BF Auction: 1964 Pontiac LeMans Convertible

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  • Seller: Benjamin B uehrle
  • Location: Livermore, California
  • Mileage: 50,293 Shown
  • Chassis #: 824P217488
  • Title Status: Clean

UPDATE – We’ve added the inspection videos provided by our photographer. The seller has also added the PHS documentation they have for the car! And you can find additional documents in PDF form and all the full-size images here.

This 1964 Pontiac LeMans Convertible has lived its entire life in California’s Pleasanton/Livermore areas. It’s a solid, rust-free example. Its second owner is offering it here as a Barn Finds Auction, and it is ready to cruise as is! If you’d love to hit the streets in this Poncho, be sure to bid below.

The seller notes that the car was repainted at some point in the past, but the current coat of paint is starting to show its age. It’s also currently rolling on a newer set of rims. The tires don’t have many miles, but they are getting older, so you might want to change those before driving at higher speeds. Besides the paint and wheels, the car is original, with its original brightwork, engine, and interior.

Speaking of the engine, this LeMans is equipped with the 326 V8 and a 2-speed automatic. While not as powerful as the 389 that was offered in the GTO, the 326 offered a surprising amount of power for its size. It was offered in several performance levels, including a high-output version with 280 horsepower. This one is likely the 250-horsepower version. If you need more power, there are many bolt-on upgrade options to give it some extra grunt. It’s currently in running condition, but it has a small oil leak and the starter solenoid is getting weak.

The seller believes the interior and seats are original to the car. While it could use some detailing and possibly new carpets, it’s definitely usable and presents quite well for a 60-year-old convertible! It retains its original Pontiac radio and all of its original gauges, plus an awesome-looking vacuum and fuel pump tester gauge.

Given the desirability of GTO’s, it’s no surprise so many LeMans have been turned into GTO clones. Yes, in ’64, the GTO was a performance package for the LeMans, so cloning one is simple enough, but it’s nice to see a LeMans in its original state. These were good cars, and while having more horsepower is always fun, the 326 V8 was a popular engine for a reason. They are tough and offer solid performance.

This Pontiac has a great look and would be an enjoyable warm-weather cruiser. However, the seller notes that the convertible top needs to be replaced if you want to enjoy it year-round. If you plan on keeping it garaged as the seller and first owner did, that might not be much of a concern, but it’s something to be aware of. Be sure to take a closer look at all the professional photos in the gallery below! And if you have any questions for the seller, please leave them in the comments section.

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Sold for: $16,000
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Ended: Apr 11, 2024 1:00pm MDT
Winner: Kurzhar
  • Kurzhar
    bid $16,000.00  2024-04-11 12:33:49
  • lucky1 bid $10,113.00  2024-04-11 08:42:36
  • Brad B bid $9,500.00  2024-04-04 19:08:52
  • Jack P
    bid $5,100.00  2024-04-04 18:13:32
  • Rick bid $200.00  2024-04-04 15:59:28

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  1. JEFF L. S.

    I learned to drive in a 1966 LeMans in 1971, in So. Cal. Not a fan of convertibles, living in Montana. Also, no A/C not for me, I’m spoiled in my old age. I would rather find a HT with A/C in this condition. I am sure there is one somewhere in CA.

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  2. Peter

    My father had the same color with a white interior, G-d I would love to have had that car.

    How much are you looking for it if you were to sell it outright?

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  3. Al camino

    New carpet would help!

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    • Bear

      AGREE 100%
      DEFINITELY needs new carpet!
      & that’s a pretty inexpensive fix/upgrade.

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      • Kent

        I think this is a terrific find. I pray that the eventual buyer only does cosmetic repairs on it. New carpets, repaint, new top, that kind of thing.

        Each to their own I guess, but I wouldn’t want to see this one turned into a GTO clone. I would keep the wheels, they look good on it. Otherwise, maybe dual exhaust and a 4 barrel carb. Otherwise leave it alone. Maybe upgrade the brakes to a dual master cylinder, possibly a disk brake conversion.

        I would drive this car on nice days and enjoy it if I could. Just isn’t in my budget.

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  4. Davey Boy

    Would have liked to see one picture with the top up just to see how much is left. Very nice car.

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  5. OtterdogMember

    Love the guy with the hutzpah who started out bidding at 200 bucks. Dream big, stranger things have happened.

    Beautiful ride. GLWTS

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  6. Mountainwoodie

    Bought the same model convertible in 1978for 700bucks.It was yellow with black interior and the 326 and slushbox though it was on the column.This looks to be a very nice quality driver. New top and you’re off to the races. Wish I had some big money laying around

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  7. Jimmy

    My mom had a 64 Tempest convertible bought new, it was a 6 cylinder auto trans. Same color as this car but had a blue interior and a bench seat. I took my drivers license test at 16 in that car. It went through my mom, my 3 older sisters then finally me using it. I actually can’t remember what finally happened to it but it was a brute to last through all of us kids. The featured car looks nice and with the v8 it’s a plus.

