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Barn Investigation: 1967 Camaro RS/SS

When it comes to muscle cars, options are everything in valuing a car or determining its rarity. The seller of this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS barn find claims it’s a very rare car, but is it really that rare? We decided to do some investigating and find out just how rare of a car it really is. If you’re interested in doing some digging of your own, the car can be found here on eBay.

Let’s start at the most important option, the engine. This car is a true SS and came with the L48 option, which means this car came with the 350 cui V8 and a Muncie four speed gearbox. For those that aren’t Camaro experts the L48 option also included the heavy-duty 12 bolt rear end from the Z/28 and a traction bar. The SS350 was rated at 295 hp and offered decent performance, but wasn’t the most powerful option. There were over 34,000 cars built in ’67 with the SS option and while it’s a fraction of the Camaros built, it’s still a decent number of cars. As you can see this engine is rough, and while the owner claims it turns freely, will need to be rebuilt.

This car was also optioned with the RS visual package and the Y code interior, which included the Strato-bucket seats with the optional headrests. Exact production numbers of this option are hard to come by, but it seems to be a fairly uncommon option. Sadly, it is very rough and in need of some serious attention. We wonder if this color combination is an uncommon combination, but sadly specific production numbers are hard to find.

After all our digging, it doesn’t appear that any one of this car’s options is extremely rare. That isn’t to say it isn’t rare, but not because of just one option. The combination of options and that fact that this car is an early production car is what makes it rare. While it isn’t as rare as a Z/28, it’s still a very desirable car. Our biggest concern isn’t the desirability though, it’s the condition. With all the surface rust, we would be sure to inspect it closely for any serious rust. What do you guys think? Is this a project you’d be willing to take on, or is it too rusty? If you dig up any more Camaro production numbers, please share!


  1. Craig Bolton

    I’m betting rust isn’t an issue. I just finished a ’73 Challenger out of that part of CA that looked positively scary- surface rust over 90% of the car. It had one postage-stamp sized hole at the lower right corner of the backlight, under the vinyl top, and very little pitting, nearly all of which was under said top cover..

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  2. Skip Middleton

    It’s a California car, so it’s most likely ok. But at $15K and reserve not met, I’m not sure it’s worth the money, given the amount of work needed just to drive it, not to mention be proud of it!

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  3. John Shoe

    Looks like a good starting point for a resto (spare the big ass wheels and tyres , please ) .
    I prefer ’67 and ’68 models over the much vaunted ’69 models (but I still really like those as well , just not *as much* as the ’67 and ’68 ).

    I’m surprised to see the original air cleaner and A.I.R. Pump intact !

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  4. Angie King

    I would take it on…..if you let me have it I will restore it…..

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  5. Geno Stribling

    send it over we have a motor and 4 sp. out of a 70 Z-28,

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  6. Jeff

    This car brings back memories. My Dad’s uncle in 67′ divorced his wife and retired from the steel mills in eastern Ohio at 60, then headed to his friends Chevy dealership and picked out a 67′ SS/RS Camaro, it initially was too slow for him so the dealer somehow had it equipped with a 427, I remember the hood was raised up about 1″ or 2″ where the fake air vents were and the 427 emblems on the front corners where the SS emblems are on this one. I remember my father teasing his uncle about the auto trans, prob a turbo 400. It did have the hide-away headlights and wider than norm tires all around. Uncle moved to Texas and in 74′ traded it in on the new Mustang II, what a waste.

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  7. mac

    Jeez, Up to 15k already. Nice thing is that the car appears to be 100% complete and original.

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  8. erikj

    rust looks surface mostly. even though most of the options are not rare its a great combo. I noticed it also has the guage package with the tach and deluxe int. maybe fold down rear seat. Well super neat camaro. lots of cash to get it and all the parts to fix it are around wish i could have it.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    True, it is a first year Camaro, and a desirable version, but…..

    there have been better cars for about the same money as this one is bid to. And that hard sell about how rare it is….’you will never find another one like this’…..I don’t buy that claim, or anyone’s ability to predict what I will or will not be able to do in the future.

    Maybe in a few decades you’ll have trouble finding first year Camaros in barns with good options and that need total restoration, but now these cars are coming out of their hiding places because they’re worth something, so predicting that prospective buyers will never find another like tbis one is just plain hard sell.

    Here, I’ll predict the future for this seller:
    In 20 years you may have trouble getting barn find first year Camaros with good options that need total restoration, but I predict you’ll have your choice of many driver and restored ’67 Camaros to choose from.

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  10. B

    That car needs a complete rebuild- notice the separated trunk panel at the base of the rear window, or the pass rear wheel well separated from the trunk. and this is what you can see. I’m rebuilding a ’67 Firebird right now that looked much cleaner than this when I started, and the car was much worse once torn down. I can only imagine what this car would look like. The hood is perforated, and no pics are provided of the chassis. I’d keep looking, unless you have a donor (or dynacorn) shell to transfer parts to.

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  11. Austin Rider

    This is not an overly rare car. 67 SS Camaro is as easy to find as a 67 Nova. You don’t see them all the time but you can find them without too much trouble.

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