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I admire an owner who acknowledges that they will never return a desirable classic to its former glory, but will send it to a new home rather than see it deteriorate beyond the point of no return. That is the story behind this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. It was a Special Order vehicle that initially belonged to the owner’s father. The car passed from father to son but has sat in a barn since 1989. It is a solid classic that represents a straightforward restoration project. The new home is beckoning, with the owner listing the Road Runner exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

This Road Runner would have looked stunning during its prime, with the original owner ordering it in Code A4 Silver with a Black vinyl top. The paint has deteriorated to the point where a refresh is required, but the preparatory work isn’t extreme. The current owner admits there is a repair to the left rear quarter panel that contains filler. He recommends replacing that panel as part of a high-end restoration, and it is a similar story with the right front fender. The remaining panels feature a few minor bumps and bruises, but repairing these will be straightforward. The vinyl top was replaced when the car was around fifteen years old, but it shows some deterioration suggesting a repeat performance would be warranted. The two panels previously mentioned represent the only significant repairs because this classic is as solid as the day it rolled off the line. The owner’s father ordered it with the factory undercoat, which remains intact. That means the typically prone areas, like the floors, trunk pan, and rails, are rust-free. There is surface corrosion in some spots but no steel penetration. Some trim pieces may require restoration or replacement, but the glass is excellent. The factory wheels have made way for Cragar S/S rims that suit the car’s character. Whether they stay or go will depend on the winning bidder’s desire for originality.

The Road Runner’s interior is a surprise packet for a car that has sat for over three decades. Its most pressing need is to be detailed thoroughly to remove the accumulated mildew. Mice have had a feed on the headliner, with the owner suggesting that replacing that item, the carpet, and the aging seatbelts may be all that is required to whip the inside of this classic into shape. The Black vinyl upholstered surfaces look remarkably good, suggesting this Plymouth has been treated respectfully throughout its life. The dash and pad are spotless, and the gauges feature clear lenses, crisp markings, and the desirable factory tachometer. Plymouth might have marketed the Road Runner as an affordable muscle car, but buyers could add creature comforts to make life more pleasant. The owner’s father followed that path, ticking the boxes beside air conditioning and an AM radio with the optional rear speaker on his Order Form. Everything worked as it should when this classic was parked, and the owner includes twelve cans of R12 refrigerant to recharge the A/C.

There was no genuinely slow version of the Road Runner, which is unsurprising considering the target market. This car features the 383ci V8 that sent 335hp and 425 ft/lbs of torque to the 3.23 Sure Grip rear end via the bulletproof three-speed A-727 automatic transmission. Power steering guarantees the driver won’t need muscles to cope with this muscle car. Some might focus on the Hemi-equipped version of the Road Runner, but this car’s ability to storm the ¼-mile in 14.7 seconds on its way to 130mph means it would have commanded respect in its prime. The owner admits his father disconnected the odometer at one point, and while it currently shows 77,892 miles, the actual reading is closer to 140,000. He also divulges that he drove the car as soon as he turned sixteen, participating in a few street races his father never knew about! The Plymouth doesn’t currently run, although the engine turns over via the start motor and the oil is clean. The fuel system is pretty clogged with gunk, but the owner includes a new fuel tank and sender unit to give the winning bidder a starting point. They will also provide all of the documentation dating back to Day One, including the Order Forms, financing documentation, and originals of the Title and Window Sticker.

Many enthusiasts who lived through it remember the muscle car era with great affection. It was a time when manufacturers indulged in a game of one-upmanship, and buyers could purchase cars that would pin them in their seats if they put the pedal to the metal. Some modern models can match or better the performance these classics offer, but they have two critical weaknesses. Most don’t possess the raw character of cars like this 1969 Road Runner, and their sophisticated electronics mean that weekend tinkering and tuning in a home workshop is impossible. This Plymouth hails from a simpler time, which is why it deserves a new owner who can return it to that former glory. Are you that person?

