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Beach Rig: 1965 Chevy 2500 Camper

I got slightly sentimental when I read the description for a 1965 Chevy C/K 2500 pickup, complete with sidestripes that match the attached camper. It was purchased new in my current state of Rhode Island, and the seller says it was used extensively for beach visits and camping. Seems to me a vehicle like that should never leave the Ocean State! Find it here on eBay where bidding is over $1,500 and the reserve is unmet. 

And what a fun vehicle this must have been to take to the shore. It has only 38,000 miles, which lends further evidence that it wasn’t used for commuting or hauling logs; just hauling beach chairs and sand pails. The Chevy is equipped with a 327, manual transmission and a locking rear end, which would make it almost certain the previous owner paid the extra money each year to park on the beach, as opposed to the distant parking lot.

Inside, the overall cleanliness of the truck is what stands out to me. Camper vehicles typically look, and feel, quite funky by this point in time, but the clean driver’s cabin and living spaces give buyers some confidence it was stored dry and inside once winter rolled around. The seller does indicate there is evidence of a water leak at one time that was repaired, but the paneling still bears the scars of the damage. I’d replace it ASAP, if replacement panels exist.

One piece of seller lingo I can never straighten out as it relates to camper conversions: whether it was a “factory” conversion or aftermarket. I feel like most campers were added on after the fact, usually by the selling dealer. It is nice to see a paint scheme that makes it seem completely OEM. But whatever its origins, this is one clean, beach-ready pickup that hopefully returns to the shoreline soon.


  1. Terry J

    Never heard of such a dealer option. I’d guess it was an RV factory installation. I worked at Beaver Coaches in Bend Ore for some years in the ’70s and though the most common product in those days was the Class C motorhome, dealer demand required a couple of runs a year of the “Chassis Mount” coach as this one is. There should be manufacturer tags somewhere on it. Haven’t looked at the ad yet. Curious as to the second shifter on the floor. Auxiliary tranny? 2 speed rear ends don’t normally shift in that manner, using cable or electric solenoid normally. :-) Terry J

  2. Terry J

    Well, I outta read the ad before commenting. It’s a 4X4, thus the second shifter. Gotta admit, it’s a very cool rig. :-) Terry

  3. DrinkinGasoline

    OK….I’m a Ford Guy…but. This offering is more about the Camper and it’s relation to the Cab/Chassis..This was never a GMSPO (General Motors Service Parts Operations) offering. Pure aftermarket upfitting.

  4. Tyler

    I need this like I need another hole in the head, but it’s sol cool!

  5. Skloon

    For some reason it makes me think of the Rockford files

    • Terry J

      Ha Ha . Now that’s funny. :-) Terry J

  6. JunkieTruck

    This thing is sweet, I’d love to have it , if only I could afford to put gas in it. I’ll bet this hog wouldn’t get 10 mpg with a 60 mile an hour tailwind.

    • Terry J

      Probably right. On the other hand, go to the beach and spend a week sleeping,cooking, and going to the potty in your Prius. :-) :-) Terry J

      • Jeffro

        That actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks buddy!

    • Neal

      My Sienna is only getting around 13 mpg in city driving! Not as cool as this rig either.

  7. Gear Head Engineer

    I’m guessing the seller means that the 4×4 is from the factory, not necessarily the camper. I’m also guessing this was used by a member of the Rhode Island Mobile Sportsfishermen (RIMS) club. That was (maybe still is?) a club that owned beach property. You had to drive over a soft sand path to get there and they camped on the beach. This kind of vehicle is what they used: 4×4 camper, big/wide tires. They would air down the tires for better traction and then air them back up when they left.

    This is pretty cool, but it looks like the camper needs a lot of work. Niche market for sure, but currently someone thinks it’s worth $2k.

    – John

  8. Rock On Member

    Bidders can also be thinking about scraping the camper and putting a regular box back on the truck.

    • Fogline

      Just what I was thinking. Probably rust free in the usual places with the camper protecting it from the top. Not sure if this model was as bad for cab rust though as the next generation, of which I have owned two.

      • RJ

        My dad picked one up like this in the 90’s and they had scraped the camper he welded a second cab to it to make it a extended cab and then a long bed lined up on it.

  9. Woodie Man

    Better get a tetanus shot before entering the camper. Wish it was in better shape.

  10. Eric 10Cars

    Up over $3500 now. Notice the log holding it in place? Suggests at least some emergency brake work needed. Also the engine compartment is really greasy. I know that the old fashioned oil breather cap can cause some of that, but at 38K miles? Also note the A/C unit unbelted and the clutch pedal wear makes me question the mileage as well….if it were city mileage, I’d believe it but I doubt a camper did much city travel. There’s a power brake booster, but it looks like a single stage brake master.

  11. erikj

    I like this since my brother and I got a early 60s cab over camper back in the 80s. It was in good shape and clean so paid $200 and loaded it on my truck and took it to Whidbey island where it still resides to this day.
    It had a certain old feel to it that was really neat. We cooked in it and the old ice box worked great. The int. was-or still is, the blond wood/ red and gold vinyl for the seats, dark brown enamel appliances. We felt like we where camping in the 60s . So fun.
    I,m sure its worth something and if I had the time my brother would give it to me and I would restore it. Just no time at the moment

  12. BRAKTRCR Member

    Maybe one of you folks could fill me in on the ventilated alternator? My 66 C80 has the same style. Haven’t seen these before. I figured at 50+ years old, couldn’t be factory, but, what do I know.
    Thought it was funny in the ad, seller states it was from “ROAD” Island

  13. Terry J

    Later…..I just noticed…….you can barely see the sticker/sign on the back of the coach. I magnified it and it’s El Dorado which was a large RV manufacturer back in the day. So it was a new Chevy truck chassis/cab that went down the El Dorado production line in ’65 and had the coach built and installed just like they did with the “Van cab” class C’s. As I said, we called them a Chassis Mount when I was in the Beaver Coaches plant in the 70’s. :-) Terry J.

  14. Mike Russell

    No such thing as a C / K 2500 in 1965. There were C and K 20s


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