BF Auction: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

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  • Seller: Ginter S truzyna
  • Location: Bakersfield, California
  • Mileage: 85,504 Shown
  • Chassis #: V855128482
  • Title Status: Clean

When the word got out that Ford was working on a sporty compact car, Chrysler got to work beating Ford to the punch. The Barracuda was their answer to the Mustang, and while not initially as successful, the Barracuda would make a name for itself as a serious Muscle Car. First-generation cars don’t quite have the muscular image of later cars, but they offer a great balance of performance, handling, looks, and rarity. The example offered here as a Barn Finds Auction is ready to drive and will draw attention everywhere it goes.

Chrysler beat Ford to market by only a few days, but it’s an impressive victory given the short timeframe and limited budget allocated to the Barracuda’s development. Unlike the Mustang, these cars were only offered as a Fastback, although you could get the Valiant, which it was based on, in several body styles. Like the Mustang, it’s compact and lightweight and was offered with either an inline-6 or a V8. This one left the factory with the 273 V8 and the Torqueflit 3-speed automatic transmission.

Speaking of the engine, here’s a look at the 180-horsepower V8. It’s said to be in good running condition. A new starter was recently installed, so it is ready to go. For ’65, A/C became a factory option, and this one received it. Unfortunately, it isn’t working, but all the components are present. Interestingly, it wasn’t optioned with power brakes or steering, but at 3,100 pounds, it’s light enough to drive without those features and still be fun.

Inside, we find a gold interior in good overall condition. The vinyl bucket seats and door panels show minimal signs of wear. The dash, which is quite minimalistic, presents nicely. According to the seller, the gauges were reconditioned by Redline Gauge Works in Santa Clarita, California. The only area that needs attention is the headliner. It’s present but is showing its age. Thankfully, that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it as is. If it does bother you, replacements are available.

The seller has provided photos of the underside, which appears solid throughout. The addition of Bilstein shocks and a Firmfeel front sway bar suggests that someone wanted this Mopar to corner like a sports car. They believe a previous owner repainted the car and has held up well. The color code shows the car was originally painted gold, and the respray matches well.

While the Barracuda wasn’t quite as successful as the Mustang, it was a great option for anyone wanting a Pony car that wasn’t a Ford. This one looks like a great example that is already a fun driver. So, be sure to take a closer look and cast your high bids below. And leave any questions you have for the seller in the comments section.

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High Bid: $6,250 (Reserve Not Met)
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Ended: Jun 6, 2024 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: JoeyC1996
  • JoeyC1996
    bid $6,250.00  2024-06-06 09:09:28
  • freeman bid $6,000.00  2024-06-05 21:12:13
  • gators4gordon bid $5,500.00  2024-06-05 20:21:23
  • Jaydedgar
    bid $5,000.00  2024-06-05 20:12:35
  • gators4gordon bid $4,000.00  2024-06-05 19:34:27
  • Guido DeVita bid $3,750.00  2024-06-05 19:27:33
  • gators4gordon
    bid $3,000.00  2024-06-05 19:16:22
  • Greg Gustafson bid $2,750.00  2024-06-05 10:22:02
  • Louis
    Louis bid $2,500.00  2024-06-05 07:32:15
  • Copterdoctor
    bid $2,250.00  2024-06-03 11:31:20
  • freeman bid $2,000.00  2024-05-31 20:40:18
  • Greg Gustafson bid $1,500.00  2024-05-31 11:08:37

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  1. mike

    Very nice.Best looking body style to wear the Barracuda n/plt.

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  2. Car Nut Tacoma

    I love this body styling. I love the front end, probably more than the aft end.

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  3. Rick in Oregon Rick in Oregon

    I’m sorry but the “respray” does not match at all and is a rather ugly non-stock color! Just my opinion but YUCK, takes a lot of wind out of the sail (sale) of an otherwise decent old ‘cuda.

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  4. Fox owner

    If you can get it for the right price you can respray it any color you want. This is nice. Repair the damaged headliner and you’re in business. I remember when I was in college at a party I passed out in the back of one of these with the rear seat folded down, looking up through the glass at the stars. What a party.

    Like 13
  5. tompdx

    Very cool. My sister’s shared a ’65 Valiant with the same powertrain as this car. It was quite the sleeper! Surprised many young men who challenged them at a stoplight!

