BF Exclusive: 1970 Mercury Cougar

1970 Mercury Cougar

From Jim L. – I have known about this car since about 1982. It belonged to a high school friend and we graduated in ’82. It was a daily driver for a couple years until he decided to “restore” it. It ended up sitting in an old garage until last summer when I was recruited to help clean out and around the garage in order to remove a family of raccoons and squirrels so they could replace the roof. I was offered the car for my help and for taking a 26 foot U-Haul full of wet moldy car parts and trash to the dump. Luckily, this car was covered! I’m asking $4,500 and you can contact me through email here. 90% of the price is to cover my expenses and securing a title in my name. It is in Chelsea, Michigan. The basics are good, but the floors are rusted and partially cut out for replacement. I would finish it but have a bad back and don’t have the patience to do so. I would rather see someone finish it than let it become a two time barn find!

Rusted floors

There’s that rusted floor. Not pretty, but I like seeing that third pedal down there! The seller is throwing in the metal needed to repair the floors. The engine runs, but the brakes need gone through before any yard driving attempts can be made.

351 V8

The 351 was a good engine. Stock this one had a 2-barrel, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t upgrade it. This is a replacement engine out of a 1971. The timing chain has been replaced and the heads rebuilt. A rusty numbers matching engine is included.

Junk in Trunk

Look at all the junk in that trunk! The car has been partially disassembled, but it looks like everything is in the trunk. Good luck getting it all back together though. Here’s some fun facts for you.

This Cougar is 1 of:

  • 620 with this paint #1742-a black
  • 123 with this paint paint/trim
  • 201 with this engine/transmission


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  1. randy

    Very funny Mr. Jones. $4500.00 for your effort? Really?
    Great job painting the engine too.

  2. MH

    That’s a $1500 car at most. Needs everything! Not worth it. I wish my time was worth that much…..haha.

  3. JW454

    Given the car’s condition, the work needed to repair everything, tracking down the missing or unusable parts, and the value at the end, I think the price is about 3K to 3.5K too high.
    It’s sad but, some projects aren’t worth the effort or dollars unless there’s some kind of sentimental value you’re working to preserve.

    This car needs 25K to make it a show car plus the purchase price and transportation to get it home you’re in it for 30K and it’s worth about 18~20K done.


    It’s hard to say if this car is worth the asking price or not given the limited amount of information provided. What I see in the photos and what information has been provided I would be hard pressed to say it is worth any where near your asking price. Since you list that the car is 1 of XXX with this option and that option you must have a copy of the Marti report in hand. It would go a long way in helping the sale if a photo of that report was also posted. Is the car an original manual trans car? If so was/is it a 3 speed or 4 speed? A 3 speed was the standard trans for these cars. The auto and 4 speed were options.

    From what I can see this looks like a very base low optioned standard Cougar. I can see the standard style left door panel and the seat upholstry. The hood center grille is for a standard. I see no power brake booster so probably 4 wheel drum brakes. It looks like no A/C and I do not see a power steering pump. That all adds up to a very base car. The only option that I can see is it looks to have a console.

    I see missing parts, do you have those parts? What I see missing are the rear bumper, rear valance panel, headlight/grille assemblies, front stone panel, front bumper, front valance, front parking lights. None of those are hard to find parts, at least not here for me. A short walk out to the storage building and I am good to go. But if someone else needs to go purchase those parts they will add up.

  5. Bruce E

    I might be interested, but for a lot less money. The e=mail link goes directly to “Yahoo” home page, so there is no way I can contact seller..

  6. Clint

    Last year I bought a car that was in the same shape as this for $400. My brother in-law has nine 69-70 Cougars and almost everyone of these are in better shape than this car.

    Cougars *can* be difficult to locate certain parts for. Mechanically, they are very much like a Mustang. Trim and interior are very different.

    I would have to see the cowl (very common rust; very difficult repair) before I would even consider making an offer on this car….and certainly would not offer more than one thousand dollars.

    One of 201 with a 2V Cleveland and a 3 speed? Only because most people opted for the automatic (4 speed only available with 4V engines). Makes it rare, but not expensive rare.

    • Mike_B_SVT

      The 4-speed was available with the 351-2V for 1970.