  • Location: Pace, Florida
  • Mileage: 77,892 Shown, TM ≈ 140,000
  • Engine: 383ci V8
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
  • VIN: RM23H9G234391
  • Title Status: Clean

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $17,500 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Aug 31, 2023 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: jimjim
  • jimjim
    bid $17,500.00  2023-08-31 09:57:14
  • Seabiscuit bid $17,250.00  2023-08-30 10:30:50
  • 2manyvettes bid $16,750.00  2023-08-29 14:22:15
  • Kevin OConnor
    bid $16,200.00  2023-08-29 14:09:34
  • 2manyvettes bid $15,500.00  2023-08-29 12:56:44
  • Marco Wildhaber bid $15,000.00  2023-08-29 11:26:08
  • 2manyvettes
    bid $14,500.00  2023-08-29 11:21:45
  • Marco Wildhaber bid $13,750.00  2023-08-29 11:14:23
  • 2manyvettes bid $13,250.00  2023-08-29 10:55:04
  • Marco Wildhaber
    bid $12,500.00  2023-08-29 10:27:36
  • 2manyvettes bid $12,000.00  2023-08-29 09:03:55
  • Marco Wildhaber bid $11,500.00  2023-08-28 07:30:06
  • Frank Moran
    bid $11,000.00  2023-08-24 07:52:55
  • karl kaiser bid $10,500.00  2023-08-23 17:21:01
  • 2manyvettes bid $10,000.00  2023-08-23 17:09:54
  • Crazy
    bid $9,500.00  2023-08-23 12:01:52
  • 2manyvettes bid $9,000.00  2023-08-23 11:58:17
  • Crazy bid $8,500.00  2023-08-23 11:27:05
  • Ben Hardy
    bid $8,000.00  2023-08-23 10:44:50
  • Crazy bid $6,500.00  2023-08-23 10:43:56
  • 2manyvettes bid $6,000.00  2023-08-23 10:35:24
  • Crazy
    bid $5,500.00  2023-08-23 09:32:23
  • evadnisap bid $4,500.00  2023-08-23 09:32:06
  • Mike D. bid $3,500.00  2023-08-23 09:31:00
  • Crazy
    bid $3,000.00  2023-08-23 09:27:13
  • Mike D. bid $1,950.00  2023-08-23 09:22:46
  • 2manyvettes bid $1,450.00  2023-08-23 09:18:11

Auction Manager’s Note – The seller provided us with a number of their own photos and while they are decent quality, this looked like such a cool find that we sent a professional photographer over to take more photos of it. We feel having both sets of photos in the listing ensures that you get the best look at the car. The photos in the write-up were taken by our pro and the seller’s provided images are in a separate gallery below.

Professional Photos

Seller’s Photos

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  1. greg v

    Tempting to clean it up, leave it as-is and drive it for a while… a gallon of Evaporust, a bottle of Mar-Hyde, three cans of touch-up spray, and a case of beer over a weekend and enjoy being able to park it without worrying about paint getting dinged. Nice car!

    Like 10
    • Mark Dolan

      My brother-in-law had a 1968, Road Runner with the 383. Plenty of muscle and easy to work on.
      I appreciate the photos and extra effort to bring an honest assessment from afar. The seller included solid information and I hope this baby finds a new owner that will bring it back to its former glory.

      Like 2
    • Frank hummel

      I have a bird too 4gear man what a car too wreckin with

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  2. Steve

    I’ve been driving “modern” cars for so long that I’d forgotten about the horizontal speedometers in the classic muscle cars. Takes me back.

    Like 2
  3. jimjim

    Any idea why the odometer shows different mileage than what is believed mileage on the car?

    Like 1
    • eric22t

      the seller’s dad (original purchaser) disconnected the speedo cable at some point. says so in the article.

      nice looker, someone is going to a sweet old ride that’s not a huge project

      Like 3
    • Gordon Stroup

      Read! It tells you all about it. His father (Darth) said, “Luke, I am your father, and I disconnected the speedometer, .

      Like 3
  4. Tom B.

    Nicely optioned car here – A4 Silver with black vinyl top, AC, Tach, A01 Light Group. She was a looker when new and still looks good to my eyes. Looks like the engine was out at some point as it should be orange for a ’69.
    Good luck with the auction – hope she finds a loving new home.

