BF Auction: 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Sedan

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  • Seller: Michelle T horson
  • Location: Keystone, South Dakota
  • Mileage: 72194 Shown
  • Chassis #: 1MEBP95F2FZ634984
  • Title Status: Clean

A car can find itself in hibernation for many reasons, but the story behind this 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Sedan is one of the more unusual. The owner’s father used this classic as a daily driver until it became trapped behind a broken garage door. He switched his attention to an easily accessible Cadillac de Ville and a Pickup, with the Mercury remaining in dry storage, gathering dust. It has been liberated, ready to find a new home, and a buyer willing to return this solid gem to its rightful place on our roads. Therefore, the owner has listed it exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

The Grand Marquis was the range-topping offering within the Marquis range when introduced in 1979, with that generation remaining in production until 1991. This car rolled off the line in 1985, and its original owner ordered it in stunning Medium Dark Fire Red with a matching Landau-style vinyl top and contrasting stripes in a paler shade of Red. The car has sat for a few years, but the dry environment and lack of UV exposure has left it remarkably well-preserved. The paint looks pretty nice, the vinyl shows no deterioration or distress, and the stripes are crisp. It would undoubtedly benefit from being detailed and polished, but that would be a satisfying task for the winning bidder to perform. The indications are that it would really “pop” as a genuine survivor once that work was complete. The panels are straight, and the supplied photos confirm this classic is rust-free. The trim and glass look exceptional for a vehicle of this vintage, and the wheels retain their classy wire hubcaps. Cosmetically, this car requires more time than money to present at its best.

If this Mercury’s exterior makes a positive impression, its interior contains the “wow” factor. It is totally original and unmolested, and the only fault I have identified is some slight wrinkling on the driver’s side sunvisor. The rich Red upholstered surfaces are free from wear, physical damage, and deterioration. The seats are particularly noteworthy because cloth from this era could look tired pretty quickly. This is in as-new condition, with the same true of the carpet. The dash and pad have survived the decades well, and the woodgrain trim is free from the fading and lifting that often plagues this feature with age. There is more to this interior than good looks because it is exceptionally well-equipped in a 1980s context. The winning bidder receives air conditioning, power windows, power locks, cruise control, a tilt wheel, a rear defroster, a remote driver’s mirror, and a premium AM/FM radio/cassette player with four speakers.

The VIN confirms this Mercury’s original owner ordered it with the optional 302ci “Windsor” V8 producing 140hp and 250 ft/lbs of torque. The four-speed AOD automatic transmission and power assistance for the steering and brakes accentuate its luxury leanings. Those specifications and a curb weight of 3,858 lbs mean this classic would never threaten a muscle car. However, its ability to cruise effortlessly at freeway speeds while returning fuel consumption figures of better than 20mpg demonstrates that the Grand Marquis was a practical long-distance cruiser. It appears this classic requires awakening, but it ran when it was unintentionally parked. Revival shouldn’t be challenging, and the owner includes a new battery to get the ball rolling. The odometer shows 72,194 genuine miles, and given the bulletproof nature of the drivetrain, there is no reason why it shouldn’t offer its new owner years of reliable service.

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 had a long-term impact on the automobile manufacturing industry, with dwindling sales volumes claiming the scalps of several iconic marques. Mercury was one of the victims, and there are no indications that Ford is considering its return. That leaves it to cars like this 1985 Grand Marquis LS Sedan to carry the torch, and this classic should do so with dignity. Returning it to its rightful place on our roads should be straightforward, and the new owner could then slip behind the wheel of a vehicle perfectly combining good looks and luxury in a remarkably well-preserved package. If that thought is irresistible, now would be a perfect time to submit a bid and give this Mercury a new home.

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $2,000 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Sep 13, 2023 12:00pm MDT
High Bidder: Hogcop
  • Hogcop bid $2,000.00  2023-09-13 11:24:33
  • Dude
    bid $1,900.00  2023-09-11 19:25:36
  • bob warder bid $600.00  2023-09-10 13:07:50
  • Doc bid $500.00  2023-09-07 06:15:54
  • bob warder
    bid $400.00  2023-09-06 16:48:23
  • Doc bid $300.00  2023-09-06 13:13:25
  • bob warder bid $200.00  2023-09-06 12:03:03
  • petey
    bid $100.00  2023-09-06 07:05:29

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  1. Rickirick

    Nope. Mom had an 84. Dark blue. Pretty car. Comfy car. But had tranny problems. Bought it new. On the positive side, she & my only sister were t-boned but got out pretty much unscathed.

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    • Jwzg

      The AOD is easily serviced and upgradable.

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  2. Stan

    Love these well appointed Mercs. Practically a Lincoln.

