Basketcase Bugeye: 1960 Austin Healey Sprite

Backetcase Bugeye

Bugeye Sprites are fun and affordable sports cars. There’s always a few on the market too so you can usually take your pick from a few nicely restored ones or many in project form. This particular one lands in the former group. The seller is realistic about the rust, but claims that it is complete. Personally, I would rather start with a rust free shell. What do you think? Find it here on eBay where biding starts at $750 with the option to buy it now at $1,500. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip!

1960 AH Sprite

I recently passed on a Bugeye that was rust free and not complete because there was no title. And now after seeing this mess, I’m sort of regretting my decision. These may be so easy to restore that even a girl could do it, but it still looks like a lot of work to me. Perhaps it would be better used for parts to save about Sprite?


  1. Howard A Member

    Not so happy now, are you Mr. Sprite? ( always looked like they were smiling). I can say, this is the worst Bugeye I think I’ve ever seen. While they regularly bring 5 figures, this would take 6 to get it right. Pretty tired.

  2. randy

    This one lands in the former group? You did a boo boo.

    This one is a mess. I hope the flipper did not have to pay for it.

  3. David Frank David Member

    “The seller is realistic about the rust, but claims that it is complete.” How does one determine that the rust is complete? Here’s a Tetanus Coupon link;

    • grant


  4. Mark S

    I think that a real good way to deal with this car would be to give it to a high school body shop / mechanics shop. Let them learn on it. You never no a few young men might catch the bug and want to enter the old car hobby.

    • randy

      You mean catch the “bugeye”?

  5. Dan

    Like the car, like daydreaming about restoring the car, not feeling the “easy enough for a girl” comment.

    • randy

      I was wondering if that was going to get called out. I may have had a part in running off one of the very few girls that visited here. I’m sorry if I did, but cars are mostly a guy thing, with a few very nice exceptions. The comments will come out, no harm intended. Lets toughen up our skin, I know car girls can take a lot of ribbing. (They have to hang out with guys like us)

    • grant

      My daughters didn’t care for it…

      • randy

        I understand, but where does the PC stop? Do we need “girls lives matter” now? We as Americans need to toughen up, and no one is out to hurt you for the most part. The ones that are out to hurt you, you will know it.

        Women NEED to understand that there are things that men can do, that most women cannot.” Viva la difference”! The same goes the other way as well. Be happy with what you are. Don’t let others’ actions dictate your happiness.

    • Scott

      Struck me the wrong way, too. Added nothing to the write-up. Girls like cars too.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Don’t get all worked up guys! It didn’t make sense because I forgot to add the link:

      • Mark S

        Watched the video WOW now that’s impressive.

      • jim s

        great set of videos of the car being brought back to like new. i like the part in the last video ( about 3min 45 sec ) where she uses the pull switch to spin the starter.

      • GOPAR

        Great story! Very impressive young lady (and she has a great dad, too). She could teach some “blokes” a thing or two.

  6. Donnie

    Very glad no one said it has great PATINA.

    • randy

      Oh Donnie, you are SO bad.

  7. rjc

    Good for you Randy, to many hen pegged men out there .
    pc police everywhere.
    Get a sense of humor

    as for this car more then I would want to take on. I’ve had my share over the years.
    Since a nice little 1999 miata fell in my lap I have been re-thinking my plans to buy a small british sports car and putting a v8 , and up graded suspention in it.
    I am shocked how amazing this Miata is.

    bugeye / miata transplant???

    • randy

      Thank you.
      I passed a $500.00 nice Miata a couple of years ago because the owner did not know why it would not start, and the compression was low on one cylinder. #4 I believe. I had 3 people at home at that point so a 2 seater was out of the question. I won’t pass up another.

  8. rjc

    Thanks for that link Jesse, I watch all of the shows.
    Great incentive to finish projects. but really shows that you want to buy the best car you can to start with!!!

  9. Wayne

    Don’t like the girls comment? Get over it, swallow some cement and harden up, because those that matter don’t care, and those that care don’t matter.

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