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Barn Lark: 1969 Buick Skylark GS Stage 1

1969 Buick Skylark Gs Stage1 Front Corner

Few American manufactures offered a performance package across a wide range of their lineup, but when Buick introduced the Gran Sport performance option it could be had on a number of Buicks including the Skylark. This 1969 Skylark GS Stage 1 is a one owner car and has been in storage for most of its life, but sadly much of that time was under a tarp. Luckily the car runs and the original owner has decided it’s time to let this Skylark fly. If you’re interested in saving this old bird it’s available on eBay with a BIN price of $6,900 and the option to make an offer.

1969 Buick Skylark Gs Stage1 Front

When the Skylark GS was first introduced in 1965 it was a potent machine, with a 400 cui V8 cranking out 325 hp and 445 pounds of torque. As more muscle cars entered the market interest in the Skylark GS wained so in 1969 Buick introduced the Stage 1 option which upped horsepower to 340. This limited edition option was intended to help bolster sales, but it didn’t help much and less than 1,500 Skylark GSs were built with the Stage 1 option.

1969 Buick Skylark Gs Stage1 Rear Corner

Like we mentioned earlier, this car was stored under a tarp so there is some nasty rust. The worst areas appear to be on the body. There are photos of the floor and it looks very solid, but we would like to see what it looks like underneath. If is solid under there, we would be tempted to treat some of the bad rust and drive it as is for a while.

1969 Buick Skylark Gs Stage1 Engine

While this Skylark might look rough on the outside, the interior and the engine bay actually look really good for their age. The matching numbers Buick GS 400 V8 is still under the hood and is even in good running order. This car has some good options including the original factory A/C system which is not only intact, but the seller claims that it still works!

1969 Buick Skylark Gs Stage1 Front Right Corner

This isn’t just a standard Skylark, but we aren’t sure if it justifies the $6,900 asking price. It’s a plus that the car runs and drives though. If the frame is solid, we would pick this one up and refurbish it mechanically. With that Stage 1 pack and rusty exterior this thing would look pretty menacing coming down the road.


  1. Bill

    I remember that stage 1 69 well. It’s a shame about the rust all over the body. I would also think the interior (even if it looks good) would soon tear at all the seams once it has weight on it. Would be an awsome project for someone who has lots of $$$$ to spend and wants not only an older muscle car but one from a company known for quality. Wish I could afford it.

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  2. Corey

    hmmmmm…..I wonder what kind of offer they would take…..

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  3. jt68

    i would guess being on a mass media type of ebay-too much close to 10k

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  4. Corey

    Well the BIN price is $6900 so I’m assuming someone wouldn’t offer close to $10k. I’m contemplating an offer….I don’t want to insult the seller but I also don’t think it’s worth $6900.

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  5. Bill Shaw

    Send a notice to Leno.

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    • GreaserMatt

      : )

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  6. Tim prince

    I had a price worked out with this guy, and drove 400 miles for it, from lexington ky to denver north carolina . When I got there the owner or Jim was his name would not meet me at the warehouse they have it stored at. He quit answering his phone and I figure must have got another offer. Would not even call me back. they are running a scam, I drove all the way back to kentucky with no car and 300 hundred dollars in fuel cost with the trailer I was pulling. It’s this kind that are killing the honest guy’s.

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  7. Jeff

    There is a 70′ GS stg1 here local (Madison, WI) for 30K mint with many options but lacks the orig heads, 455/350hp factory orig, 510lb torque.

