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BF Exclusive: 1928 Buick Project

1928 Buick Project

From Tony B – Hi, I have quite rare Buick model 28-58 5-passenger Brougham Coupe. This was the top of the line large series with 128″ wheel base and walnut trim. Speedometer reads 17,000 and it really deserves to be restored. Car is very complete, needs some wood (what is bad on one side is good on other), good free engine, new seals, rebuilt transmission, needs some some metal work, upholstery, and top. Some plating done, radiator professionally restored, rebuilt starter, generator, heat riser, carburetor, vacuum tank, etc. New exhaust and lots of rust free sheet metal. I bought it to restore, but various issues, including age are keeping me from doing so. I do not want to see such a rare car become a Hot Rod which do to its rarity would be a shame. I am asking $5,800, but will consider serious offers. If interested call, easier than computer!

Phone: (262) 275-6403


  1. Avatar photo PaulG

    Tony, What a great car, and so deserving of a complete restoration.
    Sorry to hear that you’ll have to pass it along, but I’m sure that someone will gladly purchase this amazing piece of history, and finish it like you had hoped.
    Best of luck with the sale!
    BTW, the new owner needs to keep us updated on their progress…

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  2. Avatar photo RON

    wow sounds like someone is going to be really lucky. wish i weren’ too old and had the free cash to tackle this. seems very fair to me and certainly looks like a project that would go well and a most worthy project. doubt there are many of these out there and would be somethng i would love to bring to rescue as an aaca member

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  3. Avatar photo Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    Tony, You might try eBay Australia. I sold my ’28 Buick Coupe with golf club compartment there a few years ago, and there was a lot of serious Buick interest when I listed it Down Under

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  4. Avatar photo van

    I like it!

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  5. Avatar photo Duffy

    Wow, great vehicle

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  6. Avatar photo Duffy

    Anyone know what state this vehicle is located? Please respond if you do know. Thank you

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  7. Avatar photo Gary K

    This will be one beautiful old Buick when restored! @Duffy.. my research shows is in Wisconsin.

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  8. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    Wonderful car. Probably cost 2 or 3 times what a Ford did when new. (We have always considered Ford Junk) these were fine cars. I have owned and restored many horse drawn carriages with wood spoke wheels. Right now I am embarking on the restoration of my 1920 Packard truck with wood wheels. I am shocked at what they want to restore the wheels. Something like 4500.00 each. Maby a little less…..but I am going to try to use my brothers connection with Goodyear to do them for a bit less. The other thing I have learned is my truck with pneumatic tires and steel rims raised the top speed from something like 20 MPH to 30 MPH. I wonder if the steel rims raised the speed of cars like your Buick as well. We forget about things that really changed the way we drive. Wonderful car, good luck to the new owner.

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  9. Avatar photo Mark S

    What a beautiful car, you would definitely be upside down doing this restoration even if you did a lot of the work yourself, but that would be ok in my mind. This would be a fantastic car to own something to be prized and enjoyed.

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  10. Avatar photo Lee

    By this time(1928 )Ford was pretty much into all steel cars lightly salted with wood –while this old Clunk continued to put Firestone in the tire business loosing nail after nail along the road–out of its out dated body, under powered-ugly Hulk self —-A good Skil Saw required for restoration Talk about junk ? Lee

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    • Avatar photo Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      @Lee, Although your reference to Buick’s use of wood is correct, Buick was way ahead of Ford in engineering, including an OHV I6 motor that had plenty of power, a very EFFECTIVE mechanical brake design, and compound cantilever rear springs which gave a nice ride. There is NO close comparison between a 28 Ford and a ’28 Buick.

      @ Dave Wright.. at least with todays roads, wood wheels are fine, I regularly drove the ’28 Buick Speedster that I had , at 55-60 mph on the 4-lane my shop is on, and country roads were a fine drive as well. The mechanical brakes felt like juice brakes of the 50’s… Balsy and smooth motor had a lot of torque, and with a conventional 3 speed, would leave two strips of rubber in 2nd
      Good wood wheels are available on ebay for reasonable money.

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      • Avatar photo Dave Wright

        I think my problem with the Packard wheels is there size and off course they are hard rubber tired. Dual hard rubber tires on the rear. The spokes and fellows are massive. Great old Buick Speedster. I bet that was fun.

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  11. Avatar photo dj

    Dave, I come by there all the time and no one is ever there.

    That’s a great buy on the Buick. I did all the work on my 1930 Chevy including replacing most all the wood due to rot. These GM cars had lots of wood. You can see why people hot rod them. They are too lazy and don’t want to spend the time replacing the wood and doing it right.

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    • Avatar photo Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      ………..phone number is on the gate. We have 3 buildings on this highway, so could be nearby. Since most of my cars go to the West Coast or overseas, even when we are here, the gate most often is closed, so call if you are in the area (256) 507 3328

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  12. Avatar photo Lee

    I did check the production numbers an I see you are right –No close comparison —Nice Speedster –But it doesn’t have the desired look — more like a badly stripped down firetruck -I too have replaced 2/3 of the wood in a 29 chevrolet -and restored it only to find very low value in those old G.M. wooden cars –Won’t even make good burn barrels /Lee

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    • Avatar photo Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      @Lee I was wasn’t talking about production numbers, I was referring to Buick being far ahead of Ford in engineering and innovation of new technology.

      and “firetruck” …? ? ….the fellow who built this in the 40’s, made it similar to the two ’28 Buicks that raced in the late 20’s, like this one shown here

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  13. Avatar photo Denis B.

    This is my 1928 model 58 5 passenger coupe. Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Beautiful car, Denis!

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