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Barrett Jackson Quality? 1985 Buick Regal


If we’re to believe this seller, a 1985 Buick Regal like this one here on eBay is good enough to be shown at a Barrett Jackson auction. Why? Well, it has only 8,800 original miles and it shows as-new. Given the vehicle’s location in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I have no doubt this Regal remained in the stewardship of an elderly individual or couple for many years, driving it sparingly and treating it as you might the last car you’ll ever own. 


I don’t know about Barrett Jackson, but I do know that I’m amazed at how good this car looks with over 8,000 miles on it. This is the condition I’d expect out of a car that’s never been titled. The seats, carpet and dash are stain-free, not an easy feat on a car with a beige interior. The Regal may not be a collector’s item without the words “Grand National” next to it, but this example is likely near impossible to repeat.


Which brings up an interesting point: it’s not just about having low mileage. It’s about how well the vehicle was maintained, in addition to  being used on a limited basis. The engine plastics retain their luster, as do the cooling and water hoses. If you buy this car, you’re essentially buying a paperweight since it would be foolish to drive much more than 1,000 or so miles per year.


When my grandfather passed away, his beige Camry had a mere 26,000 miles on it. He had owned that car for at least 10 years, and he, too, lived in Ft. Lauderdale. Given the traffic and the reticence he had for trying to merge onto one of the state’s busy highways, I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners of this Regal preferred to avoid the roads as well in their later years – but you can tell they still loved to care for their baby. Bidding is already over $8,000 with the reserve unmet – will this one sell on eBay or go to the big show of auto auctions?


  1. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    It’s supposed mileage is a serious plus but….It is a run of the mill
    G-Body ,Florida cruiser. It is a 231 cu.in V6…..but that’s as far as it goes.
    It was the base offering of the time. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t drive it daily,and take care of it. But…it is in fact, a gold/beige/tan retirement vehicle. Don’t get me wrong…I would entertain it, but price would be a concern.

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  2. Avatar photo Kurt W. Krauss.

    I drove an ’84 Regal as a rental in Ft. Lauderdale when I was in college that year and it was very smooth and comfortable. It was much different than my ’79 Saab 900, but I liked it. Terrific a/c, as all GMs had a reputation for and quiet, too. But to me at least, it just seems like an old car now and nothing special except for its state of preservation and mileage.

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  3. Avatar photo Russ

    Obviously a Canadian car. Notice the Kilometer speedo and no air conditioning. No wonder is has very few miles on it, too damn hot in Florida to drive it! Show quality for sure.

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    • Avatar photo OhU8one2

      Russ, good eye on the speedo. I ran the name of the dealer tag on the trunk lid,and sure enough it’s from Ottawa,Canada. As far as NO A/C,being originally from Phoenix that deleted accessory won’t fly with me. As of right now the bidding was over 10 grand. If only I lived in Maine.

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      • Avatar photo Paul Duca

        We can’t see the control unit, and there is tinted glass, so I don’t assume there is no A/C

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  4. Avatar photo sir mike


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    • Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

      Really….what?? Your reply means What? Arrogance leads to impropriety. Impropriety leads to…….. Bow out with dignity. One word responses are a sign of psychiatric intervention necessity…In any world.

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      • Avatar photo Sarcasmo


        He obviously THINKS this well preserved 80s example is beneath him.

        GET OFF, your high horse!

        I can imagine the state of affairs his car, if he even OWNs one is in.

        With a response like, “Really”…Probably rides the city bus.

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  5. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    I would hope that the seller would tune into Barn Finds for honest feedback……:)

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  6. Avatar photo Donnie

    Kind of surprised to se the bucket seats and automatic on the floor shifter .

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    • Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

      The buckets and console shift are common.

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      • Avatar photo Donnie

        On such a plane regal a bench seat and column shift is common .

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  7. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    Don’t expect it to be a 9 code….seriously?

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  8. Avatar photo wagon master

    Love the center console and buckets! But will never blow your skirt with a driving experience.

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  9. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    Lift the trunk mat….on the spare tire cover, there will be a sticker.
    At the top…it will state:
    Service Parts Identification
    What follows will be GM RPO (Regular Production Option) codes from production, regardless of US or Canadian production. These are the codes that the vehicle in question was manufactured with !
    GM dealer’s refer to them as GMSPO codes (GM Standard Production/Option Codes).

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  10. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Barrett-Jackson may be a bit of a stretch. I’ve watched plenty of those shows and don’t recall seeing anything like this ( unless they intentionally film the Camaro’s) but no doubt pretty clean. It’s entirely possible for this mileage to be original, as the trip down to Fla. was probably it’s last big ride. There’s a “Publix” every 6 blocks, so no miles there. I’d think it’s pretty “carboned up” with that low of miles, but great find.

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    • Avatar photo The Walrus

      My recommendation… go to a Barrett Jackson auction. You will be horribly disappointed. The bright lights and spray shine make them all look terrific on camera. In person? Nice cars are few and far between. LOTS of shill bidding. A real farce. This car, is frankly, far too nice to let those con artists get a piece of the action.

