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Basic B Coupe: 1963 Porsche 356

Do you ever think about how many people went absolutely nuts when the Porsche bubble was expanding daily, paying huge premiums on otherwise completely average Porsche 356 carcasses? It’s refreshing to see cars like this somewhat rusty B coupe currently bid to a reasonable $12K here on eBay with no crazy reserve in place. I suspect the number won’t climb much higher, which is fair for a car like this – but it likely doesn’t wipe away feelings of regret if you overspent a few years ago.

Of course, the early cars with their bent windshields and gigantic chrome bumper overriders will still command top dollar, and that’s the way the market usually settles out after a bubble: the best cars keep commanding big money while the ones that briefly enjoyed a rising tide fall back to earth. This car has a good amount of rust, including the battery box and rear lower torsion tube, according to the seller. An engine is included, but the seller describes it as a core.

Those replacement floors may look good, but the seller notes they are simply screwed in, so more work will be required to ensure they are up to the task of helping support the structure. The interior has been stripped but 911 seats are included; they don’t fit perfectly but will do the job for now. The seller has observed that the chassis has been in several accidents due to multiple repairs, but sees no evidence of structural damage.

Several boxes worth of spare parts are included, but it’s not enough to finish assembling the car. The transmission case is missing its mainshaft and gear stack, and there is no differential. The engine that’s included is standard “B” spec of unknown health with missing parts, so the seller is referring to it as a “core.” The brakes and suspension are present and rebuildable, but regardless, this extensive list of needs drives home the scale of the project you’re in for with a car like this.


  1. rojo

    No thanks…

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  2. Gaspumpchas


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  3. Steve R

    It could wind up as a “reasonably” priced 356 for someone that wants one but doesn’t feel the need to be constrained by keeping it stock/original. The no reserve auction should help keep the “price gouger” contingent quiet.

    Steve R

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    • Derek

      Agreed. Build a hot VW engine and stick that in. Wiring, dashboard, welding, bish bash bosh…!

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      • TimM

        I thought it was a good buy till I saw the bid is over $12000 with the motor in boxes!!

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  4. PDXBryan

    Jeff Lavern
    I hope you’re correct about your “market assessment”. Just yesterday I was talking to a fellow old car guy about the phenomenon you speak of. The price of certain things go through the roof then settle back to reasonableness but leave the cream of the crop elevated. That’s fine by me. Prices for BMW 2002s have been climbing precipitously but just last week, a super nice ’76 topped out below 18K on BaT. I’m sure pre-’74 tii cars will remain unobtainium but maybe other “less desirables” will settle back to earth. I’ve always wanted an old Porsche for the driving experience, not the collecting. Maybe there’s still hope for me after all!

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  5. Joe Machado

    I hauled a kit car Speedster for Barrett in January, 2019. Sold for $165,000. Why

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    • twistednipple

      Joe M , it’s the same as a plastic bodied ‘32 Ford 3 window with a big V8. It all depends on the quality of the build, not the number of cylinders it has that determines how much someone will pay for it.

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  6. grant

    Multiple repairs to the chassis but no structural damage. Ok, sounds legit.

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  7. John Oliveri

    Nice Flower pot, fill with dirt, and bury in back yard, especially w frame damage

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  8. Jack Quantrill

    Learn this lesson: never sell anything! You will have regrets.

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  9. William Dillon

    When I see one of these rollers, I see time, money and WERK!!! I’ll settle for a better engineered Cayman S for less money and more fun.

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  10. Johanes Kristanto T

    And not only cars.
    Classic cameras etc also.

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