Best Offer: 1963 Corvette Split Window

1963 Corvette Split Window

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Split window Corvettes really are quite desirable, add in the fact that this one has just 90k miles on the dial and a 4 speed, and it seems like it might be worth taking a closer look at! The seller doesn’t have a price set and instead is taking offers. If you’ve been on the hunt to find a split window coupe to park in your garage, you better act fast before this one gets away. Find it here on craigslist in Chicago, Illinois. Special thanks to Danial S for this amazing tip!

1963 Corvette Coupe

The doesn’t give us much to go on in their ad. They state that it’s been in storage since 1977 and has just about every option you could want on a Corvette, including the original 327, a 4 speed, air conditioner and power everything. I have a feeling if this is legitimate, this car will go fast! So will you be making an offer on this Vette?

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  1. John.H

    Seller doesn’t indicate which version of the 327, but pw, pb, and ac are very desireable if original to the car. Need to see condition under the hood and frame underneath. If all checks out and it is numbers matching with clean title, in this condition might go north of $65K. However, one has to wonder why the seller didn’t take the time to change the fluids, try to get it started, and post more pictures.

    Here’s a pic of mine.

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    • JoshAuthor

      First off, sweet car John! It looks like you might have some other sweet cars in your garage!

      I was wondering the same things. Why wouldn’t they at least take more photos? Perhaps they don’t know what they have? Or maybe they know exactly what they have and how badly people want these? I’m sure they will have lots of interest in it as is and without more info, so why waste the time of taking decent photos or getting it running?

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  2. Paul

    The thing that puzzles me is the title. You would think he/she would have 63 Split Window or Corvette in the title. Almost makes me wonder if it’s a scam. Wish I was closer to at least take a peak at it.

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  3. Doc

    Original front tires?

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  4. Gary

    Pic of interior carpet looks somewhat like a “flood” car .

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  5. DLM

    Only about 275 1963 a/c cars built, mostly coupes. Looks like original A/C to me from the dash but tough to tell from the photos. 63 a/c was unique vs. 64-67.

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  6. stevee

    Have seen two ads recently on eBay, where someone has seen a car, taken pics and run ‘for sale ads’. Oh yeah: they did not own it– yet. Playing a kind of ‘agent’ game. This reeks of someone playing middle man or coy owner etc. I am SURE they know its valuable– whether they are the owner or a gamer. I hate Best Offer without telling me where to start! Why not put it on eBay legitimately and ‘let her rip’– the cost ain’t that much!

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  7. dogwater

    Could you take more pictures, come on might be a nice car to restore if it is really there???????

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  8. Chris

    20 miles from my house. love 63s. Might go check it out.

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    • Dan h

      Oops, accidentally hit report, sorry.
      You’ll let us all know if it’s a great buy, right? Lol

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      • Chris

        Yep, but does seem fishy. My Dad is in town might be a fun way to spend an hour or two. He might outbid me.

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  9. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I agree, why not put the thing on ebay and get a million eyeballs on the car, plus some protection against scam artists. Better yet, put the thing on Hemmings and avoid the PP fees and ebay fee. CL is definitely not the place for a car in this price range.

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  10. Roselandpete

    This is going to be too rich for my blood.

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  11. DolphinMember

    IF it’s real…..this is the kind of ad that’s probably meant for people who are close by. Maybe the seller doesn’t want to deal with Ebay and people at a distance.

    OTOH, maybe he’s just testing the waters to see if he can get a good price with little effort. That would be way easier than getting the car into roadworthy shape after 39 years of sitting, entering it in a real car auction, transporting it there, putting out for a hotel and food, then hauling it home if it doesn’t bring what he thinks it’s worth, and figuring out what to do next.

    My success rate—buying or even getting close to buying—a car from minimal kinds of ads like this is zero so far, and I don’t even try anymore.

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  12. Chris In Australia

    Anyone else notice the firing order diagram in the seats? Someone is trying to start it. I agree with the sentiments that someone doesn’t own it, just yet. That would explain the photos and the dust covers & cleaning rags left in sight.
    Deceased estate perhaps?

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  13. bob

    not a chance this is legit. people aren’t that stupid.

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  14. JACKinNWPA Jack NWPAMember

    I did just buy a 1971 Javelin with 41k miles from a CL ad and the title only said “good Deal” It was a good deal and I was the only one to respond. not a great way to get your price.(he didn’t) P.S. I think the ‘vette ad is suspicious. I love 1963 Splitwindow Corvettes and have perhaps the country’s largest collection of toy and other collectible ’63 coupes. Not bragging just sharing my joy.

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    • AMX Brian

      Pictures of this 71?

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  15. Ralph Spears

    Look at the shifter it is an Automatic

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    • Jon

      No, it is a stick…

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  16. dj

    I have a friend with a 63 Coupe. A/C, PS, PB, Automatic. The lowest horsepower 327 that they offered is in it.

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  17. Van

    Let’s see, I have a 63 vett worth a lot.
    I need top dollar. Let’s go craigslist without any relative information.
    The smell has me thinking fish for lunch.
    Did a 63 have am/fm?

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  18. racer99

    Seems like every time I get interested in a Craigslist vehicle it’s a scam. Sure looks like this is another one and I wouldn’t touch it unless I could see the car in person and check out the ownership paperwork.

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  19. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Wide Whites? Really?

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  20. JACKinNWPA Jack NWPAMember

    Thanks for the interest, I like it because it is so very basic. 304 auto,no chrome drip rails or belt molding,rockers ect.

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    • AMX Brian

      Awesome! I love 71’s. What are your plans for it?

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  21. Ralph Terhune

    I had a ’71 AMX many, many years ago. 360-2BBL/Torque-Command auto. P/S, PDB, A/C. Car got totalled twice. Sent it to the scrapper’s after the second time.

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  22. Ralph Terhune

    BTW, who puts wide whites on a C2 vette???

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