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    • Bill McIntyre

      Where is the mercury located

      Like 1
  3. WBT

    I don’t believe this is an LS, which was the higher trim level. That option included a more tuffeted seat pattern, a heavier padded vinyl roof with a smaller “limo” style rear window. We owned a 1983 GM non LS and that interior was identical. Loved that big Merc. Rode just like a Town Car because essentially that’s what it was.

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    • Jason

      I’d agree. I had an ‘85 LS. It had leather interior, the more padded smaller rear window vinyl landau roof and the turbine wheels.

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    • Boss Bill

      That roof option you speak of was not standard on an LS. It was a “Frenched Roof” option. The GS didn’t appear till 1988. I believe the LS should have a leather interior and aluminum wheels standard but there could be exceptions depeding on the model year. Change the non double roller timing chain and gears on this one and drive it for 250,000 miles or more if it’s been cared for this far.

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  4. Bill McIntyre

    Where is the mercury located

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    • Doug Clough

      Keystone South Dakota

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    • Rickirick

      First page Bill says Keystone, South Dakota.

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    • Rickirick

      Keystone, South Dakota Bill. 1st page.

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    • Ignatius J. Reilly

      As it states at the very top of the article: Keystone, South Dakota.

      What I want to know is if the 302 V8 was “optional” per the VIN, then what was the standard engine?

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    • Jimbosidecar

      The listing says Keystone, SD

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    • Ignatius J. Reilly

      Keystone, S.D.

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  5. Rickirick

    First page Bill says Keystone, South Dakota.

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  6. AzzuraMember

    As often as BF criticizes the ads for no engine pics, this one is offered by BF with no engine pic. C’mon.

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  7. bob warder

    4 barrel, 4 speed , duel exhaust. that is what it was for back in the day i had a 65 in 71…

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  8. Bill McIntyre

    Does this vehicle start and run ?

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  9. Peter Mimick

    I think it is a GS due to the fact that it does not have map pockets in the back of the front seats. The vinyl roof on this car was also standard on an LS. You had to order the extra cost smaller back window vinyl roof, which was actually kind of expensive at the time. The bodyside moldings on this car were dealer installed and not from the factory I don’t think. Back in the day I ordered these 10 at a time trying to vary the colors etc.This two-tone red was really a nice combination and was a very good seller. The car is located in Keystone SD, which is right by Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills.

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  10. Boss Bill

    That roof option you speak of was not standard on an LS. It was a “Frenched Roof” option. The GS didn’t appear till 1988. I believe the LS should have a leather interior and aluminum wheels standard but there could be exceptions depeding on the model year. Change the non double roller timing chain and gears on this one and drive it for 250,000 miles or more if it’s been cared for this far.

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  11. Rickirick

    Last 10 comments have not posted. Is it me or Barn Finds? They’re only uploading 75% or so.

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Caching can delay things sometimes.

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  12. ClassicP

    If you want a smooth ride this is the car. First one ever drove was a 78’ brand new an uncle just bought it and give to my cousin for the night well her and my girlfriend picked up my buddy and me I drove from that point. Car was amazingly quiet and smooth. Wasn’t a zero to sixty car by any means but very easy to hold at 80 mph. Felt like 30 mph.
    Then my aunt bought a brand new 83’ Grand Marquis Brougham with the tufted fabric velour man that car was tight.

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  13. ClassicP

    Quiet and smooth even on worst of roads. I’ve driven two brand new one’s a 78’ and 83’ GM brougham and I can say the 78’ was nothing to brag about 0-60 but would hold all day @80 mph without effort. The 83’ brougham was tight no more need to be said.

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  14. H Siegel

    I worked with a guy who bought one of these new. He owned it for many years and had no problems with it. Now the car does not run according to the add. So will getting it running going to be just battery and drain gas and replace with fresh gas or was it parked because of other problems. I have bought many older cars over the years and have learned not to trust anyone. Also I do not believe that red stripe was factory and it looks like crap so I would remove it if I bought it. As far as I can remember the stripes were thin pin stripes which made them look classy. These are great cars with a great ride. GLWTA

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  15. roger stephens

    Bought a new 1985 Ford LTD ,302 motor,4 speed with overdrive, Drove the dickins out of it. Hwy speeds of 70 miles per hour avg. 22mpg, not bad for this big car. Never gave me any problems. I’ve had Lincolns, Mercury and Ford of this time period and all were wonderful cars.

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  16. J.D.

    This probably is just a regular Grand Marquis and not a LS. It just says Grand Marquis in the sides and rear

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  17. Felice Indelicato

    Definitely not worth 2000……let alone what she’s asking…..cmon

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