BF Exclusive: 1963 Polara 500 383/4-Speed

Rear Dent

From Steve J – Found this beauty in South Carolina, hidden in the woods amongst loads of other cars and tractors. It’s a 1963 Polara 500 with original big block 383 and factory T-10 Borg Warner 4 speed transmission (checked with Data Plate). A big project because of rust and general deterioration of the car, but the frame rails are still good and it’s complete (floor boards are shot).  The seller is asking $4000 with a clear title.  Still carries its original black on black paint with ivory stripe between moldings. This is an early muscle car gem that I would love to see restored by someone. Any interested parties can contact me here and I’ll put you in touch with the seller.


  1. Jim C

    $4,000 for a car this guy probably received for free or pennies? Nope.

  2. Ethan

    I especially like the custom air cleaner with Dr. Pepper can snorkel extension.
    Probably to keep it from pulling too much hot air

    • Lemble

      I think it was put there to keep out the mice and other rodents.

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  3. L.M.K.

    What a beautiful car this once was….. Perhaps it will be saved?

  4. Rich

    Someone watching Mecum and seeing $$$. Crack pipe price. 500.00 car.

  5. Marty Member

    Keep in mind, the trim tag isn’t the only part of it that needs to be confirmed. The 383 engine looks a great deal like the 361, the 413, the 440 and others, of various years. The cowl tag doesn’t confirm the engine is original, or even correct.

    The buckets and console and exterior trim are attractive in this car. Someone’s got a lot of work to do!

  6. Howard A Member

    The person who let this car get like this should be tarred and feathered, then punished severely. The 500, I believe, was the top of the Polara line, and few were made like this. These cars ( and the Plymouth) dominated NASCAR in the early ’60’s. After a race, you could go down to the local Dodge (or Plymouth) dealer and get one just like the race car (almost). These Mopars bring big money today, so someone will probably sink their kids inheritance into this ( getting half of it back on resale) Pretty sad.

    • Toast54

      Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.I guess GM thought that might still apply with their SS badging on a Holden import Hi-Performance sedan, which they have dropped…so it goes. It’s a shame this one was left to rot, but 50 years ago, whoulda thunk it would be a desirable car?

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    • jumpinjimmy

      This car was running and driving when purchased and was driven in to the the woods in the 90’s and left there.

      • Woodie Man


  7. Charles

    It’s a shame that this car was ever allowed to get to its current state.

  8. John

    While it is a shame that this car was allowed to get to its current state, why do we have to jump all over someone offering it for sale at whatever price they want to? If someone buys something in the woods or from someone’s barn, is it really fair to assume someone has been cheated? If a prospective buyer of this car wants to pay the price asked – then it is worth it to them. If not, and the seller really wants to sell, the price will naturally come down until a buyer is found. The blind criticism of postings here is wearing on an otherwise neat website.

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    • Rocco Member

      I agree!

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    • Horse Radish

      I guess you have a point.
      My only conflict here is, that the seller will take money that should go into the car, given only so many people would try to revive this car.
      BUT IF, as you say, the natural offer and demand balance will work out then this should get to a much lower price. My fear is that the greed of the flipper will make this a parts source….

  9. DENIS

    Ugly as hell when new….now they are desirable…WTH?

    • A.J.

      Those Polara’s have a cult following and a big block 4 speed car would have a strong market except for the fact it was buried in the mud for 20 years. Too bad.

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  10. Frankie Paige

    I found this one in New Mexico,

    • jumpinjimmy

      a 440 is not nearly as desirable as a 500

    • Cassidy

      Much better car, Frankie! This one needs to be shown to the owner in GA so they can get some perspective on value. Four on the floor is great, but I kinda like the push button automatic, just for its quirkiness. Nice find!

      • A.J.

        Can’t compare a 4 speed car to an automatic when talking Musclecars.

  11. Jeff Staff

    Gah, what a neat car though. It’s like a vintage M5!