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    • johnnydh Johnny (owner)

      The engine is original. This car came with the blue and the engine has never been out of the car. I know Chrysler painted some orange but not this one. The entire drive train is original.

      Like 6
      • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

        yep…’s been noted that often engine color depended on which factory the engine was built in…….

        Like 3
    • Scott L.

      I don’t believe I have ever seen fender mounted turn indicators on a Road Runner before. Plenty of Satellites, but never a RR.
      Also, I can see why A/C was not a more common option at $357.65 (plus tax plus finance charge).

      Like 5
  5. Beep Beep Potential 👍

    I tried getting the dealership window sticker to enlarge without luck.

    The sear belts are green and i think the seats are dark green in lieu of black in write up.

    This is in good shape compared to past field cars listed as gold when ready to be crushed.

    This is definitely one to get and restore.

    Good lick with sale !😎

    Like 4
    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      The fender tag appears to show code H2X for the trim and interior color, which decodes to high trim, black vinyl, and front bench seat.

      Like 1
      • jimjim

        Is the vehicle available for inspection? What about discussion with the seller?

        Like 2
    • johnnydh Johnny (owner)

      The seat belts are all faded and are black but have faded to that tint. They should be replaced. Maybe a cleaner caused that.

      Like 0
    • johnnydh Johnny (owner)

      The seat belts and interior are black. The seat belts are just faded with that tint. Maybe it was a cleaning solution.

      Like 1
      • PRA4SNW

        If they are the original belts, I would keep them in there.

        Like 1
  6. CCFisher

    What makes it special order? Or is it just a customer-ordered car, as opposed to one purchased out of inventory?

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    • johnnydh Johnny (owner)

      My dad traded a 1967 Plymouth Satellite on this car and ordered it via the dealer with the options he wanted. This made it special. It took about 6 weeks to arrive. I was 14 at the time and we were all excited to get to hear the beep beep roadrunner horn.

      Like 5
    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      How it is equipped….most lot cars were bare bones or what came stock. Not many for one – is the buddy seat – not many RR or GTX’s came with those without an order…..

      Like 2
    • MJB

      Amazes me how people just let items like this sit in a dang barn for this long and let it rot. Just so irresponsible, makes me ill…I realize life gets in the way, but come on now…

      Like 1
  7. jimjim

    Any idea why the car was parked in the first place? Did it run when parked?

    Like 1
    • johnnydh Johnny (owner)

      Jim Jim,

      My dad purchased another vehicle and wanted to “save” this car by not using it anymore. He parked it as is and would occasionally start it until the battery finally died. He managed to change the oil prior to parking. The car was completely drivable when parked. I haven’t started it since getting it because the fuel is very dirty and I don’t want that sucked into the Holly carb or engine. It does crank just fine but I wont do it but for a few seconds.

      Yes, it’s available to look at at my home in the panhandle of Florida.

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  8. Grumpy

    It’s got A/C
    Not many Birds came with air mostly GTX had air in those days
    That’s special
    I can remember 2 down at 55
    Make a great project car kool torque
    If only my wife would let me
    At 75 maybe

    Like 3
    • eric22t

      grumpy, leave the automatic move the seat a couple inches forward or find a tele-tilt column and you may never get to drive it lol

      Like 1
  9. Jim Joedecke

    I certainly miss that buddy seat. You could fit six in a car without having to buy a three-row SUV. Did they stop it for safety reasons?

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  10. Richard

    Not my business but considering this cars ownership being a father & son…I wish he was not selling it but refurbishing. Of course he has his reasons but imho…he is the only man who should own this car…

    Like 3
    • johnnydh Johnny (owner)

      I agree. If everyone is willing to pitch in on a go fund me, I’ll keep it and restore it it original

      Like 7
  11. jimjim

    This car reminds me so much of the 69 Charger I purchased from my uncle when I turned 16 (back in 87). The car did not run and was sitting for many years. It sat on four flat tires. It was rusty (rustier than this I think) and needed to be towed out. My uncle was the original owner. It was black and also had a 383 and 727 (with a floor console). It even had directional signals embedded in the hood similar to this car. I still remember setting eyes on it in his garage and my excitement confirming with my dad that the motor would at least turn by hand before trading my parents’ 76 Gremlin for it (he needed transportation and it ran). I remember washing it for the first time. With the help of a pool mechanic at my dad’s job who worked on it with me after hours, we eventually got it running. I drove that car all through high school and college. I remember getting the radiator re-cored more than once. That 383 would spin the tires as long as you wanted. I miss that car. I remember that experience as a 16 year old with my dad and the mechanic, and learning so much. I miss that car. This brings back those feelings.