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  8. Jim

    Tim from Ky did drive all the way here but one tried to get around putting his offer through Ebay which is a NO NO and when he left i notified him i could not meet him if he did not show up before 4:00 as i had dinner plans Saturday night which was a birthday party that was planned for weeks and i was not driving. This guy calls several times saying he was lost HAAA i didn’t answer the phone??? thats why i talked him in as he got lost 6 times within a mile of my place??? i even stayed on the phone with him several times to talk him in and told him go get dinner or a place to stay and i will call you when i am am done with dinner and will meet you then. Well this guy keeps calling and calling as that was not good enough for him. In the middle of dinner my phone rings 4 more times and it now is his wife making out to be someone else calling about the car and i even told here i have someone here looking at it so call back or go through ebay and watch it. These people are nuts! Then i get two more calls and a message that he left to go back to Ky afeter calling me about a total of ten times after i told him i would meet him when i am done and trust me this got really annoying when i am trying to celebrate my friends wife’s birthday. When i got back home he was already gone so sorry you said you were heading to a hotel then changed your mind and went home. Sorry if you make things up in your head but the car was here and i had several people that wanted it and i told them you were on the way. Then this idiot tries to do more illegal stuff through Ebay and tap into my auction and finally puts a highher bid than im asking for the car to end the auction to make it look like i sold him out for more money funny it’s his home address that comes from Ebay and company name but Ebay caught the scammer and tossed him off adn suspended his account Ha!!! Then sends me a threatening e mail that he is gonna show up here and do me harm if i don’t take his money??? Nice try. I guess we know who the bad guys are now HUH??? Check mt Ebay feedback and then look at his account??? MMMM i smell scam artist no.

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  9. Corey

    There’s always two sides to every story….it’s rare you ever get them both.Jim, I am assuming the car is sold by now?

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    • JD Sport

      Hello Corey, I will say first hand that Jim was a complete professional to work with ; and I would believe his account of the transaction. It wasn’t a scam ; because I purchased the car and had it shipped. I’ve owned it for about four years now; and I currently own it. The seller Jim mentioned the offer from the gent from KY and said that you were not willing to pay the asking price ; and they were playing games. The car runs good and was represented accurately. I may have to sell the vehicle; due to personal/ health reasons. Any one interested can email me. Gerry

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  10. Jim

    Corey i had a legit offer through Ebay from a real nice guy in Ct as son as i listed the car i had several people wanting the car before this guy played his Ebay games but Ebay is really on top of things lately i see. I am in the process of closing the deal with the guy. It’s a cool car and even has factory tilt wheel and cruise control and it runs great and can be driven anywhere. Thanks,Jim

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  11. Corey

    Well, it’s going to a good home and that’s what counts. I wouldn’t have been able to start on it until I finish my ’75 Eldo anyway. I’ll keep you saved on eBay to see if you get any more gems like this one…

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  12. dale

    In my opinion, customer is a king, so if I want to sell something, I will prioritize on customer, not the party. Unless you don’t care about sellling something and prefer to be event organizer. You have to see it in both side and I don;t think he would like to drive far away and expect to be treated like he is not important. That is my opinion. Maybe there is a lesson learn for you, and next time, treat the customer as a king. remember customer never wrong, if they make mistake see rule number one. Trust me, you will be a good sales person if you treated people with respect.

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  13. Jim

    Dale, My Saturday business hours are till 3:00 and i was even willing to meet the guy at night but sorry you may back out on your friends and family but there are times you just can not. How would you feel if you did this to your family and friends and the guy does not show up and leave you out in the cold??? especially after business hours? It has happened many times over the years and sorry but there are times you just have to draw the line thats why business is business and family is family.I have been in business for over 20 years and have been very succesful. I told the guy i had the plans ahead of time and #2 you are right i did not care if i sold it’s a cheap car and it is such a cool rare car and i enjoy driving it. I have been promised the moon by many people over the years and they just do not follow through that is why things work two ways and both parties have to work with each other. When i am buying a car i always have to do it when the other guy has time no one ever seems to make time for me. On the other hand i have been treating people with plenty of respect when they treat me like they want to be treated. I don’t know what you do for a living but i am sure you don’t bend over backwards every time for every one, i sure try but it just can not happen all the time.

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  14. Carguy455

    I too have been on both sides of that situation, sometimes you do have to draw the line. And sometimes when you do bend over backwards it just is not worth it in the end. Too bad the guy drove all that way but it happens to many of us at least once or twice, and when we are selling or giving something away it seems folks always want to show up when we are tied up……life is this thing that happens on our way to our goals and dreams !He will be OK, and that car will sell just fine..Buicks always do.

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    I purchased this car from Jim and it was as described. The undercarriage of the car is actually very clean with no frame or floor rust. It is mostly surface rust and some damage from the moisture under the tarp. The car runs strong and is numbers matching original. I may have to sell it unfortunately; as a divorce forces sale.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for the update. Sorry about the divorce, but if you do end up selling, please let us know.

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  16. GreaserMatt

    I love these cars…

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