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BF Exclusive: 1971 Challenger 340


From Mark H – I came across this 1971 Dodge Challenger today in the Carolinas and the owner is willing to sell it for $5,000. It is a “rolling body” meaning no engine or tranny will come with the car. I’ve included the VIN as well as the fender data plate. He’s owned it since the 1980’s. It’s somewhat rare in the fact it was a fully optioned car, but had a bench seat and column shift. It is a 340cid small block car with an automatic 727 transmission, non-RT car. It had PB, PS, AC, AM/FM stereo (3 speaker dash), trunk luggage rack (not on car), bench seat, column shift. It currently has a rallye gauge dash that will not go with the car as it is not original to it. He does have the original that he will include though. The body looked quite nice and it is the vitamin C orange color. He said the firewall is in great condition but it does have rust in the windshield gutter and corner lower cowl, floor pans, and trunk pan as well as the rear of the driver’s frame rail. The parts in the car are not from this car therefore will not go with the car. Otherwise, what you see in the picture is what you get. If you have any interest, let me know and I will get you in touch with the owner.

You can email Mark here if interested. Thanks for sharing Mark!


  1. Avatar photo Warren

    $5,000 & you’ll only need to put another $25-35,000 into it to restore it. I would say He’s Nuts!!!! Its not an RT or any thing super special & will need a ground up restoration. So why does this guy think because he abused the car,left it outside for years that its worth $5 Grande?????????????????

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  2. Avatar photo dave

    Sorry! It will sell for 5000 plus. That just the market.

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  3. Avatar photo Richard Prokopchuk

    Can of you identiplate readers read the image with the build data? I’ve NEVER seen a Challenger with a bench seat. Can this be legit?

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    • Avatar photo Tom

      Dodge Challenger
      2 Door Hardtop

      H1B: 340 275HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL
      Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA

      352249: Sequence number

      E55: 340 cid 4 barrel V8 275hp
      D32: Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
      EV2: Hemi Orange Exterior Color
      H4X9: Trim – High, Vinyl Split Bench Seat, Black
      000: Full Door Panels
      407: Build Date: April 07
      084213: Order number

      V1X: Full Vinyl Top, Black
      U: USA Specifications
      B51: Power Brakes
      G11: Tinted Glass (all)
      G36: OS Dual Racing Mirrors
      H51: Air Conditioning with Heater

      J25: 3 Speed Wipers
      J41: Pedal Dress Up
      J54: Sport Hood
      M21: Roof drip rail moldings
      M91: Luggage Rack
      N41: Dual Exhaust

      N42: Chrome Exhaust Tips
      N95: Emissions Control
      R35: AM/FM Stereo Radio (10 Watts)
      V21: Performance Hood Treatment
      V78: Accent Stripes, Deleted

      26: 26in Radiator
      EN2: End of Sales Codes

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      • Avatar photo ydnar

        That would be a yes! on the decoder.

        5K is crazy, but somebody will snatch it up, but not from here, he’ll have to sell it to someone with less knowledge than the folks on here I’d imagine. It has had the “death-tarp” on it as well.
        I hope the folks that advertise here have tough skin.

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      • Avatar photo Richard Prokopchuk

        Thanks, Tom. I appreciate it. When I first saw that guy on Graveyard Cars do it it opened a whole new world for me. I still don’t get why someone would order a bench seat in a two seater. Doesn’t make sense.

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      • Avatar photo Chris L

        Bench seat is a lot more convenient if your girlfriend is riding around with you!

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    • Avatar photo steven

      Rchard, very uncommon to see a bench seat in an e-body. But they do exist. I even have a 68 Camaro factory bench seat column shift car.

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    • Avatar photo Rob

      Challengers did have the option of a bench seat but not many had them as most people preferred the bucket seats. Bench seats are around. You can probably find one for 5-600 bucks

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    • Avatar photo Michael Welch

      Yes, column shift cars only. They had bucket backs with a center armrest.

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  4. Avatar photo Gary I

    The asking price is not out of question and the car looks to be solid enough to restore. The person who restores this may not care about the value in the end as most muscle cars have a ” market value”, but builders like to build beyond what the factory offered with modern technology. If thats the goal then this not being a valuable rarity like a hemi or RT car make it a perfect candidate without upsetting collectors. I think it would sound nice with a Hellcat engine in it! An orange 71 Challenger with a Hellcat would probably be more valuable than a factory RT.

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  5. Avatar photo Rspcharger

    The term “rare” tends to lead one to believe that its more desirable & valuable, but in this case the bench seat & column shift do just the opposite, at least for me.

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  6. Avatar photo Tom

    This was a parts car. Most of the options listed have been removed.

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  7. Avatar photo Mike

    Maybe it is a typo you think?
    $5000 for a mismatched pile of what?

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  8. Avatar photo James

    The grille and related grille pieces alone will set you back at least a grand. I wouldn’t touch it for $5k, but fortunately for the car there are several people out there that would.

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  9. Avatar photo Warren

    This car may sell for 5K but when the person that buys it realizes how much money & time it will require to just make it a driver,it’ll be back up for sale.Or yes someone with more money than brains may buy it & do a total restoration & make it a Hemi clone making the value go up. I sold a 73 Challenger with a 440(driver condition w/very little rust) for $8,500 6-7 years ago & felt that was reasonable at the time. Value is in the Eye of the Beholder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Avatar photo Gary I

      I have a run of the mill green on green 73 challenger with a 340 up the street from me that has sat uncovered in the yard for 3 Ohio winters now. The owner is stated to restore it and has passed my offer of ten thousand at this point. It was a solid South Carolina car when he found it and will be rotten before long sitting in the weather. I feel like I stepped up on the price, but the owner would rather let it rust while he decides what to do with it. For $5,000 you don’t get much in the Mopar world These days.

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  10. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    It will sell, If i was a serious buyer of course i would show up with cash and a 12 pack of beer, see if i could talk him down. But anyone who tries to haggle over the internet or on the phone is an idiot and annoying, Deals are made in person. But, This car will sell unless the seller is off the charts crazy to deal with. People like to bad mouth these kinds of things but clearly dont know the market or been under a rock for the last 10 years

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  11. Avatar photo OA5599

    There are lots of 60’s and 70’s muscle car rusty hulks asking this kind of money. Are they getting it? Who knows.

    It has been said that $5,000 is the new $1,000. It will sell.

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  12. Avatar photo dave

    I could part that car out and pull more than 5 Gs

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  13. Avatar photo ydnar

    Are there more pics? It being a BF exclusive, I would think not. A lot of speculating going on here, with just these pics and description.

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  14. Avatar photo MountainMan

    We have certainly seen worse sell for more. $5,000 isnt far off at all. I agree, it will sell and somebody will be delighted to get the chance to buy it at the ask.

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  15. Avatar photo Walter Joy

    I’ve seen way worse go for way more

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  16. Avatar photo Hemibrad

    It’s a shame it looks like a decent car unfortunately it’s nothing but a junker parts car pretty much anything worth wild was stripped off and probably sold

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