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  8. Mike H.

    Very nice looking original rust free LeMans, I like it. The price is still reasonable at this point, we’ll see how long that lasts. If it was closer to me, I would be seriously thinking about a bid myself. Good luck to those bidding.

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  9. justpaul

    I love the lines on these, before they got the coke bottle hips.

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    • Eddie Tucker

      The 64, 65 and 66 models were simply beautiful. After that, the big butts lost my interest.

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      • Jimmy

        Eddie add 67 since the only changes from 66 was wider rocker panel trim and taillights.

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  10. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    It’s definitely worth a new paint job and interior spruce up.

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    • Bear

      AT LEAST some new carpet! (…a very small investment that would yield a HUGE improvement to how the interior looks.)

      Paint job looks to be pretty poor quality. Prep in the door jamb & other areas was poorly done (…or not done at all?).
      But I would probably do the new carpet, replace that vacuum gauge with a tach, address any (minor?) mechanical issues, & maybe even price a new soft top.
      Then Save my $$ for a decent quality paint job & get it done a couple of year down the road. (…maybe do the new top at the same time.) :-)

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  11. John M. Stecz

    Great to see somebody left as a Lemans,I’m a diehard believer in keeping these old cars they way they left Detroit or wherever they were assembled. Salute!

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  12. Norman McGill

    Boy that was a trip through memory land. I had a sixty three Rambler wagon and was a traveling salesman at the time. The VietNam war was cranking up so in February of ’64 I joined the Guard and went off to boot camp for six months active duty. Before I went I traded the Rambler with 47k miles for a new LeMans convertible triple white and with air at Stewart Pontiac in West Palm Beach where I lived. Sure enough, when I got home after boot there was the Pony waiting for me. I really loved that car and took it with me to Ft. Rucker for the rest of my training.In less than a year I had 37k miles on it and the tranny was grinding when I put it in first gear. Went to the dealer in Montgomery,Alabama to get it fixed and spotten a new ’65 Catalina convert, Teal and white top with air and promply drove it home. I didn’t know it then but those were the best days of my entire life.

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    • John

      I hear you Norm. Joni Mitchell sang “You don’t know what you go till it’s gone” and she was definitely right about that. I had a Rambler too by the way, an American. It was the slowest and biggest gas eating car I ever had.. and I nearly tore my right hand fingers off putting new front ball joints on it when the rented spring compressor let go. I was holding the spring with my left hand and when it happened it literally tore the skin off of the first three fingers of my left hand from the joint to the finger nails, but fortunately and by the grace of God the skin was still there and attached and the doctor was able to reattach them all and it turned out like new!

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      • Norman McGill

        I remember removing those springs with a chain. Jack up the wheel and compress the spring and then wrap the spring with a chain. Took me awhile to learn how to do that but I kept my fingers out of the way. Ha! Glad you got put back together ok.
        The Rambler was a 660 station wagon with a six cylinder engine and a radio and heater and that was it. Stick shift on the column too. I think I got about 26 MPG on the road with that car and it never gave me one problem during the short time I had it. Sure did rack up the miles on it though.

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  13. Joe Haska

    My Pontiac friends tell me that for certain years ,the only difference between a Le Mans and a GTO is some markings and it says GTO on the title, very easy to change

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  14. Dan

    Get the minor things taken care of so this can be enjoyed immediately. Looks like a good C&C car you can play with on the weekends and restore in earnest down the road. Just don’t turn this into another, ho-hum, GTO tribute!!!

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  15. Norman McGill

    The big difference between the LaMans and the GTO was the engine. The badging could be changed easy enough but the engine was a different ball game. Never figured it was worth that kind of money back then.

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  16. Jimmy

    In 64 & 65 there was 2 models the Tempest & the Lemans the GTO was a performance option on the Lemans model. I think it was 66 the GTO became its own model and you could tell the difference by the taillights were different and the Lemans had 3 gills on the front of it’s quarter panels the GTO didn’t also the vin#s were different Lemans started with 237 and GTO started with 242..

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  17. CarbobMember

    This is nice just tweak a few things. Certainly leave it as a LeMans. GTO clone would be a sacrilege IMO. I’d like to know what is whining under the hood. It’s really noticeable in the video showing it running. My guess would be the alternator or water pump. I’ve always liked these Pontiacs and would happily park this in my garage if I had the space. GLWTS.

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  18. Norman McGill

    Sounds like the alternator to me.

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