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According to the ad, this Chevy had a busy history for awhile. It was an automatic but converted to a 4 speed and raced and then converted back to an automatic. The engine is a 350, 375 horsepower, that’s not locked up, but not run since 1990. They say it was in a barn since 1985, the year it was repainted. It’s said to have only 61,000 miles on the dial and that the rust isn’t too bad. It looks mostly original and complete.


Buckets and a console would have been nice, but this bench seat does look serviceable. It could probably benefit from being reupholstered though. It needs carpet and a headliner, but a new headliner is included for your installation pleasure. The door panels seem to need replacing as well. At least it appears the creatures of the field didn’t take up residence here.

front floor

The floors are good except for a 2 inch spot on the driver’s side. There is also the patch where the floor shifter was removed that doesn’t look like it was done too well.

rust left

He says the rust isn’t bad, but this looks like it could be a lot more damage than just the fender, doesn’t it?


The trunk doesn’t look too bad from here. Of course, it might look better in photos than it actually is, so be sure to have a closer look.

left front

This Impala looks pretty good from here. At least they didn’t paint over the trim. A picture of the engine would have been helpful. The big question, of course, is how much rust you’ll find underneath. Would this be worth restoring? If the rust isn’t too bad one might even just do the mechanical work and drive it as it is, perhaps restoring it as the wallet and spouse permit. It’s in McMinnville, Tennessee and listed on Craigslist with an asking price of $8,500. If the rust isn’t too bad, what do you think it might be worth? I’m curious to see what you think.

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    How much do you want for that $2000 car

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  2. Stang1968

    This brings back memories. I always will have a soft spot for 64 chevrolets. My great grand parents had an impala wagon that they bought brand new. When my great grandmother passed away in 2003, it had only 77k miles. One of my more affluent cousins bought it from the estate, but then turned it in to some sort of custom car to my dismay.
    Sadly, I think that’s how this one will end up. Probably a donk as they say, on 26 inch rims.
    The bench seat is nice but I would think buckets would be better in a drag car, unless the bench was yanked and then replaced at end of career. If so, check floors for more shady welding around seat mounts.

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  3. Vince Habel

    Looks like it started life as a 283 powerglide.

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    • Ron Hamm

      Good Eye Vince! I noticed that as well.My second car was a 64 SS Impala. I was not happy to keep the 283 and powerglide and swapped them for a 396 from a 67 Vette with HI PERF stamped on the block and a close ration Muncie. With the 9 qt pan sitting on the cross member and the distributor banging on the flywall I eventually had to return to the 283.

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      • Rocco

        That 396ci eng. must have come from a ’65 Vette, since that was the only year a 396ci came in a Vette. If it was out of a ’67 Vette, it was probably a 390HP(427ci) with a cast iron intake.

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    • mat

      Yes that v emblem is 283 for sure. 327 would have flags on either side.

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  4. Rick

    Bring it to seattle, bet it would sell for $8500 in a heartbeat

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  5. Kuzspike

    I always thought the 63 was nicer. 64’s were too much squared off. This might be worth the asking price if it had a 409 and those angled antennas on the rear quarters that looked like you were going fast standing still. Is this one an SS? Didn’t see that listed.

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    • Rocco

      Not an SS, as they had different trim. I’m like you that I always liked the ’63 better than the squared off look. These are big cars.

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  6. grant

    Apparently my 75 year old aunt bought one of these new. 409 4 speed. She just leaned over my shoulder and told me a hell of a story about scaring the hell out of my gramma. Can’t post the old Polaroid picture but I’m just in awe right now lol. She’s a little old lady!!

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  7. Bernie H

    I’m not so sure of the “rust free” since there’s no underneath photos. This has an “X” frame subject to twisting if badly abused (like drag racing). Love the cheap slip-on upholstry covers, wonder what underneath??. Looks like only the right half of the car got painted, the left side sure looks dull in comparison. I have seen these in Michigan in much better shape for the same money. There isjust not enough info to make a intelligent decision on this.

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  8. JW

    Honestly I would rather have that stepside pickup in front of this car.

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  9. racer99

    No engine or underneath pics. That’s a lot of money for something without that info. You would have to wonder what kind of hacking went on in it’s many conversions. Agree with the earlier post on the paint — passenger’s side looks pretty fresh, driver’s side not so much.

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  10. KevinMember

    I have a 64 SS 409 400+ hp same color. Luckily I don’t have rust issues to deal with yet as it was originally a Southwest car. I can almost gaurantee the frame is twisted if it sits on an X frame. Mine has cracks right under the roof line on both back quarters just from the body flexing over the years and I guess from the amount of torque off the line. I’m currently rebuilding the motor and have the body off the frame and the frame is tweaked pretty good. So now do I replace the frame or have the original straightened? There is definitely no shortage of frames floating around for sale. I’ve been told if I replace the frame to use one from a Canadian car cause they were boxed and eliminate the body twisting as well as the frame? Not sure if that’s true or not. But as far as this car goes? I agree with most of the posts. To many unknowns! And even if you had all the info? $8500 is pretty steep for a non- SS small block. You can find a nicer more original 64 for that money or less. If I was looking I would pass on this one. Good history though.

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