Base or Sport Sedan? 1960 Chevy Impala


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When I first came across this listing for a barn find Impala in Texas, I got a bit excited seeing the letters “SS” inserted within the title. Although it was a sedan, I knew there was a “Sport Sedan” option that year, which would be a neat find. However, I think this is more likely an ordinary base model here on craigslist, but the as-discovered pictures still make it worth checking out. 


As you can see in this photo and the first one, this Impala sedan was indeed discovered in a barn, and one that was practically falling down around it. The seller doesn’t go into specifics about how or when it was rescued, but I’d say it’s a good thing it was removed from this collapsed structure. Although the barn is indeed laying on top of the car, the seller doesn’t relay if that has caused any significant damage to the body.


My speculation is that this is not a genuine Sport Sedan, as I believe those models had unique, panoramic rear glass – but any Chevy experts reading, feel free to correct me. This find is still a unique discovery, with lovely patina’d sheetmetal and still appearing largely stock, with the original hubcaps on the bench seat. The fact that the license plates are still on the car may even indicate it wasn’t too long ago it left the roads, but who knows. The seller does state that it runs.


The seller is asking $4,500 and if you live in Texas, that includes delivery. It’s hard to tell if there’s any rust present or if the body is still all-original, as the seller uses that term fairly loosely. Since it’s already on the trailer, it’s ready to go to a new home, but I’d be careful with tossing around the “SS” wording, as it can indeed have significant meaning on a car like this. What do you think – was the seller sloppy in his description, or could this be a genuine Sport Sedan?

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  1. 70kingswood

    Not a Sport Sedan with the big rear window. wonder if there is a 348 under the hood or a 283? the flag on trunk will tell someone in the know.

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  2. Mitch

    Very sloppy photos, & description. Not to mention way overpriced.

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  3. Madbrit

    I think the SS option started in 1961 not 1960 with the Impala model. Do they want 145K or 4500, very confusing? Way over priced for a 4 door sedan needing full restoration and not that valuable when done.

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    Looks like another fugitive from the Lambrecht Chevrolet auction. I like the car but it’s out of my budget, not to mention my shop already being full of projects. I hope someone gets it and enjoys the journey of restoring it.

    There goes that ‘P-word’ again. I just read that Patina is an old Indian word meaning: ‘Lazy body man.’ Don’t shoot me; I’m just the messenger…

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  5. Rick

    and SS stood for “Super Sport” not sport sedan, not sure they ever made a sport sedan 4 Dr or otherwise

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    • Dovi65

      My understanding has always been that “SS” never indicated anything other than Super Sport, and that “Sport Sedan [Coupe]” was simply a sales catch-phrase for low-option models

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  6. Dan

    No SS’s til 1961 and not many made….and not on 4 doors…

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    • Vince Habel

      SS was available on any Impala in 61 Most of them were 2door hardtops. It was just a trim package.

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  7. j. thomas

    My first car was a 4 door hardtop, wrap around rear glass, no posts. This is a 4 door sedan.

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  8. Kris

    Sport Sedans were 4 door hardtops only. Hardtops had that panoramic rear window which this one does not. Also, another flipper who yet again doesn’t even unload the car off the trailer before throwing the thing up on Craigslist.

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    • Mark S

      Not only does he leave it on the trailer, he also chains it down poorly leaving the chain across the corner of the bumper and fender on the left front side. And the sheet metal on the right side dangerously close to the trailer fender. If that how he’s delivering it to you than expect some damage.

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  9. JW454

    This is a 4 door sedan. The sport sedan was a hardtop as stated in other comments which meant it had no door posts and the flat roof.

    My father had a ’60 4 door sport sedan in 1964 but, it was repossessed while he was laid off and could not make the $39.00 / month payment. So it was back to cramming his family of six into the cab of his 1952 Chevrolet pick-up truck. I rode sitting in the floor between my mom’s feet. HA! some of the memories you get while reviewing this site!

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  10. duke

    no such car as a sport 4door sedan in the 1960 vintage

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  11. mat

    The sport sedan was simply a four door hardtop.
    SS had nothing to do with it. This is a plain jane
    four door sedan (metal framework around the

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  12. kyle skiles

    Sport sedans also had a shorter windshield.

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  13. Phil

    He said there are 4 wheel covers on the back seat; there are only 3, and the top one is a ’58 Chevy. He should maybe ask $1400 on a good day?

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  14. ben

    crazy is as crazy does two doors to many and a sed on top no 4dht doesn’t know his cars very well might be and most likely a 283 348 had a flag on the fender if I recall ill take a 59 ht or elcamino for that much good luck to him some fool will buy it but not this one

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  15. cyclemikey

    It’s an Impala 4-dr sedan, not the ‘flat-roof’ sports sedan, and if it still has the original engine, that will be a 283. The 348 had crossed flags above the Vee on the trunk emblem.

    Hard to imagine he’s going to find someone to give him 45 Benjamins for it in that condition, and with 145,000 miles on it. For less money, though, it would be a good first entry into the car-restoration hobby (sickness?) for someone.

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    • Jim

      We are “creative automotive enthusiasts” although some people(and wives!) say it’s an illness. I’m comfortable either way, it gives me time with my sons and friends, a day at the track occasionally. I’m not one for gambling in Vegas or sitting in a bar all day. A good day building something or fishing beats most everything else.

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  16. Loco Mikado

    Maybe a little over scrap value? Which isn’t much today. I see people giving away cars today that up until a year or so ago were sold for $300.00 as scrap. I know I sold 5 of them(all 80 and above) and got $1500.00. Today I see cars like them that are free in Craigslist listings.

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  17. Mitchell MacLeod

    If you look on YouTube there are a couple of videos featuring a Sport Sedan aka four door hardtop. Three on the tree six. This is a plain Jane sedan.

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    • Norm Wrensch

      I have an uncle that had a sport sedan do not remember the year, but it had a 235 six with a power glide. I Thought the six was strange at the time for a SS.

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      • Jim

        Chevy used the term “Sports Sedan” but it was completely different than “SS or Super Sport” which started with the ’61 model year. The “Sports Sedans” received no special equipment or badging and the term was dropped at the end of ’60 model year.

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  18. old john

    the ss on the description is dollar signs and means he will deliver for money.

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  19. John

    The car from Jeepers Creepers??😱👀

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  20. Jim J

    The engine looks like a 230 hp 283. The grille bar and trunk emblems indicate a 283, but note the dual tail pipes, which probably indicates the 4 bbl, dual exhaust version.

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  21. Bob C.

    JW454 hit it right on the money with the images. THAT is what a sport sedan looks like which this car certainly isn’t. 348s also had scalloped valve covers where 283 s didn’t.

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  22. Mitchell MacLeod

    There are several I-6 on YouTube, including one with three on the tree.

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  23. Rob

    This is just a 4dr Impala attached is a Sport Sedan that I found on FB

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