      Oh, and of course they set the agenda with the networks so that cars that will draw viewers (like muscle cars) are what make the air, but there is a wide array of stuff. It’s like going to a local car show, just on a much bigger scale. And with cars that aren’t as nice.

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  11. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    Prior to 1986 The SPI/RPO(Service Production Indication) sticker was located on the instrument panel glove box door on passenger vehicles. After 1986, GM located the RPO decal on the spare tire cover on all GM platform vehicles. GM Truck RPO decals remained in the glove box door .

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    • Avatar photo Francisco


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    • Avatar photo Jordan

      My RPO code sticker is on the underside of my trunk lid on my 1985 Regal.

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  12. Avatar photo grenade

    Nice example. I love the people that say “It’s good enough for Barrett Jackson” or Mecum or Amelia, blah blah I call BS. If it were that special, that is where it would be. It’s nice and you’ll probably not see one this clean for a long time, if ever.
    It wouldn’t be on Fleabay if it was a Barrett Jackson car. I DVR every hour of several big televised auctions. This might be an early to mid week entry, but those cars don’t pull down the big numbers and this certainly is not a Saturday night TV Auction car. It’s dull, heavy and slow. Grandma’s car. Yawn…

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  13. Avatar photo Dave Member

    If I could pick this car up for say 3000 to 4000 I’d drop a crate motor in it with a built trans, a set of 3.73 gears in the rear, 15×10 Cragers in the back, 15×7 Cragars in the front, Pioneer speakers on the rear deck and go back to 1988 and cruise the burger joints.

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    • Avatar photo Keith

      Dead on. It would be a deal I’d jump on… at half the price. Lose the (ridiculous) granny caps and steelies for something more stylish, drivetrain swap if you’re not a purist, and cruise it for all it’s worth.

      The buckets and console are a nice touch, especially considering it’s a base model (not Limited, etc). Vast majority I’ve seen had the 60/40 – or worse, a straight bench.

      FWIW, I’ve been on the lookout for a clean/straight/non-kiddied-out Regal for a while now. They’re getting surprisingly hard to find at a reasonable price. Just a few years ago, a nice one with miles in the high double digits would have been a $3000 car. Today? Not so much.

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  14. Avatar photo The Walrus

    Base model it may be, but at least its a 2-door!

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  15. Avatar photo Larry K

    My Dad probably had 16 Buicks from the 50’s to the ’80’s. (Ask me where I got the car disease). He had many good ones and this one too. This one was our least favorite.

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  16. Avatar photo ClassicCarFan

    ..nicest 1985 Regal out there. That’s like a ” tallest dwarf” accolade. Not attractively styled, not a performance version in any way, a reminder of what what was GM’s all-time darkest days?

    It’s in great shape for sure… but hardly a model most enthusiasts would be even slightly interested in? sorry. count me out.

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  17. Avatar photo j.boyd

    $12,000 as of 3/13/16 at 1:30 am cst

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  18. Avatar photo Ollie Stiles

    GM build quality was horrific in 1985. Pass.

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  19. Avatar photo Karo

    And even it its pristine condition, the beige interior is still changing color. Look at the shade of the passenger-side armrest assembly and the steering wheel compared to the rest. It does not have A/C. I see no compressor belt next to the power steering and alternator belts.

    They were pretty nice cars in their way. The second car I ever rented, at Washington Dulles airport, in 1987, (age 23 me) was a white/dark blue Regal with the 3.8 V-6. Of course I thought it was stodgy, but I drove it all around, including to New York and back, and ended up impressed by its comfort. The velour seats were very soft, as I recall.

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  20. Avatar photo Jubjub

    Agree about building a nice sleeper. Loose those Tupperware lid hubcaps and get some poverty caps off of late 70s Buick. Buckets and console is kinda weird for such a Hertz spec car.

    Ugh, these G bodies were such hood rat rides. Just add some Krylon, a set of god awful, cheesy aftermarket or other division wheels and a Guns and Roses tape on a cheap deck. Though when new, something about their generic anonymity made them a perfect ride for perverts, rapists and kidnappers.

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  21. Avatar photo Ron (Florida)

    I love G-body cars, Regals especially. I would love to own this car, even as the base model that it is. I’d leave it alone and enjoy as is.Biddingis too high though for me. At the price it’s seller seems to want, I can find a half decent Grand National or T-Type that I can drive without guilt and it will have ac too.

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  22. Avatar photo Al8apex

    All the dissing of this beauty confuses me, it must be regional for all the hate.

    That said, this is an amazing survivor.

    The drivetrain is bulletproof and all that is needed for this car.

    Being from the southwest these were stolen all the time, way too easy for the gangbangers

    Favorite ride of any low rider. The no a/c would hurt it here, but whatever it sells for will be well bought IMHO

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  23. Avatar photo edh

    3.8L V6, with all do respect to the people who love this engine I had an 1981 Regel with the same engine and it was a piece of crap.

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  24. Avatar photo Chebby

    GM RWD cars live a long time, but I bet if you were to drive this car and that bronze Olds Regency back to back, you would be shocked at how much more substantial the ’78 feels, and how cheap and cheesy the cars were by 1985.

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  25. Avatar photo Slickimp

    This car looks ban new . with the picture of the front Nice

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