Best Realistic Offer: 1969 Chevrolet Nova

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If you are looking for a classic to either restore or to put your own personal mark on, then maybe you need to look at a car like this 1969 Chevrolet Nova. The owner bought it with the intention of building a street custom but decided that he didn’t want to tamper with an original survivor. Now he’s decided to sell it instead. The Nova is located in Ocean County, New Jersey, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The price of this original beauty? The owner is open to the best realistic offer.

I like this Nova because it really does look like an honest survivor. There are a few minor marks and dings on the body, but there’s nothing major there. In fact, I really think that a good buff and polish would have the car looking a million dollars. The vinyl top looks to be in good condition, and the owner does point out that there are no bubbles under it. Speaking of rust, the Nova seems to be distinctly short of any rust issues, so it does look really promising.

Under the hood, you get a 307ci V8 engine, a Powerglide transmission, and power steering. It’s nice and basic, with nothing fancy or complicated to worry about. Performance in this guise is pretty respectable, but not quite up there with a similar Nova with the Hydramatic or 4-speed manual transmission. However, it’s still as reasonable as you would expect from a relatively light car with 200hp on tap. The owner says that the Nova runs and drives, but that it will need some brake work due to a low pedal. Included with the car is a collection of documentation. This includes the original paperwork, title, manual, and Protect-O-Plate.

The interior of the Nova isn’t a luxurious environment, but the overall condition is very good. The base of the front seat has been fitted with a new cover, and the pattern isn’t a match with the rest of the interior. The new owner might want to address this, or they may have other plans. Leave that and the slightly faded carpet out of the equation, and the rest of the interior looks to be in quite nice condition. One nice bonus is the fact that this appears to be one of the few Novas from this era that hasn’t suffered from a cracked dash pad.

The ultimate fate of this Nova is going to rest fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the next owner. It really looks like it is a solid, clean, honest car, and it seems to have a mile of potential. It would be really interesting to see how it presented after a good polish because I think that it could surprise a few people. At the end of the day, you can buy a pretty reasonable unmolested example for around $10,000, but a pristine one will cost you $26,000 or more. I’ll be interested to know if any of our readers eventually make an offer on this one.

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  1. Arthell64

    I would never respond to a ad that said first realistic offer. Seller is hopping to find someone to pay stupid price for a 307 nova.

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    • Steve R

      If the body isn’t full of bondo from previous rust repair, which I suspect it is, then an asking price of $10,000 isn’t out of line. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 307 or 6 cylinder, someone would be buying the body.. A straight, rust free, running driving, 68-72, 2 door Nova with faded paint will go for that out here on the west coast.

      The part about “realistic offer” is designed to keep people from making $2,500 offers. I’d have left that off and just ignored anyone making a lowball offer.

      Steve R

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  2. RobB

    You know what you want for the car. Stop wasting everyone’s time and put it out there. Either they meet it or come to a reasonable solution that everybody is ok with. Or send it to either Mecum or Barrett Jackson and really find out what it’s worth.

    ! S

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    • William I Decker

      “Sending it to Mecum or B-J” WILL NOT tell you what it’s really worth. That only shows you the absurd levels of disparity (money vs. common sense) among a large number of the attendees @ these “events”.

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  3. karl

    Just trying to find an unmolested 68-72 Nova is getting to be impossible. Back in the 1980s you could find them everywhere for less than a grand – most were little ol ladies cars or a families second car, and most ended up getting thrashed as a jacked up , wanna be SS . I dont think 10G is too much to ask for a car in this shape as long as its not rusty underneath ; the problem is this one will probably end up highly modified too.

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  4. Capriest

    The reason for selling is bunk is that is exactly what someone is going to do to this. I know I would. I would do upgraded brakes and suspension and LS it. Leave the paint/body alone. It’s nothing special oem spec wise. No reason to NOT molest it. Car basically screams “rape me” louder than Kurt Cobain did.

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  5. Fiete T.

    These, the Falcons, and Valiants of the era are favorites. Not too “Stupid big” either with huge overhangs

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  6. Comet

    Haven’t we seen this Nova before?

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    • David Frank David FMember

      Yes, “Lean Muscle” by Jay B back in December. Compare the pictures of the front seat with the car cover stuffed in the passenger well as well as the engine.

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      • PatrickM

        Yeah, as soon as I saw it, I thought, “Hmmm… Haven’t we seen this one before? A couple months ago?” Thanks for partnering up. But, let’s talk about the panel truck just to the right…. Now, that is interesting!

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  7. Ted

    Curber, picks this thing up, puts it on the trailer and snaps the giveaway curber photo. I’ve had a half dozen Novas/Chevy II’s and I’d like this at around $6500CDN which to me is realistic. But If I offered that I’d be told to pound sand, so I’m with the comments above, put an ask on a vehicle for cripe’s sake.

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  8. Little_Cars SaulMember

    There’s a trailer receiver on the back, so this thing may have seen hard time in the past, tugging things around. Also the fit of the doors and panel lines in the fuzzy photos make me question how much damage has been covered up. The area behind the left rear wheel well looks suspect…as if the metal was replaced with a flat piece that was not turned in at the bottom.

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  9. Pat LMember
    • Zack

      The same car, same make serious offer, some state, Different city but, same pics, sitting in the same spot he must what somebody to make a crazy high offer.

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  10. RayZ

    Looks like a rust bucket from the lower body line down and I’ve never seen one with solid wheel arched with a 307 and a powerglide. its a parts car remember this is a subframe car only the tunnel and the edges under the door holding it together. most have the body mounts rotted away. beware

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    • dan

      My brother owns a 70 Nova , bought literally from a little old lady (original owner) . It had a 307 with a 2 speed Powerglide .same base interior with dog dish caps , and like this one – with deluxe side mouldings , chrome door posts and a vinyl roof The only difference was the body color . According to a sales brochure he has the Powerglide was optional in 1970 , the turbo 350 was stock.

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  11. 38Chevycoupeguy

    This thing again? Something drastically wrong or it’s not meeting the sellers reserve or???

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  12. Gregory Borzewski

    I always had a dream of owning a 69 Nova. I never got the chance. Now I’m Disabled/Handicapped. Can’t walk good. I would love to tinker with it to give me something to do. Let me know what would be your lowest offer on it. My email gborzewski@yahoo. Thank you.

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  13. Stevieg

    My grandmother on my Dads side of my family had a yellow 1972 Nova coupe like this. It had the chrome package around the windows like this & a black vinyl top too. It had the full “deluxe” wheel covers and a 350 under the hood. Grampas was a racer for a hobby, all of their cars always had the biggest engine available lol. Anyhow, I often wondered what happened to that car after Gramps murdered Grandma.

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  14. Del

    Always set a price.

    Otherwise its a fishing expedition.🐟

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  15. Brian R.

    My first car was a 69 Nova 2dr with a 307 2 bbl and a Power Glide trans.Paid 600 bucks for it.But that was 1988 too.A cool first car.

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  16. Superdessucke

    Yeah I thought I remembered seeing this. And obviously still for sale.

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  17. bob

    I sent him a email asking for under side pictures while on a lift and suggesting he just state the price he wants and he responded that he did not want to sell it to me. True folks. Said he is in to hurry to sell it . Oh well.

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