    Johnny, I am interested in your car. It would make a great project for me and my son (he’s only 9, but loves Mopars thanks to Fast and Furious). I’m not sure I’d do much more than get it running and drive as is (at least for now). I like the “rustina look”. Plus, I am only 4 or 5 hours from you in Georgia. I would come down and pick it up if I end up with it. However, I don’t think I feel comfortable bidding on a car sight unseen or without at least talking to the seller. Can we connect? I might consider driving down before the auction ends, or at least getting a comfort level from you based on a phone call before throwing some bids at it. I have real interest and the means to purchase it, but only after at least speaking with you. I don’t see an ability to do that here, but may be missing something. Cool car. Let me know. Jim

    Ps. Whomever you sell it to, include an old pic from the 60’s/70’s of your Dad with the car. It would be cool to keep that history with the car.

    Like 2
    • johnnydh johnnydh

      Your story is heartwarming and reminds me of my teens. So much time spent with my dad working on mopar cars. He helped me get a new 1971 roadrunner that I miss.

      Of course, I’d love for you to come see it. Email me at and will work it out.

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    • johnnydh Johnny Humphrey


      We can get together. My BarnFind user name is johnnydh as on the old photos uploaded. The site won’t allow me to post direct contact info. Try contacting me via that user name.

      Like 1
  12. johnnydh Johnny (owner)


    Your story story is very heartwarming and remit me so much of my teens. My dad and I were always into molar muscle. He helped me buy a 1971 roadrunner that I loved. We worked on many cars together. Taught me all I know.

    Of course we can talk and I’d be very happy to show the car. Email me at .

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  13. johnnydh johnnydh

    1970 photo of my Dad, Mom, and sister in front of car.

    Like 4
  14. johnnydh johnnydh

    January 1974. My Dad in front of my car. Note the roadrunner has the factory wheels in picture later replaced with cragar.

    Like 2
  15. johnnydh johnnydh

    Mom on the roadrunner 1973

    Like 6
    • MisterLouMember

      This is like a William Eggleston photo.

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  16. johnnydh johnnydh

    Note sold car on window sticker meaning ordered by my dad.

    Like 1
  17. Joe M.

    Look that frame over good, under the undercoat and paint there’s nothing left, I can see rot holes right thru.

    Like 1
  18. johnnydh johnnydh

    There are NO rot or rust holes under this car. There are place where undercoat is chipped or flaked off but no rust through. The picture here clearly shows rust through on a tailpipe. The holes in the frame are factory made for dripping I assume.

    Any rust on rocker panels is surface rust. I invite any genuinely interested parties to inspect in person.

    Like 1
  19. Dave Moore

    One large,obvious subject you ALL left out is the Performance Hood Treatment. V21 on fender tag. A4. Buff Silver was not the best paint at holding up and faded quick when new. The H51 AC would be waaaay more rare than the hood mounted turn signals. Dash tach would have been optional.

    Like 3
  20. Little Butter

    Just checking in on this incredible car (sorry, what an understatement). Anyways…….. I’m new at barn find. Don’t know if she’s still for sale.
    To the owner……….how lucky u r to own this piece of kick butt history
    If it still 4 sale. Tell me how to contact u before I make an offer. Thanks

    Like 0
  21. Jared

    Is the car still available by chance? I’m about 6hrs from you in Brooksville, FL and would love to come and look at the roadrunner.

    Like 1
  22. johnnydh Johnny Humphrey

    Not currently. Maybe in a few months. It is currently in restoration

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