BF Auction: 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III

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UPDATE – The seller just sent us photos of the Lincoln all cleaned up and with the carburetor reinstalled. It cleaned up extremely well, so be sure to take a look at the additional photos in the gallery below.

Lee Iacocca was a savvy marketing man who saw the benefit of platform sharing. He looked at the falling sales of the Ford Thunderbird and envisaged a way to utilize its underpinnings to maximum effect. Thus was born the Lincoln Continental Mark III, a vehicle that cost the company relatively little but achieved the long-craved goal of outselling the Cadillac Eldorado. This 1971 model has spent thirteen years in storage but is a complete and unmolested vehicle. When parked, it was in excellent mechanical health, and revival should not be difficult. If you feel up for the challenge of returning a luxury classic to active duty in time for the upcoming warmer weather, the owner has listed the Mark III exclusively here on Barn Finds Auctions.

The original owner ordered this Mark III finished in Code A Black, complemented by a matching Black vinyl top and contrasting Red pinstriping. The car makes a positive first impression, with the paint retaining a healthy shine and the vinyl looking excellent. The attached photo gallery confirms the Continental is rock-solid, although there are a couple of small exterior rust spots the successful bidder will probably address to prevent deterioration. They are located on the back of the trunk and tops of both doors, but they are small enough that the new owner could tackle them as time and circumstances allow. The chrome and trim, including the damage-prone wheel trims, are in excellent condition. There are no glass issues, meaning this car has no pressing physical needs before it returns to its rightful place on our roads.

Buyers ordering a 1971 Continental Mark III received the company’s 460ci V8 that sent 365hp to the rear wheels via a three-speed automatic transmission. In keeping with its luxury credentials, power assistance for the steering and brakes was standard fare. At 5,002 lbs, the Mark III would never be classed as light, making its ability to cover the ¼-mile in 16.3 seconds particularly noteworthy. However, with most buyers unconcerned about outright performance, they would have relished the fact that the Continental was one of the quietest American production cars of its time that would effortlessly cruise all day at 70mph. The owner’s father parked this beauty around thirteen years ago, and the car was in excellent health then. He had replaced the brake drums, rotors, master cylinder, shocks, power steering lines, pitman arm, stabilizer bushings, hoses, belts, wiper blades, fuel pump, and fuel filter before storage, and these items remain in as-new condition. The owner recently flushed and resealed the fuel tank, completed an oil change, and rebuilt the carburetor. The successful bidder will need to reinstall that last item, which should be the final piece of the puzzle before that wonderful V8 roars back to life. From there, they shouldn’t face many hurdles before slipping behind the wheel for a dose of relaxed and luxurious classic motoring pleasure.

The Continental Mark III was a luxury car sold at a premium price. Therefore, buyers expected more for their money than a prestigious badge. This car delivered in true Iacocca fashion, with rich and sumptuous leather upholstery, power windows, cruise control, a remote driver’s mirror, an AM/FM stereo radio, and acres of genuine walnut veneer trim. The overall condition is hard to fault, with only minor deterioration of some of the faux chrome plastic and walnut indicating the car’s age. However, neither problem is severe, and products to address the shortcomings are readily available and affordable. The upholstered surfaces, carpet, and dash look excellent, and the supplied photos make me wonder whether anyone has ever used the back seat. As with the exterior, this aspect of the Lincoln appears to require more time than money spent to present at its best.

Although initially rejected by Ford’s focus group, Lee Iacocca and Henry Ford II saw the potential benefit of the Continental Mark III project. Their faith was repaid with excellent sales results, with 27,091 buyers handing over a considerable sum in 1971 to park one in their driveway. This one is a gem that will make a bold statement when returned to active duty. The successful bidder could opt for preservation, although lifting its presentation to a higher level should not be difficult or expensive. If you found it in your garage, which path would you choose? Now that you’ve given the matter some thought, the next step might be to submit a bid so you can make that dream a reality.