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  6. Greg GustafsonMember

    I had a silver Formula S Barracuda 273, 4spd in 1970 that I loved. One thing that grates on me on this one is the racing(?) stripes on the hood. Did they use friction tape?

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    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      Funny…..I have a 65 Silver Form S with 4sp and red seats/stripe….

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  7. robjMember

    Always wondered if the rear glass is available from aftermarket.

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    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      There’s waaaaaay too many back glasses laying around….it’s a 3 yr run.

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    • Jakespeed

      I’d like to know a couple of things about this car. 1) There were no pictures of the rear axle, where I could positively identify it. From the best I could see on my phone, my best guess is a 7-1/4” rear axle (3 bolts at the bottom, the rest were obscured by the fuel tank). Gearing?
      As I don’t see anything to indicate a Formula S (did Plymouth build a Formula S with an automatic?), I’m assuming a 180 HP, 2-bbl. 273 V-8 and stock 904-Torque-Flite.
      I’d like to know more about the FirmFeel Suspension and Bilstein Dampers.
      Has there been any upgrade to the brakes?
      Anything else done to the suspension?
      Has anyone diagnosed the A/C ?

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      • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

        You could ask the owner but I’ll take a few questions – most surely a 7 1/4 all you need with this motor along with a 904 and early 4 sp Form S cars got the 7 1/4 at first …..the 10 1/2 brakes that came with the V/8 were pretty dang good and although you could order a sway bar that came standard with the Form S are rare so here’s a good alternate – the shocks should be able to google…..with all that said you should maybe go with a Mustang.

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      • Jakespeed

        No, I’m retired, and my Mechanical Engineer Daughter, my youngest child, wants to run the Power Tour. MOPARS and AMCs are my thing, so I’m semi-interested and slowly entering the market, but I don’t want a rust pile to turn into a semi-concours show car, sucking the life and savings until I croak.

        I’m thinking about all of the mechanical pieces, how the car would be used (Carolina Motorsports Park is a relatively short drive) and what would I need to do to keep it until I assume room temperature.

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  8. BrianT BrianTMember

    I had one of these with the 273, fenderwell headers, lopey cam. It would fry the 14″ tires.

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    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      My first Form S had the same headers…..still have them hanging up.

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  9. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. My favourite years for the Barracuda (Cuda) are the 1965-69 model years.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    This is a nice car and what was said the color is off but maybe the owner that painted it liked that color. You really don’t need P/S on these little A bodies – they steer fine with out it. This is an early 1965 car and with factory air – radio delete – which is kinda odd. Optional wood steering wheel is one of my fave’s along with the optional hubcaps – these are 13″. Note the right side trunk holder upper – later ones would get the left side spring assist one. Have fun to the new owner !

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  11. Big C

    If you want a laugh? Check out VGG’s latest you tube offering. Where he takes on one of these Barracudas.

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    • DLO

      The latest VGG video was quite a ride. I’ve never seen anybody work so hard and get so little out of it. It made me think I’ll never have a Chrysler anything.

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  12. CopterdoctorMember

    I have a 64 that cost a lot more than this one. And it was a rolling chassis. I’ve since retrofitted a 360 and last thing I need to do is rewire the entire car. Pretty easy with the kits they make. I would love to add this one to my stable…I have also a 69 Road Runner, 63 Bonneville and a 69 Corvette.

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    • Bub

      Just look at you go.

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  13. Jim

    273 2bbl no commando air cleaner just the valve covers it is a nice looking car just needs some updates

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  14. Mark RuggieroMember

    This has been up for a while now, frankly I’m surprised there’s not more interest. This isn’t a million seller Mustang, it’s rather unique imo

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  15. Boris

    My first car was a used 64 Barracuda. Pretty cool car for kid`s first car. It had the pushbutton automatic. I drove the heck out of that car–75 miles per hour with bias ply tires on windy country roads. My first need for speed experience. Lucky I didn`t get myself and passengers killed. Never had any real problems with the car until I totaled it going wrong way on a one way street in the city at night. They don`t put stop signs at intersections for cars going the wrong way!

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  16. Raoul-F Raoul-F

    My father owned from new a 66 formula S, in the 70s i also owned a Formula S, with 235 hp and torque flite. A good quick car.

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