  12. Ceezy

    If it wasn’t so far gone, this would be a worthwhile project, but unfortunately my pockets won’t stretch that far.

  13. 64 bonneville

    I like but not at the asking price. $1500 tops in my opinion. Otherwise I would be all over it like white on rice. Doing it myself, would be a multiple year restoration, as long as the home equity doesn’t run out.

  14. Chebby

    This must have been a really nice car at one time.

    Come on guys, it’s got the rare Dr. Pepper injection module, that’s worth $4k all by itself.

  15. Charles

    When I was a kid, I had no idea that these Polara 500’s could be ordered with a big-block and a four speed. With the size and weight, it should be fast. These days I would love to own one. This one is a too far gone for my skills or budget.

  16. Robert

    WOW, Some one should be SHOT for letting a MOPAR to DIE that that, When your DONE for what ever REASON, Putting it Away in a Garage or SOMETHING that will keep it TRY. Its Criminal. The MOPAR KINGS are WATCHING U.

  17. Luke Fitzgerald

    oh boy – theres no remedy for being lazy

  18. Steve

    Parts on that are worth a bundle by themselves…those center consoles are made of unobtanium.

  19. Alan (Michigan)

    The petrified rope hanging from the left side of the steering wheel indicates to me that the car was not “running when parked”.
    Before the days of locking steering columns, tow drivers would tie a rope to the wheel and shut it in the front of the door jam. That way the front wheels would not steer or deflect much when the car was picked up and towed from the rear.
    Yep, the car was dropped off of the hook, exactly where it sits.
    Worth a couple of hundred on that day, maybe 4 or 5 times that much now, due to inflation and hobby madness. $4K? Maybe in another decade, if there is much of anything left!

  20. PRA4SNW

    My guess on the Dr. Pepper bottle is that it was placed there to prevent critters from getting in.
    Maybe the owner’s original intention was to someday rescue it, but obviously got sidetracked.

  21. jumpinjimmy

    I’ve read these comments with a lot of interest…the speculation and scorn on the seller is not really merited. People collect things for all kinds of reasons and this young guy, who lives extremely modestly, obviously buys this stuff on the cheap, but also because he loves it. Just think, he zeroed in on this car more than 20 years ago, long before most people would have considered it cool. He probably didn’t pay very much for it either, being a local guy buying a local car and in the end it doesn’t matter if he paid just one dollar for it. He can ask for it whatever he wants, no matter what he paid for it. What I find really great and that this guy has a real passion for machines and has a good eye for what is interesting. He may not have the means to stock it all properly and maybe never intended on selling it, but he’s no dummy, and he recognised ages ago that this car was interesting on all kinds of levels. Bravo.

  22. Robert

    Cheese & Wine or Wine & Cheese, Either way U look at it it’s just GUY HUMOR, Don’t get you Panties all Twisted up. ********* I BLEED MOPAR.

  23. MountainMan

    This is in pretty sad shape… wonder how far gone it is underneath..the ask seems high but it is a desirable powertrain combo. Shame it wasn’t stored a little better

  24. Mr. TKD

    Maybe the Graveyard Cars guys would be interested in reviving this.

  25. Charlie Dodge

    I realize this is a year old, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s amazing to me how many people are so quick to judge others situations. Yeah, it kills me to see cars sitting out like rotting into oblivion like this, but I’m also happy someone is trying to save it, even if the car becomes a parts donor. I have learned that peeps that post dumb comments about someone’s asking price is the same peeps that would ask a ridiculous price themselves if the show was on the other foot. It seems to me that about 90% of comments pertaining to muscle, vintage cars trucks, etc., left on the inter web, are not very thought out, nor factual. In other words, most of these comments are left by people who don’t know anything about the cars in which they leave the comments about. Why not find out the facts about these rare cars before leaving stupid comments, wrong information, only for others to read and pass on wrong info or incorrect facts. Ok, my apologies, please allow me off the soap box now…. 😤

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