  • Location: Montclair, New Jersey
  • Mileage: 56,284
  • Engine: 460ci V8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • VIN: 1Y89A852002
  • Title Status: Clean

Bid On This Vehicle

Sold for: $8,200
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Ended: Mar 10, 2023 10:00am MDT
Winner: AJimenez
  • AJimenez bid $8,200.00  2023-03-10 07:32:09
  • Greg M bid $8,100.00  2023-03-10 07:20:15
  • AJimenez
    bid $8,000.00  2023-03-09 22:10:06
  • Ralph Perkins bid $7,100.00  2023-03-09 20:36:25
  • Greg M bid $5,900.00  2023-03-09 17:39:31
  • Heck Dodson
    bid $5,800.00  2023-03-09 12:59:10
  • Greg bid $5,700.00  2023-03-09 12:51:54
  • Heck Dodson bid $5,600.00  2023-03-09 12:18:58
  • Ralph Perkins
    bid $5,500.00  2023-03-08 19:02:46
  • Razz88 bid $4,450.00  2023-03-08 17:45:35
  • wes johnson bid $4,350.00  2023-03-08 17:44:17
  • Butch
    bid $4,250.00  2023-03-08 16:32:24
  • GTODAVE bid $4,000.00  2023-03-07 08:13:48
  • Gs bid $3,750.00  2023-03-06 12:01:52
  • Steve0127
    bid $3,650.00  2023-03-06 00:39:44
  • AUTOMANRUSS bid $3,500.00  2023-03-05 21:05:07
  • MillsM bid $3,100.00  2023-03-05 05:30:39
  • The Count
    bid $3,000.00  2023-03-04 10:12:05
  • Gs bid $2,850.00  2023-03-04 09:34:28
  • J. Mcquire bid $2,750.00  2023-03-03 23:44:21
  • Gs
    bid $2,500.00  2023-03-03 12:01:54
  • Garagegeezer bid $2,000.00  2023-03-03 11:31:40
  • dudleybeyler bid $1,877.00  2023-03-03 08:52:41
  • Ralph Perkins
    bid $1,650.00  2023-03-03 08:16:18
  • B Mason bid $1,550.00  2023-03-02 22:58:26
  • Ernest Van Dale bid $1,450.00  2023-03-02 21:34:27
  • ACS
    bid $1,350.00  2023-03-02 17:23:32
  • rrichcreek bid $1,200.00  2023-03-02 16:59:28
  • ACS bid $850.00  2023-03-02 14:51:13
  • Gs
    bid $750.00  2023-03-02 13:49:25
  • JUST1PUNKY bid $650.00  2023-03-02 13:44:41
  • dudleybeyler bid $550.00  2023-03-02 13:10:22
  • Clark
    bid $300.00  2023-03-02 11:07:43


  1. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz

    Admittedly, I’ve seen worse use of a fisheye lens – just not recently.

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  2. Billyray

    No carb?! That translates to a non-running car. Filthy car in pics. This does not inspire confidence for bidding. I would get the car running smoothly, clean it up, and include video of car running and driving. That would make me seriously consider.

    Like 12
    • Robert P.

      Hello and thank you for your interest. There is a brand new rebuilt carburetor that goes with the car and will be installed, the car ran fine when stored enclosed, .The pictures are upload in a series to be transparent as possible. The 1st set you see are right out of 13 years of storage no cleaning, the last set are after a full cleaning and detail, if you check the last set of pictures you can see the vinyl top, wheels, interior, and exterior of the car are spotless. The carpets , seats, headliner, and dash look brand new. Thanks you for your interest and I’ll post an updated picture soon with new carburetor installed.

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      • Wifewontlikeit

        Where does the car need to be shipped from? I am considering a bid and trying to figure shipping.

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      • Robert Pines

        Car needs to be shipped from Montclair, NJ 07042 it’s a commercial address

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    • Tony

      Or…take advantage of the low bidding and make all those suggestions happen yourself. That’s what I would do if I were in the market for a Mark III.

      Like 6
  3. JRIghtmer

    Put the carb back on and clean the car. You put in all the other work complete it and show it running. I would pay someone to detail it before I posted pictures. It is a beautiful car, always loved the black and red combination. I am not the target market, more of a Mustang or early Thunderbird guy.

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  4. Vibhic

    No carb, looks like a fire under the hood.

    Like 7
  5. Mark Ruggiero Member

    That large grill behind the rear window must make for some serious flow-through ventilation.

    Like 4
    • No Nose

      It does. There is a vacuum switch under the dash for the driver to open/close two flaps in the rear package tray. When open – at speed – you can imagine all that 1970’s cigarette smoke quickly being sucked from the interior at a Jimmy Carter friendly 55 MPH.

      Like 2
  6. Roland Schoenke

    I love it if it’s as good as it sounds, owner should put that carb on though and show it running..

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  7. Terrry

    So, uh, why didn’t they reinstall the carburetor and bring it back to life? Something’s not being revealed here.

    Like 9
    • Larry

      “True Iacocca fashion”?? The man who scrimped on a $7 part for the Pinto and almost killed FoMoCo in the process? Let’s not elevate the huckster to sainthood status too quickly.

