BF Auction: 1977 Jeep Wagoneer With 1941 Chevy Pickup Body

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Custom builds allow owners to let their imagination off the leash to create a genuinely unique and eye-catching vehicle. I have seen countless examples of the practice, but this one could be truly stunning once complete. Its base is a 1977 Jeep  Wagoneer, while its body is a 1941 Chevrolet Pickup. Rounding out the package is what the owner describes as a tricked-out Chevrolet small-block. The project was a joint effort between the owner and her husband, but he sadly lost his eyesight and can no longer contribute to the build. Therefore, they have decided to send the Pickup to a new home, and a buyer able to do it justice. The promising project is listed exclusively with us at Barn Finds as a no reserve auction.

The owners of this Pickup have done most of the heavy lifting, leaving the buyer to assemble the pieces of this puzzle. The underside shots confirm the frame is rock-solid and finished in Black. The Chevrolet cab and panels have been appropriately adapted and mounted, and most of the panel preparation is complete. The winning bidder need only finish the minor details before applying a fresh coat of paint. That brings us to what might be one of the more attractive aspects of this build. Areas like the firewall currently wear dazzling Yellow paint, but with the vehicle in its current state, changing that would not be difficult. This Pickup could be considered a blank canvas for a buyer who might prefer a different shade. The panels are rust-free, and the floors are new. Most parts required to assemble the exterior are included, although the winning bidder must source glass and the body gaskets.

The drivetrain combination for this project promises an enjoyable and relaxed motoring experience with power to spare. The engine bay houses a 327ci V8 that has been breathed upon to extract improved power and torque. Shifting duties fall to a three-speed automatic transmission, with the power fed through a dual-range transfer case. Power steering should make life behind the wheel effortless, especially if the new owner elects to delve deep into the wilderness. Emission laws heavily impacted the 1977 Wagoneer, and even the range-topping 401ci V8 could only produce 195hp and 305 ft/lbs of torque. It would be safe to assume that this small-block would improve upon those figures and that the significantly lower weight of the Pickup body would further help its cause. Therefore, this old classic should get up and go if the driver pokes it with a sharp stick. Getting it running shouldn’t be much of an issue, since it’s a SBC, but you will need to figure out a radiator that will fit and provide enough cooling capacity.

The Pickup’s interior is another aspect of this project that is a blank canvas. The dash and some other surfaces wear the same Yellow that is visible in the engine bay. Red highlights provide a striking contrast, and the instrument cluster features a mix of aftermarket gauges. The new owner might elect to retain the existing color combination, but like the engine bay, changing it at this point would be straightforward. The same is true of the interior trim and upholstery. Recreating its 1940s splendor would be easy, but there is scope for custom trim and upholstery. Imagination will be the only limiting factor in this case.

It is always heartbreaking when a vehicle appears on the market under these circumstances. However, you must admire the owners for accepting the hand dealt to them. They are sending this Pickup to a new home rather than letting it sit and deteriorate for years. If I were a betting man, I would wager that we have many readers who have looked at the supplied photos and have a clear vision of how they would finish this custom project. The only thing better than having that vision is to act upon it. Submitting a bid would be an excellent place to start.

  • Location: La Pine, Oregon
  • Mileage: 600 Miles
  • Engine: 327ci V8
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
  • VIN: J7A15MP089051
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $2,111
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Ended: Aug 29, 2023 10:00am MDT
Winner: Tohechel
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  • Walt P bid $1,600.00  2023-08-28 11:52:23
  • bisondesignworks bid $1,500.00  2023-08-25 21:48:58
  • Walt P
    bid $1,100.00  2023-08-25 18:56:28
  • bisondesignworks bid $1,000.00  2023-08-21 10:24:02

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  1. Logcabin

    It will be Awesome and go anywhere when its finished

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  2. Bart Carlisle

    Awesome build! I can understand and relate to the level of work! I have a 41 also on a K-5 4×4 Blazer Chassis and running gear!

    Like 4
  3. JustPassinThru

    What is the engine? A 327 SBC would be reasonable, if continuing a mishmash of parts.

    A 327 Rambler V8 (which is what the Kaiser Wagoneers had from 1965-67, would be a waste. That was the last version of AMC’s original David-Potter V8, and it was a good first attempt.

    And only that.

    Someone, IMHO, misjudged the way prices would trend – as the intact Wagoneer would be worth exponentially more today.

    Like 1
    • CCFisher

      You’re assuming the Wagoneer wasn’t rusted beyond repair.

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    • Logcabin

      Yes, it has a 327 ciV8. my opion the wagoneer was ugly, It would go anywhere. The chevy p.u. looks better.

      Like 2
    • Robert Stevens

      It appears to me to be a small block Chevy V8, quite probably a 327. I currently own a ’66 Ambassador with an AMC 327 and have owned many Chevy small blocks.The transmission/transfer case doesn’t look like any GM unit I have seen. Perhaps there’s an adapter between the Chevy engine and the AMC transmission/transfer case.

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  4. DLO

    What an interesting idea. The builder has certainly thought outside the box on this one. It should be a great truck when completed. Also no reserve is certainly a great way to get into this project.

    Like 2

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