BF AUCTION: 1974 Toyota Chinook RV

From George G. – A running (sort of) 1974 Toyota Chinook RV! Yes, it’s a bit of a project, but there just aren’t that many left anymore and think how cool this would be with a modern multi-valve fuel injected engine spinning those four-speed gears! And you just might be able to drive it home too… if, IF, you are adventurous and resourceful. After All, the Joads in Grapes of Wrath drove across the country in worse! This one will be sold to highest bidder so join the action below.

Actually, the biggest issue is excessive blow-by and oil consumption. So yes, the engine probably needs rings and valves if not a complete rebuild. But hey – buy yourself a big enough supply of cheap 40 or 50 weight oil, some STP and you can probably drive this cross-country. Just think of the grand adventure and all marvelous stories you’d have to tell your slack-jawed friends all about!

Heck, it’s got a new alternator, fuel pump and filter and spark plugs. The brakes stop, the steering steers, and it shifts and runs out pretty well. It just comes with the recommendation to not exceed 55 and remember to throw a quart or two into the crankcase every time you fill the tank! The odometer shows 3,526 miles, but who knows if that’s true.

An Arizona car, there’s some surface rust that looks more like acne than anything else, no rust through anywhere and look how solid the floors are! And how ’bout those custom wheels out back, pretty darn cool, huh!? The propane stove works, the sink and pump function and the icebox will remain absolutely ice cold… until the ice melts that is! I don’t think its ever been wrecked, but it looks like maybe a fat lady may have leaned against a front fender!

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Title Status: Clean
VIN: RN27016488

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Sold for: $1,000
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Ended: Sep 26, 2017 7:00am MDT
Winner: Robert
  • Robert
    bid $1,000.00  2017-09-20 21:11:08
  • Tobie bid $550.00  2017-09-20 17:47:35
  • George bid $379.00  2017-09-20 16:26:03
  • Tobie
    bid $250.00  2017-09-19 17:27:06
  • Aariq bid $100.00  2017-09-19 16:39:41

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    What??? Not one comment? This vehicle makes the most sense of any camper made. ( for 1 or 2 people) Made for a time when 55mph was the limit, but it really needs a 5 speed today. Top folds down for less wind buffeting, like on the bigger Shnooks [sic] You can’t find something like this today, everything is an “Ultimate Behemoth” or you need a diesel to pull the dang thing, smh, so sad what camping has become. These were made for sleeping only, or shelter from rain, but you enjoyed Nature, and did stuff outside, not bring your living room to the campground. Sadly, not for me, but still a great find.

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    • TBAUMember

      “You can tell your son it has its own satellite. The Vanstar 1, launched last February…”

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        “Is that a good siren, Bob?”

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      • TBAUMember

        “It has four deep fries, one for each part of the chicken.”

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    • Bmac BmacMember

      So for people that like real camping but didn’t want to sleep on the ground & were in no hurry to get there, sounds good to me. Project list is full this winter or I’d be all over this. Keep the hoop!

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  2. KeithK

    Note to new owner : Please restore to your liking but don’t touch the basketball hoop. Maybe new netting.

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    • RichS

      Agree, the hoop needs to stay!

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  3. Brakeservo

    Hi Everyone – I’m the seller and think it’s stupid that someone would buy a car without even talking with the owner so here’s my phone number – 52O-7I9-5252. A friend who is more mechanically competent than I has opined that the oil consumption problem may not be rings at all, but just valve stem seals. He says this because it only smokes at idle, not under acceleration or when driving. If you want to talk with me, evenings are best because I’m usually at work during the day and don’t answer my personal phone. Good Luck with your bidding efforts – bid often and bid high!!

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    • sluggo

      I will add that it IS possible that the valve stem seals may be the culprit. I have seen it often on some vehicles yet others seem immune. I bought the tools to swap the seals without pulling the heads.
      A) Valve spring compressor in a certain style,
      B) Air chuck into a spark plug thread adapter (Air compressor keeps the valve seated at 100 psi)

      But the test would be a compression test wet & dry as well as a leakdown test. That will tell you for sure. For those who dont know you follow the destructions on a dry compression test (Make sure throttle is full open and air cleaner off) Then write down each measurement. Then take a syringe or graduated cyl and add a measured amount of oil into each cyl (Depends on engine size but dont add too much) wait a few min and test again.
      If its bad valve seats the pressure change wont be much but if its bad rings the pressure should go up say for example 90psi vs 110 psi. If your rings and valves test okay then it should be looked at Valve seals, or a vacuum line corrupted pumping in oil from somewhere.

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  4. Dennis Prichard

    I owned one just like this from 1978 to 1986. I used it as on road office for selling advertising in Thomas Register plus family trips throughout northeast and Florida. I had the 2OR engine totally rebuilt in 1980 with larger Pistons and many other new parts. It cruised easily at 75 mph and big rigs on the Ohio Turnpike could never catch me on up grades. Gas mileage always between 15 and 19 mpg. In 1982 I had the cab rebuilt due to rust issues. My engine rebuild was done at 90,000 miles because she was burning a quart every 100 miles. After rebuild I ran it up to 250,000 miles with no oil burning ever. Traded it one day after Ohio Patrol gave me 24 hours to fix several minor issues including no emergency brake working (I always carried a wheel chock), wiring/lighting issues, and maybe something else. I traded for a creampuff 77 Chrysler New Yorker that was a beauty and had air conditioning which the Chinook did not. I would be tempted to bid on this but am 73 years old with bone marrow Cancer and my mechanic is in Ohio and I live in California. So have at it guys. I highly recommend this vehicle!

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    • Brakeservo

      Nice story – thank you!

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  5. George

    These little RVs are cool I hope yo own it

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    • Brakeservo

      Nice comment, and as I said in my first comment – bid often and bid high!!

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  6. sluggo

    Sell all your material accumulations and travel the US, Of course I an think of more updated power train & 5 speed but totally appreciate the simplicity of this. I have many friends who travel in RVs and we have a cabin up in the hills and our little resort compound has many snow birds who travel as such from Big tour busses to simple little things like this.
    But based on my experience most couples who travel like this manage about 1-2 years before they are ready to kill each other. Best if you take some breaks in between travels.

    here is a fun place to visit in California, perfect for large or small RVs and very affordable. (Compare prices)

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    • Mike

      Clothing optional

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      • sluggo

        That is correct, much less to pack or worry about laundry

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      • Brakeservo

        Considering the era from which this comes, all I can say is “Whatever turns ya on, baby!”

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  7. Jay E.

    I liked this concept when I was younger. It is nice to have a small rig that can easily be driven in town and gets good MPG. 55 sure gets old after a while. These days there is one additional thing I demand if I’m going to haul my mini-sleeping space and that is a shower. A port-o-let is nice too. So for me this is a non start.

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  8. Rod444

    Little bit surprised to see the green shag carpet runner appears to be retrofitted and not OEM. I thought green shag was standard equipment in ALL 70’s era RV’s :)

    Fun little rig. I like it a lot.

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  9. newfieldscarnut

    I have a pair of nos fenders for this in the attic of my garage .

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  10. Sanford

    Brakeservo, I’ll bet you have had many smiles per mile in this little jewel! If only had the extra funds I would snatch it up, drive it home, and restore it back to its glory days. I’d, of course leave some of its character(like the fridge stickers,etc.). Just so we could take out granddaughter out and share some of those same with her!

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