      Like 8
      • Miata7

        True Iacocca fashion means he served the car divorce papers on Christmas morning.

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  8. Robert R Souza

    How would I get this to Taunton Massachusetts,do they have a reasonable car hauler price

    Like 1
    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      Here’s the number for the guy we use to ship cars: (971) 246-6601. When you give Dakota a call, give him promo code barnfinds22 and he will get you a quote on shipping the car.

      Like 2
    • normadesmond

      Taunton! I grew up in Sharon.

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  9. Gs

    anyway to have some additional photo’s ? trunk, door jams

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  10. Big C

    If it wasn’t in New Joisy? I’d at least take a gander at it. It looks pretty decent on the outside. And that red leather interior is stunning.

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  11. HC Member

    If the carb was rebuilt, it shouldn’t have taken much for seller to install it, and that translates into a non running Mark 111. Otherwise it’s a beauty. I also agree with someone’s comment about the fisheye camera effect.

    Like 4
    • No Nose

      Replacement carb $250 from rockauto. Simple fix assuming nothing fell down the intake.

      Like 1
  12. Jack Lewis

    Do you have the carb and air cleaner??

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    • Robert Pines

      The carburetor is installed with cleaner and I sent pictures in last night. I’ll contact them to see if they can post today. I see they updated some of the pictures I sent in showing the Door Jams that BC asked for though.

      Like 2
  13. Robert Pines

    Hi, I sent in the door jam asks trunk photos and they’ll be up by morning, along with updated pictures of the carburetor installed. We’ve pre oiled the pistons and and valve body and letting sit before attempting to turn by hand.

    Like 3
    • HC Member

      Does anyone know if they got the car running since installing the carb?

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      • Robert Pines

        We’re working on that now, tank had been cleaned and resealed, lines cleaned, new fuel filter, and pre oiled all cylinders and letting sit over night to soak before hand cranking. Ignition has power, coil is good, checking points and Condenser for continuity and will replace if needed, other than that engine is in great shape.

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      • DENWERKS

        Cool car, total fan of these. How is the top, any rust bubbles underneath. Is this original paint? I see it talks about rust, where you have finger pointed I see 2 chips that have rust, is that what your talking about and other areas I see surface rust, but are there any rust bubbles in quarters rockers, etc. Since it was parked, any odor, particularly Rodant smell? Love the color combo.

        Like 1
  14. Robert Pines

    We’re working on that now, tank had been cleaned and resealed, lines cleaned, new fuel filter, and pre oiled all cylinders and letting sit over night to soak before hand cranking. Ignition has power, coil is good, checking points and Condenser for continuity and will replace if needed, other than that engine is in great shape.

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  15. Lucky

    Hi I was wondering if this can be seen in person not that far away let me know and also a phone number to reach you thank you

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    • Robert Pines

      Hi Lucky, I’m available anytime, so just have Josh here on the site forward you my information to come see the vehicle,

      Thanks so much and looking forward to showing you,

      Best Regards,

      Like 2
      • Tim Osborne

        Would love to take a look as well. Had a 70 continental back in the 80’s that had to be put down from corrosion in the wiring. Always loved this one best, however. Detroit at its best.
        I’m close and would like to take a look if possible.

        Like 1
  16. Tony

    Well, a couple details of the history warrant correction. First, the Mark III never tipped a scale over 5 kilopounds, unless one was fitted with every possible option then available (which this one isn’t, though in all fairness it comes close) and about 1 or 2 hectopounds of lead shot in the trunk. Its successor, the Mark IV, did, even in its stripped guise.

    Second, the Mark III never outsold the Eldorado, unless you consider one detail in 1971. The ’71 Eldo, which was redone that year in a baroque way, outdid Mark III sales by just a few hundred copies… however, Eldo’s sales numbers included a convertible version. Hardtop-for-hardtop, the Mark III took the lead over Eldo by over 6,500 units. The Mark IV, on the other hand, trumped the Eldo and all its versions just in its debut year, and every year that followed.

    Like 0

    Cool car, total fan of these. How is the top, any rust bubbles underneath. Is this original paint? I see it talks about rust, where you have finger pointed I see 2 chips that have rust, is that what your talking about and other areas I see surface rust, but are there any rust bubbles in quarters rockers, etc. Since it was parked, any odor, particularly Rodant smell? Love the color combo.

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    • Robert Pines

      Hi and thanks for checking out my listing ! Where my finger is pointed is the rust I’m speaking of on top of both doors the size of a pea, all quarter panels, door jams and trunk are fine, there’s also just alittle surface rust on the back simulated tire on the trunk. No rodents got in to the car it was parked inside a sealed container, No bubbles under the vinyl top it looks brand new. No bubbles in any of the sides of the car in the known prone areas, paint is original, only the right rear looks to have been touched up.

