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BF Exclusive: 1968 MGC GT


Update – I just heard from Severin, this MGC just sold! It will be off to its new owner soon and we hope to hear more about it from the proud new owner!

I think quite a few of us have been in the position before of having too many projects and not enough time, space or energy to restore them all. Well, reader Severin T has decided he doesn’t have the time to get to all of his projects and he needs to clear out some space. He has several projects that need homes and this MGC GT is the first one that’s up for grabs. After owning several MGBs, we have become huge fans of these iconic British Sports cars, but we haven’t been lucky enough to experience the inline 6 powered C. This GT needs plenty of work, but has already had most of the heavy lifting done! You can find this project in Weyauwega, Wisconsin with an asking price of $5,500. If you have any question or would like to make him an offer, you can email Severin here.


From Severin – 1968 MGC-GT. Off the road since 1984… I’ve owned it 10 years… too far down on my list of projects to get to, so in the interest of space and cash, I’m letting it go. Previous owner was a race engine builder… he went through the motor back in the day with a full rebuild, and parked it.


We got everything lubed up, inspected the bores with a scope, and got it running. It’s been tuned, has great oil pressure, doesn’t leak. The fuel system was gone through, brakes done, has a new battery.


It also has an NOS exhaust system from the down-pipe back, but needs the downpipe, which are somewhat unobtanium) and a manifold gasket (included).


Previous owner did a lacquer paint job, from bare metal, and that failed spectacularly years ago. The good news, this is a rust free (structural) car. Floors, trunk, suspension points, all of it, no rot. I have 2 sets of seats, high back ’69 seats and the original ’68 seats. Interior is a mess… not sure what leather BMC used back in the day, but they’re supple as a rawhide bone, split, torn, and fugly.


4 (maybe 5, I’ll have to look) original wire wheels come with the car on 35 year old dry rotted tires. It’s an overdrive car, which works. It has tube shocks, and what looks like a fuel cell.


Headlights are Cibie, and a set of original Lucas light are in the spares. I do have the front bumper, and some other spares. The car is sporting a rare Les Leston steering wheel. The car runs and drives. Essentially, it’s a straight car with most major mechanical work done, needing paint, tires and interior.


The MGC is a rare Brit, less than 9k were built in both roadster and hardtop form. There is definitely some surface rust showing and a few spots that I guessing need immediate attention. Feelings about the C seem to be mixed, some like the extra power that comes from the six cylinder, while others don’t care for the increased weight. I personally haven’t driven one, so I can’t say anything about that, but I sure would love to take one for a spin!

Special thanks to Severin for giving us the chance to find a home for his MGC! So how do you feel about the C? Do you like the added power of the 6 or do you prefer your MG with the good old 4 cylinder?


  1. PeteL

    There is lots of upside here for someone who is looking for a winter project and with a few skills. Pretty much a steal! If I was not in the same place (anyone looking for a ’74 TVR project?), I would be calling asap. I have not driven the C but all contemporary reviews talk about the very capable GT driving experience. As mentioned in the write-up, it is not as sporty as the 4 cylinder with the considerable weight of the six. I can say that an MG with more HP is a hoot, but mine is a V-8 conversion with aluminum block so I took some weight off the nose from the stock 4. Someone grab this quick and enjoy!

  2. Woodie Man

    Back in college…….waaaay back…my roommate freshman year had a MGC GT with a glass roof…actually two glass roofs separated by a metal roof piece like a T Top. I drove it numerous times and my memory is that it went like a bat out of hell…..but in the twisties was less nimble unless you put your foot into it and drove it into the turn.

    Maybe the owner would chime in on the extent of the rust in the body seams visible in the pictures. Wish he was closer so I could take a gander.

  3. Chris in Nashville

    I wish I wish I wish… But… Well there is an even bigger project in the works and the old Chris in San Diego, that became Chris in Nashville will likely become a name with a whole new continent, country, city and Mrs by spring… So all my toys bar one motorcycle will be needing to find new homes before spring.

    Good news is that I will be on a new continent with a crazy list of unusual to me cars to choose from! Already looking for something in a rear engine, air cooled V8…

    But if I were staying this MGC would be mine!

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Tatra? Cool!

      • Chris in Nashville

        Yep, always have wanted one and we are already looking for one!

      • Bobsmyuncle

        That V8 is a beautiful engine too! Keep us in the loop.

  4. Alan

    1968, no more Healys. Damn, I miss that car. That 6 with OD, awesome.

  5. sparkster

    PeteL did you use the aluminum block Buick V-8 the same engine I had in my 64′ Buick Skylark or a Chevy LS type block ? Manual trans ?

    • PeteL

      @sparkster 215 Aluminum block V-8, Bored and stroked. 263 iirc. With some rear end work (Ford 8″ narrowed), and some proper link work done there, it moves and handles very nicely. And yes, 5-speed from Rover 3500.

  6. ClassicCarFan

    Hi Josh….at the risk of getting the “pedant of the day” award… ha ha. Just need to point out in response to your text “not sure what leather BMC used back in the day…” by the time this car was produced, BMC had disappeared being swallowed up as part of British Motor Holdings in 1966, before than in turn was subsumed into the infamous British Leyland later in 1968. So BMC never made any MGCs as such.

    But back on topic…. this is a neat car. The MGC is a nice alternative to the ubiquitous 4-cylinder MGBs. A car that was launched with some inherent flaws that really should have been ironed out in pre-production, hit the market at a difficult time for its parent company when few in the motoring press were willing to give it break. From what I understand, the “fixes” necessary to overcome the flaws and make these into really nice sports/tourer are well known in enthusiast circles now.

    This one looks generally solid. Overdrive is a plus.

  7. duke

    connolly leather was used across the BMC line—providing it is actually leather
    i was a BMC parts warehouse guy for 15 years

  8. Van

    Neet car. I thought they used pleather. The 6 cyl would power AC and be great for traveling.

  9. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    To me, if this one has solid sills, especially in front of the rear wheels, this is not just a good, but a GREAT buy!

  10. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Header pipe (down pipe) is $229 in stainless from Vicky B.

  11. Dr. Wellington C. Morton

    A six cylinder with OD! Worth the money, and I think a steal at 5.5K/offer1

  12. Wm Severin Thompson

    I’ve priced this car to sell… it is a great opportunity to get an MGC GT without the expense of major mechanicals and rust repair. Dollar versus pound is cheap right now, so sourcing all the interior bits needed is less expensive than one might think. The car’s never been hit, only has one tiny ding on one fender, and a small dent on the other when I dropped something on it in storage.

  13. Ben T Spanner

    I drove a couple of these when they were brand new as we did the new car ding and dent repair for 2 MG dealers. We fixed one owned by a used auto parts yard which had light damage. (May have been included in their bulk purchase of a defunct dealership.)

    This was a red roadster with over drive. I’ve driven dozens of MGB’s and like them, but the C was entirely different, and in my opinion very nice. I owned big Healeys for decades, and I’d still like an MGC. This appears to be the deal of the decade.

  14. David Frank David Frank Member

    Which would be a better project, this one or the burgandy on pictured? They want $1500 for that one, but it’s an automatic and very little information is provided in the Craigslist ad.

    Does the automatic rule out that MGC completely for you? It would be interesting to have them side by side to compare.

  15. Wm Severin Thompson

    MGC is sold, going out west to the Bay area.

  16. Woodie Man

    Congratulations! Getting closer to me :)

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