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Homologation specials are nothing new to the automotive world. They are not as common today as various motorsport categories move away from their production roots, but they did bring us some of the most iconic performance models from the 1960s and 1970s. The Camaro Z/28 and Mustang Boss 302 immediately spring to mind. You can add the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A to the list. This one is an absolute gem that was recently restored. The seller describes its condition as a good #2, which is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes. Adding to its appeal, they include significant documentation that consists of the Window Sticker, the original manufacturer’s literature, a Galen Govier Inspection Report, and a clean Texas title. This stunning T/A is located in Midlothian, Texas, and the owner has listed it exclusively here at Barn Finds Auctions.

No aspect of this Challenger fails to make a positive impression, with its interior worthy of particular note. The Black vinyl upholstery on the seats is perfect, with no evidence of wear or stretching. The same is true of the door trims, headliner, and carpet. Faux woodgrain trim from this era can become worn and is prone to lifting, but this classic hasn’t suffered that fate. The Rallye gauge pack includes a factory tachometer and features crystal-clear lenses and crisp markings. The dash pad and stylish center console haven’t succumbed to UV rays, and the overall impression is this car has been treated respectfully throughout its life. It isn’t loaded with optional extras, but the factory AM radio should provide in-car entertainment if occupants tire of the tune being sung by what we’re about to find under the hood.

Manufacturer interest in the highly competitive Trans Am Series was intense during the late 1960s and early 1970s, and Dodge joined the fray with the Challenger T/A. The company used a de-stroked version of its 340ci V8 for racing purposes but retained the production capacity for road cars. However, the 340 was far from your average motor. The Tri-Power induction system allowed the V8 to produce an “official” 290hp, while buyers also received power front disc brakes, a Sure Grip rear end, a unique exhaust with chrome outlets ahead of the back wheels, and suspension upgrades. The original owner of this T/A added power steering to the list to remove the physical effort from the driving experience. This car rolled off the line in an era when manufacturers played it coy regarding engine power outputs. Although Dodge quoted figures of 290hp and 345 ft/lbs of torque, independent sources claim the figures were closer to 330hp and 375 ft/lbs. The result was the Challenger could show the Boss 302 a clean set of heels over the ¼-mile and would be nipping at the heels of the Z/28. It is worth noting that the 1970 Challenger T/A is a relatively rare beast. The company produced 2,399 examples, with this car being 1-of-1,410 equipped with an A-727 TorqueFlite transmission. The news for potential buyers is hugely positive, with this classic remaining numbers-matching. The engine bay presents spotlessly, and this Dodge is ready to drive away with a new owner behind the wheel.

Dodge rolled cars off the line in 1970 with some subtle paint colors, but those like the Code EK2 Go-Mango gracing this Challenger’s panels make a bold statement. It loudly and proudly announces this is a classic demanding respect, and its condition is hard to fault. It holds an impressive depth of color and shine with no significant flaws or defects. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and there are no rust issues to cause the new owner sleepless nights. One of the distinctive features of the T/A is its Black fiberglass hood with a functional scoop. This item is intact, and its condition is faultless. The car wears the correct graphics that are free from lifting and checking, while the trim and glass are excellent. Rounding out the exterior package are the factory front and rear spoilers and a set of 15″ Rallye wheels with sparkling trim rings and center caps.

This beautiful machine is located in Midlothian, Texas, and is being auctioned off right here on Barn Finds. This is a 10-day auction and the buyer will be responsible for shipping. Please look through all the photos in the gallery below and feel free to leave any questions you may have for the seller, Matt P., in the comments section below. Happy bidding!

  • Location: Midlothian, Texas
  • VIN: JH23J0B287900
  • Mileage: 44,253 Shown
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Engine: 340 Six Pack
  • Transmission: 727 Torque-flite

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Sold for: $82,000
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Ended: Oct 30, 2022 6:00pm MDT
Winner: John Modl
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    John Modl bid $82,000.00  2022-10-30 17:53:03
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    LGB bid $78,000.00  2022-10-30 17:47:44
  • Avatar photo
    John Modl
    bid $77,000.00  2022-10-30 17:13:13
  • Avatar photo
    LGB bid $75,000.00  2022-10-30 16:51:55
  • Avatar photo
    runm3run bid $69,000.00  2022-10-30 16:50:02
  • Avatar photo
    bid $67,000.00  2022-10-30 16:45:44
  • Avatar photo
    4406cuda bid $65,500.00  2022-10-30 16:22:19
  • Avatar photo
    John Modl bid $60,000.00  2022-10-30 14:11:22
  • Avatar photo
    bid $52,000.00  2022-10-29 10:29:26
  • Avatar photo
    sdtomm bid $51,000.00  2022-10-25 10:38:52
  • Avatar photo
    440magcuda bid $50,000.00  2022-10-24 12:20:30
  • Avatar photo
    bid $38,500.00  2022-10-22 18:26:38
  • Avatar photo
    Huffer289 bid $34,000.00  2022-10-21 15:20:53
  • Avatar photo
    ddh2153 bid $33,500.00  2022-10-21 13:34:39
  • Avatar photo
    bid $32,000.00  2022-10-20 12:31:28
  • Avatar photo
    440magcuda bid $25,000.00  2022-10-20 11:08:31
  • Avatar photo
    chieftbird bid $10,000.00  2022-10-20 10:46:20


  1. Avatar photo Dominic

    I like the interior and the exterior collors.

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  2. Avatar photo chris belser

    Nice car! Is this the original numbers matching engine?

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @chris belser – Yes, we uploaded the Galen Report. Please see the photo gallery.