      Like 1
      • ET

        Thank you Robert for the continual updates, I Love this Automobile and will keep watching

        Like 2
  18. Robert P

    Thank you i greatly appreciate it ! 😁I will post more pictures soon of the progress

    Like 1
  19. Robert Pines

    Posteded new outdoor pictures today of the car in the sun more updates to come! Thank You again for viewing this beautiful car you won’t be disappointed !

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  20. wes johnson Member

    So ok, got the carb on. Running?? I’m close, and have time to come look. send me contact/phone # and can be there in about 3 hrs.

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  21. wes johnson Member

    So, running yet??? Or at least turns over? Still waiting for contact info to see.

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  22. Robert Pines

    Sorry I’m out of town and my guys are oiling the pistons and letting sit still, found out there looks to be a rebuilt transmission and new flywheel on the car also, in addition to all the other new parts listed above

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    • wes johnson Member

      Goes off in a few hours, need to know if turns before raise my hand any higher.

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  23. Tim Osborne

    Ditto, would like to see before I jump in.

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  24. wes johnson Member

    Nice car, owned 5 lincoln’s over the years. 460 beat the hell out of the80″s 400’s. Had one, wouldn’t even hold cruise control at 70. Thanks Jimmy Carter for a great boat anchor. My wonder now is why is seller out of town when trying to sell a car? “Guys are working on” and just dumped oil in cylinders? Having worked w/Jersey people, I’m beginning to feel we (who ever buys it) could be in for other problems.

    Like 1
    • Robert Pines

      With all due respect, I appreciate your opinions, however, the car has sat in a storage container for 13 years and is part of my late father’s estate, who passed from covid-19. Now, as for the condition of the car, it’s as solid as you’ll find for that year unrestored with original paint, however, the car does need some work as any good mechanic would presume after sitting. But the engine is solid and ran fine when stored. I have a large collection and my hands are full with other vehicles at this time. The car will run and just needs to be worked by hand 1st and takes time. I Boroscoped cylinder 1 and saw no corrosion on cylinder walls and was clean. All
      plugs showed evidence that had been firing fine with no oil on them. I haven’t had it running and in no way am I making claims that it is running. It’s on Barn Finds and needs some TLC. Anyone that knows engines knows these are some of the easiest and inexpensive engines you can buy. The body is sound with no major rust in the prone areas, ie: fenders, door jams,trunk, and wheel wells are perfect, as well as panels on the car. The undercarriage and floors are solid and this is the perfect candidate for a showstopper full concourse makeover or weekend show car once minor work is completed. I noticed during more inspection the drivers door window motor had been replaced and works, but wire connectors were used instead of soldering and using watertight shrink connectors, and water got in them preventing current reaching motor, easy fix though. Thank you again for checking out the auction. P.S. The car is at my shop and arrangements can be made to make her drivable after auction to the winning bidder if you so choose, for a fee. Just an offer to help you out in case you don’t have anyone else to do these repairs. Thank you again for your interest and other vehicles will come soon in more show condition.

      Like 1
    • Larry

      I’m not sure how hard I would work to satisfy the curiosity of a guy who thinks Jimmy Carter was personally responsible for the Arab oil embargo of 1973 and the subsequent fallout. Revisionist history at its best, Wes Johnson. Easier on your heart if you try to embrace the rough roads we all travelled on our way to more-reliable vehicles with triple the power and one quarter of the fuel consumption of those we grew up with. In the interim, let the seller be. How close to home would you stay just to sell an old car?

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  25. Heck Dodson Member

    If the car has a starter and battery it should at least turn over and probably run after the seller installed the carb. Without knowing that its starting and running, its too much of a gamble for me. I bid twice on it but bowed out.. If it were starting, running and stopping, it would be an $8500 car IMO. Visually, this Lincoln presents itself very well.

    Like 1
  26. Robert Pines

    Congratulations to AJimenez on the winning Bid I’ll be reaching out soon to assist you in any way I can for vehicle transport. Thank you everyone for your interest and bids it was great interacting with you ! I’ll have more cars soon that are runners.

    Best Regards,

    Like 0
  27. Jim Edwards

    Hi Robert. Used to have a 71 Mark !!!. Finest car on the road at that time. Best ride ever!j Would you have any other Mark !!!’s in your fleet? Would be interested. Also 58-60 Vettes. Thanks, Jim

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