BF EXCLUSIVE: 1967 Ford Mustang GTA

1967 was the third full year of production for the Ford Mustang and the first for any changes in the styling of the pony car. It still looked very much like a Mustang, but just a tag bigger and edgier in appearance. It was the year that the Mustang got a corporate cousin, the Mercury Cougar. And it was the year that GM also got into the pony car game with the Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird. As a result, sales would be off from the spectacular first 2 ½ years that saw 1.2 million units built. Still, 472,000 wasn’t too shabby, either. 1967 was also the model year the seller’s Mustang GTA was built, where the GT was an option package and the A stood for automatic transmission. This beautiful specimen is in Worcester, Massachusetts and available exclusively here on Barn Finds for $70,000, but serious offers will be considered.

The GT Equipment Group was a special option package that could be added to most any Mustang V-8 in 1967. It consisted of power front disc brakes, grill-mounted fog lights, dual exhaust with quad outlets, GT gas cap, F70x14 tires, rocker paint stripes, and side emblems (GT if a manual or GTA if an automatic).  A little more than 24,000 Mustangs came with the GT/GTA option or about five percent of total Mustang production for 1967. Our thanks to Mustang Specs for helping here with the data.

This 1967 GTA fastback has a solid body, professionally finished in Cobalt Blue, which was the result of a color change from Wimbledon White. There is no rust to report and the only noteworthy blemish is a small one on the lower corner of the passenger side door. The car has always been kept in a climate-controlled garage and never subjected to New England roads in the depth of winter. Several photos of the undercarriage are provided, and things look pretty clean there, too. The Mustang has rear louvers that come with the sale, but they’re not currently on the car.

The black interior is original and in nice condition, with just one flaw to report on the driver’s seatback. It’s a well-appointed automobile true to the Mustang mystique. The console with the slots for the seat belt couplings is a nice touch. This ‘Stang has air conditioning, but it looks as though the belt has been removed. Popping the hood reveals a 289 cubic inch V-8, which should have put out 225 hp with the factory set-up. However, the intake manifold and carburetor have been changed out, so a couple of more horses may be present.  The odometer reflects just over 71,000 miles. Since it’s a GTA, of course, it has a floor-shifted automatic. This is a nice looking GTA that is looking to move from one pampered home to another. If you’d love to have it, be sure to contact the seller via the form below!

  • Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Price: $70,000
  • Mileage: 71112
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 7RO2A180138

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  1. Troy s

    Good looking pony, and it has to be for that kind of money.
    Most of the time I see a 390 in these ’67-68 GT/GTA Mustangs anymore, I dont know the breakdown on engines however.
    One thing that gets kinda old is the Cobra dress up kit or the k code air cleaner. It’s been done a million times it seems. Outside of that it’s a decent pony.

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    • Gary

      I had a red ’67 Mustang GTA with a 390, 4 barrel. Nice car, it had 80,000 miles on it. Sold it in 1975, after high school graduation. It was just an old Mustang at the time. $500 was considered good money. That’s what I sold it for. Hard to believe!

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  2. David Bailey

    Beautiful car but about $47000 too high.

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    • Steve R

      Suggesting it’s a $23,000 car is more funny than the seller asking $70,000. His is a starting point, it may or may not reflect what the seller actually thinks it’s worth. However, a lowball offer like that, if it were ever presented to the seller, would and should be dismissed as unserious at face value.

      Steve R

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  3. carappraiser

    another overpriced mustang, its a $40k car

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  4. David Bailey

    Well , Steve R. It seems he’s asking 1966 Street Hemi money. Car is decent, but 289?..I think 23,000 made of all kinds? Maybe $30,000?..

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  5. Steve BushMember

    Nice Mustang GTA but $70k for a 289 with auto is nuts. Especially with obvious imperfections like loose trim by the right taillights and scratches on the paint and chrome on the bottom of the driver’s door. Maybe $40-45k?

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    • Dan Rath

      All imperfections shown are pennies to fix. Rest looks solid. Lot of tire kickers on here I see. Wish I had 65k I’d buy in a heartbeat

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  6. Dan Rath

    Gorgeous pony! I’d offer 65k as a serious buyer. Weed out the tire kickers. Seller shows flaws if these are all flaws and rest is solid, totally worth it.

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  7. Scooter

    Not even the original color, an automatic transmission and a small block. $30k tops. Another dreamer!

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    • Dan Rath

      Maybe do your homework? Only a few made with automatic 🙄 hence 289GTA color not original but better than original 30k? You are the dreamer son!

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  8. Scooter

    Don’t compare rare with desirable. A Yugo is rare, but not desirable. Same here. It’s a cool car, but listed at double it’s value.

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  9. Mark Zello

    Bought a new 67 GTA 390 coupe with all options, A/C, deluxe interior and exterior $3300

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