  7. Quay

    So for 500 eXtra dollars I could have this 67 that is full of options and nearly rust free except for the trunk lid. This guy needs to lay off the crack pipe. This car is worth $700 tops. $4500 to get the title and for other expenses. I’ll bet the whole story is bullshit.😂😂😂

  8. Mark

    I just looked at a 1970 mercury cougar here in Las Vegas Nevada last month. The ower wants about $5000.00 for it. It has a 351,4 speedconsole, Power disc brakes, A/c,power steering 9inch rear, all gauges, and a factory SUNROOF. It comes with an extra engine and cylinder heads. It has been sitting in his garage for about 7 years and it is a western car. To bad that I am a Chevy/Pontiac guy!!

    • Mike_B_SVT

      Mark, pretty rare option combination on that Cougar. Could you contact me with more info? I’m not a buyer, but I’d like to document the car for the Cougar Database, if possible.

      Thank you, Sir!

      Mike B.


    All 69-73 Cougars left the factory with a 9″ rear. The 70 Cougar that Mark describes above sounds like a much better deal than the car in the original listing. Mark’s car is most likely at least an XR-7 and possibly an Eliminator if it has the factory tach and full instrumentation.

  10. Alan (Michigan)

    Just trailered a ’68? Cougar today, has not run in quite a while. Was stored in a driveway for the last two years, and before that inside the garage it was in front of.

    That car looks to be complete, and appears decent on top, but the tinworm has been very busy underneath.

    There will be a decision regarding what to do with the car in the near future, and I’ll send it to BF if the car is available for parts or potential restoration.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      We started the ’68 Cougar last night, and it was so easy. The engine, a 302 with a 2-barrel carburetor, sprang to life on the first crank, after the fuel pump siphon was disconnected, and gas was dribbled into the carb.
      Sounds great! Quiet, smooth, ready for a steady stream of good gas.

      One of the coolest things about this year car was the sequential rear turn signals. Such a great feature. Did not run it more than a few seconds, so no time to try opening the headlight covers.

    • Alan (Michigan )

      Sitting on the trailer….

      • Jim

        That is a good looking car!

    • Alan (Michigan)

      As promised, I have an update on the car I pulled from a spot of very long-term “storage”. The ’68 is now listed on eBay, with the very low reserve met, and current bidding at $1076.00

      • Jim

        Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your auction I hope that somebody saves it!

  11. Jim

    Here is the Marti report it is an original 4 speed. I cant believe how negative these remarks are! Sounds like sour grapes to me. If it doesn’t sell I will bite the bullet and fix it myself there aren’t many of these left especially numbers matching.

    • Oldstuff 1941

      Eh Jim,… Just take it in stride man, there will always be those who have nothing but negative to say about someone else’s cars or stuff… It’s sad that alot of the guys with a lot of knowledge about these old cars, can’t be a little more helpful and understanding to the younger guys just getting into the hobby, or some of the older ones who might have found what they think is a good old car, that needs a lot of work they don’t realize… Constructive criticism goes a long ways instead of outright being an ass….

      Then again Jim,… sometimes the ones making the snide remarks and negative comments don’t even have a kool car themselves….

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Great comment 1941. we are kind of all together in this thing. I am sure we all want advise. Constructive criticism. Please, no ass hats. Thanks again Oldstuff, Mike.

      • Jim

        Thank you 1941 that is how I feel about it too!

  12. joeinthousandoaks

    Sorry Jim, I’d have to agree. When I saw the price I assumed it was a convertible without looking at the photos clearly. $4500 for a rusty needs everything Cougar is way over priced. Sometimes when you ask a ridiculous price you get these kinds of responses and taint the sale. You are asking 65 Mustang 4 speed price for the car.

  13. Jim

    Thank you for your reply I just think with the rarity of this car plus all of the extra parts I have to be in the ballpark. I am taking notes on all of the replies and trying to decide if it doesn’t sell if I should put some more effort into it myself and make it a driving work in progress. Have a good one— Jim

  14. Jim

    Thank you for the encouraging words Mike it is a cool car!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Jim, It is a cool car! And not another Mustang that we have all seen a million times. Do it Brother! Keep us informed on your progress. Take your time and you will be rewarded. I would be thrilled to go for a ride in that thing. Consider yourself blessed. I wish I could help. Take care, Mike.

  15. Jim

    Mike, You are helping already! Thank you and take care as well— Jim

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