BF Exclusive: 1951 Dodge Coronet

1951 Dodge Coronet

From Steve W. – I have a 1951 Dodge Coronet in extremely good condition (except for the engine) that I bought from someone in Pennsylvania. I live in Naples Florida and I was impressed with the condition of this vehicle. It has everything offered by Mopar – fog lights, spot light, sunshade and the interior is in very good condition with radio, clock, electric wipers, turn signals and more.

Coronet Interior

The headliner is like new. All the glass is in perfect condition and all window and doors work perfect, including the small vent windows. It was repainted years ago and was parked in a solid garage since 1990/91. There is NO rust whatsoever. The previous owner only drove it in the summertime and the car is heavily undercoated. 

Coronet Body

When I first got the car I did a compression check (the engine turned over easily) and I only had good compression in one cylinder and partial on another, so I pulled the head and discovered most of the valves were stuck so I proceeded to tear the engine down in preparation for a rebuild. Not long after that I had a serious fall and consequently had a pacemaker installed so I’m not in any condition at this time to continue with this project. Therefore I’ve decided to put this car up for sale. I’m asking $3,500. My number is 239-598-4623. I have many more pictures and will be glad to talk to anyone interested.


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  1. Joey G

    Too bad it needs a engine, running models are only selling for $5,000.


  2. Walt

    Wow ! Seems like a very worthy project to continue;
    Best of luck to you Sir. Engine work can be way easier than body work
    and rust.

  3. DENIS

    Nice old car-flathead 6 is easy to rebuild, even for an amateur if you know how to set the valves…not high value but wish I had it.

  4. Rick

    Beautiful old Dodge. Since there’s lots of these original old mopars around, and they’re not worth that much, plus the pathetic original 6 has very little power (even more pathetic w/ the Fluid Drive or whatever its called that particular year behind it) I’d drop a 383 or 440 w/ a 727 w/ quiet mufflers and leave the rest as is (except for disc brakes on the front and differential upgrade) and give those import guys a good scare at stoplights. Talk about the ultimate sleeper . . . . .

  5. Howard A Member

    Hi Steve, sorry to hear about your dilemma. This is a very nice car, and maybe you’ll reconsider. Can’t you drive anymore? Not to question your mechanical abilities, but I’d wager those valves would have “loosened up”. Flatheads will do that, but the old saying was, if a flathead turns over, it will run,,,,eventually. I’ve had several vehicles that had flatheads with stuck valves, some that sat for 30 years ( POW, POW stuck exhaust valve) and one, a Hercules motor, you could see the valves when you took the plugs out, and a little tap and click, they loosened up . ( I know, not the best way, but it worked) I hate to disagree with anyone, but I can only hope, the next owner leaves it as is. There are NOT a lot of these original ( looking) cars around anymore. Nobody thought of saving a ’51 Dodge in the ’70’s.

  6. Ed P

    Very nice old Dodge. This is way to nice start messing with. Keep it original. As to flatheads: An old collector bought a 1950 Hudson with a straight 8. The car did not have much power so he soaked the cylinders with a penetrating oil and let it set. Finally he took it out on the highway. He said at first it would not go over 45. After an hour of driving with his foot to the floor and a few jolts from the engine, the speed increased as the stuck valves had started working. Just a thought, Steve.

  7. grant

    Right? It isn’t “rare” but as such nobody cared much about them, and now, well they kind of are. I hope someone swings a running something into this, just so it continues to exist.

  8. Rich

    I live in Naples. I’ll be home tomorrow night. Would love to see it and what it might take. Would certainly save transport cost. Might be fun to fix. If not practical, the 383/440 & 727 might work with upgraded brakes & A/C. Then I could tow a trailer!

  9. Keith Matheny

    Wow, my first valve job was on a great uncles Dodge flathead 6 just like this ones.
    Dead simple to free up the valves, quick lap, and away he went, total cost to him was a couple of gaskets! 16k in 15yrs. was the problem. I did get to drive it a couple of times before it was wreaked. Still reviving old cars today, thanks Dad,(and Uncle Frank)! This ones even the same color. Hmm, Florida?

  10. Ben T Spanner

    I live 4 miles from this beauty, and my father bought a 1951 Dodge Wayfarer convertible off the showroom floor. I was 6, and thrilled. Car was totaled and replaced by a 1951 Dodge Coronet Diplomat 2 door hard top. Convertible had fluid drive. Hardtop had Gyromatic; Dodge’s version of the semi automatic.

    This car is nearby, our second 1951 was green, and I have an empty bay in the garage. Are the stars all aligned? Naw. I remember how slow they were and how slow the steering was. I’ll pass

  11. Pete Koehler

    My first car was a ’51 Coronet sedan. Paid $20 for it and the gas station owner towed it home for me with his ’49 GMC shop truck. On the end of a chain. With my Dad driving the Dodge. Every time Dad would tell the story the chain got shorter and the towing speed increased!

    Love to have checked out this beauty but since I just completed a 2,700 mile round trip from Detroit to Naples and back to deliver a Lotus and pick up a Corvair I really don’t want to see I-75 again for a few weeks…

  12. BMW/Tundra Guy

    Hey Pete,
    Off subject but I had a couple of opportunities to take cars out west for friends. Appears you do it for $?! Any chance of me talking to you about the “business”? Seems like a fun way to make a few extra $ here and there.
    As for the car, meh…………………..

  13. Rich

    Still interested. Back in town. Busy tomorrow but Tuesday or Wednesday could come see it. 610.462.6477

  14. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Steve let us know that he has received a lot of interest, but no one has bought the car yet. He is willing to hear offers. We have also added more photos above.

  15. Peter


    Sorry to hear about your fall and subsequent condition–I hope you rehab back to where you want to be asap.

    As for the valves, this is, by FAR, the best penetrating “oil” I’ve ever encountered:


    I would spray those valves (daily, if not more often) for a few weeks, and be very surprised if they didn’t loosen up, especially with some heat under the engine, and a tap from a piece of wood, hit by a hammer.

    WHEN they do, perhaps you can pay someone to lower the head back in place, and you can RAISE your price–or just keep it and enjoy it!

    But then change the engine oil before running it–I don’t know what’s in Kroil, but I’d bet it’s not kind to certain seals, etc….

    (I have no affiliation with Kroil, other than having bought over $150. worth of their products, having only recently “discovered” them, and wishing I’d known about them 30 years ago! Per their website, they’ve been around since 1939.)

    Best of luck to you,


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