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Behind The Barn: 1966 Pontiac GTO

We have all seen cars found and stored just about everywhere. Some finds like this ’66 Pontiac GTO get so close to being stored safely but don’t quite make it to safety. Found behind a barn, this 389 4-speed car has a sharp appearance but needs some real love to be roadworthy again. With bidding in the $4,000 range, there are still some good parts left on this sad old goat. Check it out here on eBay out of Fallston, Maryland.

Although a 389 V8 is under the hood, the seller was told previously that the engine was not original. Despite that fact, the seller is convinced that the 4-speed manual transmission and the rear end are original to this machine. It is unclear how long this GTO has been at rest, but I would guess a few decades.

Taking a look at the interior reveals the issues with this GTO. The dash in its place and there are a couple of door panels. The remaining interior parts are in questionable condition. Sadly the floors are basically nonexistent, and the inner rockers are rough as well.

While the exterior appears to be fairly straight, the lower section of the body is quite rusty. Also, the vinyl top isn’t helping with the rust concerns either. The quarters as a whole do not look terrible looking to mainly need work down low. The rockers are going to be the challenge on this Pontiac, to where someone very devoted and determined would take on reviving this car. There is a possibility that the doors and the trunk lid could be salvaged as well. It is a shame that such a cool and decent looking car has succumbed to such rot. What would you do with this 389 4-speed GTO?


  1. matthew B steele

    I would make the Drive train work well ,interior comfortably clean and just enjoy the heck out of it

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  2. karl

    The bidding is already at $4000 ? For what ? There’s nothing really that’s any good ! True you can buy replacement body panels and complete interiors but this car is structurally gone. The hood has holes drilled in for hoodpins ,and I’ll bet the door bottoms are rotted and the trunk as well. Look at the rot in the kickpanel area and floors – the whole trunk floor is gone ! judging by the amount of algae growth where the taillights were I’m thinking water has been pouring in there for most of the 30 years its been sitting . Its not even numbers matching and I don’t even think that would matter on a car this far gone. I like the 66 and 67 GTOs but they are not that rare and with all the interchangeable Tempests and Lemans pieces around the parts aren’t too hard to come by so even as a parts car I cant see why a car this bad goes for big money IMHO.

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  3. TimM

    In my opinion one of the sexiest cars to come out of the sixties or the muscle car era in general!! I can’t believe somebody drove this car and disposed of it behind a barn to rot away!! It’s not a shame it’s a crime!! Four speed muscle car that needs every nut and bolt taken apart cleaned, painted and put back together!! I hope someone does it but it won’t be me starting at $4000 dollars!! Sometimes it’s more important to save the history than to get the money that you will probably spend on something you don’t really need!!

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  4. OhU8one2

    As reality sinks in, and coming up with a parts and labor estimate. I believe this old Goat has seen it’s last days being a running, driving car. Granted it has some nice options. But there are too many nicer GTO’s for less total dollars spent to choose from. I can’t see how this car restored wouldn’t cost more to get into #2 driver condition. It’s a shame, because 66′ is my favorite year of GTO.

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  5. JOHN Member

    It looks like a 67 or later engine, appears to be a Q-Jet and the later valve covers, doubt it is the original 389. There doesn’t appear to be much left to work with…

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  6. H5mind

    Reminds me of an old Jeep Wrangler I bought which basically “needed everything”. My wife told me I bought the ‘idea of a Jeep’. Re the GTO, a restoration shop could easily sink $20K into just reminding the body and chassis. There must be some amazing welders bidding on this one!

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  7. Ted

    Recent purchase, BARN FIND SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!! MUST SELL, NEED THE TRAILER FOR MY NEXT FLIP I MEAN RESTORATION PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!! 1966 GTO, don’t let the condition fool you, these cars go for elebentythousand dollars at BARRET JACKSON or MECUM!!!!!!!!!! Engine may or may not be original but located in the original motor mounts!!!!!!!! Transmission alone worth $2500, vent glass opens, and where else can you find this kind of original PATINA!!!!!!!!! Little to make this car roadworthy, minor restoration, minimal rust, day job if you’re good with a Millermatic, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, NO TIME FOR DEADBEAT BIDDERS OR NIGERIAN PRINCES, FOOD STAMPS, NO TRADES IF YOU HAVE TO ASK YOUR WIFE THIS ISN’T THE CAR FOR YOU, shifter knob and left tail light can be included with sale for extra money. MA residents pay sales tax.

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    • Terry C

      Well heck, if ya double your price and deliver it restored I’ll take it for half your asking !

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    • v

      GOOOD ONE u said it alll. you forgot the original and intact steering wheel…

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  8. Lazypine

    Damn, how long was it under water????

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    • v

      it was only in 3.5 inches of water and the wheels were off

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