Barret Jackson Candidate? 1937 Buick

'37 Buick Special bf

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The owner thinks this car is a Barret Jackson candidate, but do you? You can actually drive this 1937 Buick Special, well at least the seller says you can. This car is listed here on craigslist and is parked in Jeffersonville, Vermont an $8,500 asking price.

'37 Buick Special int.

The owner states this barn find car has 42,000 original miles on the all original straight 8 engine and the factory installed transmission. We wonder if they have documents to prove these claims?

'37 Buick Special running

Yes the car does run and can be driven. The bumpers are included with the purchase. According to Brian, the owner, the body and frame are straight and there is no rot. We see a few spots that we would want to address right away, before they turn into serious issues.

'37 Buick Special trunk

The spares/parts in the trunk are included. We can’t tell what all is in there, but there appears to be a lot of parts back here.

'37 Buick Special right side rear

The green paint, where you can see it, is original. The doors open and close as they should. The car will be sold with a Bill of Sale from the State of Vermont. Jacksonville, Vermont is close to Stowe and great skiing! Classic car/skiing road trip anyone?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. dj

    Let’s see. Barret Jackson candidate. There’s no way. The seller is watching WAY too much tv.

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  2. Fred

    It’s uncommon to see a 4 door anything in Barrett Jackson, much less a primer spotted fixer upper.

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  3. Mark S

    Looks like another stalled project. The interior looks good from what little can be see might be that the hard stuff is all done, that would have to checked of course. This car needs to be finished. IMHO these pre war cars are at risk of disappearing right now as the ageing care givers are fading away, the nicer they are the better chance that they will survive. This is a grand old car there can’t be many left. The price is not out of line when you consider the cost of restoration even to this level.

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  4. randy

    I’ll say no to B/J as well, but that is the extent of my expertise on this car.

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    • randy

      I stand corrupted, so, do you guys think it’d be worthy of a trip to B/J?

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  5. dave

    Cars like this does go through BJ. They are not televised.

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    • brakeservo

      I’ve sold a number of cars at Barrett-Jackson. Frankly they DON’T take projects. The folks across town at Rustle & Steal would be more than happy with this though!

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      • dave

        I bought a few project cars at the Reno BJ a couple of years ago.
        Did they change policy?

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  6. Charles

    Take a good look at inventory list at the next BJ auction. They auction beaters also. I like this car. It needs a lot of work, but appears to be mostly complete.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      They auction beaters but not ones of this condition – I walk the entire inventory every January here in AZ.

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  7. Fred

    I’ve never looked at the inventory list, only watched the televised auctions. Will have to take a look online at the sale, maybe they have something in my price range after all! love this era car, my dad had an identical one in the late 40’s. Called it a “Runnin’ piece o’ plunder”. The straight eight was so smooth and quite he once accidentally left it idling at work at the paper plant, came back 8 hours later, shut it off and the engine seized.

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  8. Ed P

    With so much primer on this car, the claim of “original green paint” seems worthless.

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  9. booya

    Some cars sell like hotcakes. ’37 Buicks sell like ’37 Buicks.

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  10. Barry T

    It has a “factory installed transmission”? Pardon me if I am ignorant, but didn’t all 1937 Buicks have the transmission installed at the factory?

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  11. Vince Habel

    He is a dreamer.

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  12. DENIS

    Appears to be fairly solid…not a BJ candidate until you spend 40g, but would buy it at 4-4500 just to play with ’cause I like those old tanks..

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  13. 64 bonneville

    Hey boy, put down that crack pipe you’re smoking and come to your senses. Actually would make a good weekend driver, doesn’t appear it would take more than 5 or 6 grand to make it look really good, you know body work and paint, detail engine compartment, and some re-chroming. Would be a fun and different car to drive locally.

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  14. Jay

    The pic on the trailer says it all…someone is trying to capitalize on someone else’s failed project vehicle.
    Opportunism like this makes it difficult for the average guy to get a decent vehicle to build, and artificially raises prices of all classics.
    Just my 2 cents…

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  15. brakeservo

    Again I’m amazed at how sellers debase themselves thinking the potential buyers are so stupid – claiming 42,000 original miles?? On a nearly 80 year old car, WHO CARES?? Even if the claim were correct, one must then think of all the stuff that’s simply rotted, rusted and seized simply from LACK of use!! I prefer a seller who’s got the balls, honesty or whatever to admit there’s no way of knowing the actual mileage – it’s what I do when it’s the case and it seems that my buyers prefer truth and candor over b.s.

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    • randy

      Not implying anyone here, but truth and candor, especially when money is involved is a rare commodity indeed, and getting more rare as time passes.

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  16. JimmyinTEXAS

    Here might be a Barrett Jackson candidate…

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  17. charlieMember

    Repeating myself, but the US bustle back sedans of the late 30’s have to be among the ugliest cars ever made – coupes and convertibles are OK, and the few slant backs that were made are neat, but that add on for trunk space sure is ugly.

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