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  3. Avatar photo Melton Mooney

    Wow. The car looks like it was assembled this morning. I’ve had two of these and they make a pretty good hot rod with a few upgrades, but I don’t think I’d mess with this one, or even drive it very much.

    Like 5
  4. Avatar photo Emel

    I guess the T/A stands for, in this case……Truly Astounding.

    Luv the exhaust pipes in front of the tires….don’t see that often.
    And he even has the correct era Tires on this…….glass belted radials.
    Had the exact ones on my same era Charger !
    Cudos all around !

    Like 11
    • Avatar photo Lynn Dockey Member

      Standard exhaust on the TA and AAR

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  5. Avatar photo Manimal Williams

    I remember watching these do practice laps at Riverside raceway in the very early 70’s. I would just pull up on a hill and watch and listen to the music of small block performance for free with my dog. Nobody else was even around most of the time. Some of my best memories. That and of course driving the coolest $600 to $1500. Camaro’s Mustang’s and my favorite Mopar’s all over the country.

    Like 12
    • Avatar photo bobhess Member

      Came over from Nevada to watch the races at Sonoma. The speed of all the pony cars was impressive on the road course. And as you said, the sounds were impressive. There are several of that era cars still running in Vintage events around the country.

      Like 5
  6. Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

    We have uploaded four videos of the car and photos of the Galen report which verifies the numbers. What an awesome machine!

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  7. Avatar photo JohnfromSC

    Cudos to the restorer!

    Having restored an AAR cuda, this is more accurate than 95% of them. I could only spot the smallest of nit picks. Would love to see inside the trunk with liner pulled back, plus underside pics taken from underneath a lift.

    And for those who whine about no 4 speed, the smart money buys the 727 auto, replaces it with a Tremec 5 speed, saves and crates the matching #s 727 and you have a better driver for less money that will not lose you one dime. GLWTA!

    Like 4
    • Avatar photo Matt Proffitt

      The trunk floor was replaced with one dissected from a rust free western US sourced original.

      It’s the only piece of sheet metal that has been replaced and it was done before there were reproductions so it is OEM metal.

      I will post pics of the trunk floor with mat pulled up as well as underneath pics on a lift tomorrow.

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    • Avatar photo Crawdad

      Kudos for Cudos ! well done.

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  8. Avatar photo Howie

    What a beauty, with 9 days left the price should go way higher!!

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  9. Avatar photo Lynn Dockey Member

    This price seems way low

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @Lynn Dockey – It’s an auction so the price will go up.

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  10. Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

    We have added photos of the underside and trunk floor to the gallery.

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  11. Avatar photo Stephen

    What I miss most of all in today’s cars is when you open the glove box there are two indents for cups to he placed on when stationary.
    It’s the simple things I guess.

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  12. Avatar photo George Mattar

    Just a few years ago, these and AAR Cudas struggled to reach $65,000 at auction. Recently, most are selling, if they are as nice as this one, near $95,000 to $100,000. I believe these are the first cars to ever have a different size tire front and rear from the factory. Today, that is the norm with the steam roller size rubber on Corvettes and other high performance cars. A girl in my high school, Kathy, had a yellow 70 T/A Challenger in 1973. I think she paid about $1,700 for it from original owner. 4 speed. Haven’t seen her or the car in almost 50 years.

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  13. Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

    We just added a photo of the option list to the gallery. This was a nicely optioned machine!

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  14. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    A buyer is really going to have to step up on this one, to the tune of > than 100K.

    This, and the AAR, are my favorite Mopars.

    Like 2
  15. Avatar photo Ward William

    I love it but I would want to know who restored it and EXACTLY what was replaced/restored/reused etc and I would want to see all the “before” photos and photos from the restoration process. Graveyard Cars ??? If it is as good and truly original as it appear, that current bid price may even double over the next 7 days.

    Like 1
    • Avatar photo Matt Proffitt

      The car was restored over a number of years. It wasn’t done by a specific professional televised restoration shop like Graveyard Cars, but each component was restored professionally and as correctly as possible by the best specialists available.

      I was told that restoration videos and photos exist. I’ve tried several times to get copies of them, but have unfortunately come up empty handed.

      I can tell you for certain that since I have owned it, it has been kept covered in a climate controlled garage when not in use.

      There has been no deterioration and it has only gotten better and more correct during my ownership.

      It is as good or better than it appears in the photos and videos and I encourage anyone interested in it to come out and inspect it in person and see how great it is.

      If someone chooses to do so, you will find that it’s restored to better than new condition, has many NOS or correct reproduction parts and finishes, is 100% turn key, that everything works, has no leaks, runs and drives great.

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  16. Avatar photo Matt Proffitt

    It’s all original sheet metal except for the trunk floor that was sourced from a rust free original before reproductions were made.

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  17. Avatar photo Joshua Mortensen Staff

    We just added a video showing cold startup and the seller driving the car to the listing.

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  18. Avatar photo Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Joshua thanks for the videos. I love the driving one. This reminds me when I was young and my cousin bought a brand new 70 Challenger from the dealership. He wanted the RT 383 but his parents said . That too much of a car. Soooo 318 he bought with posi rear and AC/pb/PS . This video was great .. Thanks for the memories I’ll hope you get top dollar for this vehicle it’s beautiful. 🐻🇺🇸

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  19. Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

    We are getting close to the reserve now. Good luck guys!

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  20. Avatar photo Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Sold for $82k!

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      Congrats to buyer, seller, and Barn Finds for bringing them together.

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  21. Avatar photo Lynn Dockey Member

    The cubic inch displacement was higher in trans am racing in 1970. Chevy used the 350 starting in 70. Before the series limited the engine to 5 liters

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