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While this 1969 Ford Torino GT looks a little rough around the edges, and the seller admits that they pulled it from behind someone’s shop, there are some good things going on under the skin, and the price may be right for you! It’s located in Woodstock, Georgia and is up for sale here on eBay, where the buy it now is set at $3,950, but the seller will probably accept less as they are inviting offers.


Yes, there’s rust. However, the car does appear reasonably straight apart from the quarter panel you can see (the seller details this fact in the auction with some humor), and someone has already put new floors in it. The frame rails and rockers are also said to be solid. Bear in mind that you won’t get the 15″ Magnum 500 wheels shown here; y0u’ll get 14″ factory GT wheels.


I suspect when it was new that there were a lot of cars that saw this view of the Torino GT! There’s no reason that couldn’t be true again after some work. I’m glad all this rear trim is with the car and in at least passable condition. I do wish the car still wore it’s Gulfstream Aqua paint instead of this non-descript metallic blue.


Here’s a close up of one of the new floor panels. It’s nice that they used a stamped panel rather than fabricating their own, and I think that’s even seam sealer applied at the edges in addition to welding it in place. Looks like a pretty decent job to me–what do you think? The sellers


Lookie here! Factory air conditioning! Unfortunately there’s not a lot else in this shot to get enthusiastic about, apart from the originality; you won’t have to worry about other people’s changes. But there is a lot of work necessary. The seller tells us that the interior is completely original. Would you deviate and put bucket seats in rather than the bench if it were your car? I would at least think about it.


The V8 is not the original 302 two barrel, it’s a 351 Windsor now. The seller was able to get the engine running off a bottle, but does note that it tends to oil up one plug, so you might want to plan on a rebuild anyway. Would you try to find a matching 302 to put back in, or leave the car with the larger capacity engine? The engine that’s in there sounds pretty good in the video the seller has posted. So what do you think? Is this a project worth taking on? I think so!


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  1. DolphinMember

    Usually I prefer the look of the earlier years of a model run, but not this time. Maybe it’s “Gran Torino” the movie, but for this Ford I prefer the look of the ’72 Gran Torino.

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  2. Mike

    I think whoever put the floor pans in it appear to have done a good job, but of course I am not right up next to them either. I think I would leave the motor in it, the oil spark plug is probably a stuck oil ring, I know a few tricks to get one loose, I would try that first before a total tear down. But then again as much work as it appears to need, a total tear down is not to far fetched either.
    I think I would start with a full frame off resto. If gotten at the right price it could be a good looking car again.

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  3. Moose Feather

    My First Car. Paid $543 in ’81 for it because that’s all I had in my pocket. Sold it about 10 years later to my brother-in-law for I think $550 as I was newly married, both of us in college and couldn’t keep repairing it. I pulled the starter and flywheel on two different occasions in a parkade. My last trip was driving it home to Canada from Utah with my wife and 3 other girls needing a ride home from school. We were so loaded up my wife had to sit beside me on the bench and we couldn’t get out of the passenger door. Gas mileage was another reason for selling it and with all the extra weight, well… We ran out of gas somewhere in Montana. Fortunately it was a long downhill road ‘most’ of the way to the next town. The last bit was a slow uphill so I’d need a push, fortunately there was a van up ahead, but we weren’t going to make it. My door was broke so there I was climbing out the window as we were coasting down the highway. We rolled into a truly charming ‘hick’ village with a bar that also had a gas pump. It took some time before my wife would let me buy another old car!

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  4. Blindmarc

    Moose feather,…I don’t miss those days. But that’s a great story!

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  5. JW454

    Of all the Torinos, my favorites are the 68~69 fastbacks. Nice find.

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  6. Chebby

    “It is pictured with an original set of Ford 15×7 Magnum 500 Wheels; that are for photographic purposes only and NOT included with this auction.”

    Since the purpose of the photos is to sell the car, why picture it with nicer-looking parts that you refuse to include?

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  7. Irish Bill

    I have a 302 that was out of a 69 Torino in a 54 Skyliner I purchase a while ago. It had water in the oil so I never messed with the engine and would be glad to give it to the buyer if they wanted to drive to SE Texas.

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    In 1969 buyers had a tremendous amount of choices. Some of the best looking and collectible cars came from the class of 1969.

    The 68 and 69 Torinos were good looking cars. A large percentage of the production run was for the base 302 automatic bench seat open axle. Although it looks aggressive with the tires and wheels on it. It is anything but. The Torino is heavy and even the few with an R code Cobra Jet got clobbered on the street.

    Completed auctions on ebay show a restoration project 1968 GT Ranchero 390 4bbl 4 spd. and traction lock. Buckets and console. Amazingly 1 of 22 according to Kevin Marti. Although complete non running and non original small block with auto trans at no reserve realized only $1550.

    For this one the seller should lower the price to around $1000. and throw in the pretty wheels.

    OK maybe $1200 and I am keeping the wheels!

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    Chebby, an old trick used by the the professional used car flippers to add sizzle and to maximize potential on otherwise drab hopeless looking projects. Nothing changes a car more then nice wheels.

    I bet if there were shots of this car where it was found with weeds growing up past it and flat tires what would your impression be then? Power wash add wheels make money. I would bet the seller has multiple sets laying around for different applications for just such the occasion.
    Only then you realize after the transporter shows up with your new hulk it isn’t really that nice :(

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