cars looked put together and the seller is an obviously serious collector of this genre. That means less work for you to do before you get behind the wheel. So pay the price or don’t, but don’t burden us with the rest of it.

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  22. Just passing through

    Would give my left nut for that red z-28 if it’s real.

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  23. MIguel

    Buying and selling cars for a profit is one thing. Some sellers are greedy to be sure, some fair in their pricing. The “flippers” that really disgust me are the ones that first assure the seller that they will “provide a good home” for the car and see that it is restored “back to it’s former glory,” sometimes claiming they only have $X but it’s always been their dream car. A gracious seller discounts the car to help another enthusiast. Almost immediately after acquisition, the flipper puts it for sale at a highly inflated price. They essentially rip off both the seller and next buyer. They make a cut off the transaction while adding no value whatsoever. Even worse are those that buy the car then sell off the rarest parts for a high margin before offering up the stripped carcass for a future restorer. These people are vermin. They do nothing hurt our hobby.

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  24. Steve S

    It would be fun to walk through this collection and find a couple projects to do

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  25. Steve

    Absolutely NO bargains here

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  26. ctmphrs

    This is the most whining I’ve heard on Barn Finds for quite a while.

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  27. 2cool2say

    Who should establish what is a “fair price” or “reasonable profit” so that the seller cannot be accused of being greedy?

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  28. Joe Machado

    Been busy out finding vehicles. What did I miss? Nothing, these are pony cars. Too small for me. Need a third trailer. Should be easy to find cars or trailers. Because everyone is here complaining about $. Oh wait, there is something over there, beside that barn, another Daytona on a small country road. No way. Blue. Turn around now. Watch for traffic. No, no one here. They are all at home on internet saying this stuff is too expensive. This Daytona in Indiana. Wow, wife is gonna be mad. I dude it

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  29. Den

    …..Really, calling someone a maget ? I guess that shows your style.

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  30. Bob

    I really hate all this whining! What is going on today?

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  31. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I am with Bob, I do not care what rig you drive, Dad drove 4 door Mopars. Mom had a Demon. I was never brand specific. Is it that hard core? We are all car crazy, whats not to like? I just bought a BMW Z3. Never thought of a German car. It kicks tail. I still own my 72 Stingray. Love beating that also. Come on. For blanks sake, there just cars. Merry Christmas! Take care, Mike.

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  32. Alan

    Too bad most all of them are way overpriced considering the work & replacement panels & parts. A few fair choices that were probably acquired for peanuts. After doing a full restore, even done by yourself, when done, aside from being divorced because wife’s excuse is he spent more time in the garage than with her, that aside, you’d have been able to buy one completed & near mint on Mecum for 1/3 less (and save a marriage). I know from experience, doing both. Seen it over & over but as they say in the car bizz, there’s an ass for every seat!

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