BF Exclusive: 1990 Ford Crown Vic Survivor

1980 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

We featured  Andrew’s low-mileage motorcycle the other day and today we have his Crown Vic. Like the Honda, this isn’t the most sought after after classic, but it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to find a nicer example. Ford hadn’t used the Crown Victoria name since 1956, but in 1980 they decided to stick it on their top-of-the-line LTD. They probably had no idea sub-model name would go on to become more recognizable than the actual model itself.

Landau Vinyl Roof

This particular Crown Vic is a one-owner car with only 90k miles. Andrew claims that the cars’ white exterior and wine-red interior are both flawless. The price is steep at $8k, but all reasonable offers will be considered. It’s located in Ridgefield, New Jersey and you can contact Andrew here via email or give him a call at 201 410-2646. If you have an unrestored survivor like this that you would like to sell, please consider listing it with us!


  1. Russ

    That’s not a 1980.

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    • Eric Tornes

      The original bold face title says it’s a 1990 crown Victoria.

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  2. Pookie Jamison Pawlicki

    88 89 at best…. Learn your cars people….

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    • Howard A Member

      Rather than give a thumbs down, I’ll say no need to yell, just tell us what you think the year is, besides, I’m sure it’s a ’90 or ’91.

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    • FordSon

      Ummm, This body generation is 1988 to 1991.
      In 92, the “LTD Crown Victoria” was dropped and was simply named “Crown Victoria”
      And I do know my cars.

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  3. Ralph Terhune

    This is a 1988-’91 Crown Vic.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Could just be a typo, I think it’s a ’90 (with those wheels) Might be a little thirsty, by today’s standards, but make a nice cross-country cruiser for sure. Kind of the last of the traditional Ford’s, and I never cared for the ’92 and up cop car types. I don’t think the price is too out of line, it’s a nice car. ( I’ve always wondered if lending institutions frown on lending $8,000 dollars for a 1990 car)

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    • FordSon

      My 91 averaged between 22 and 26 MPG (with conservative driving) which actually was not too bad for the time.

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  5. FordSon

    90-91..My 91 was a great low mileage car, until someone sideswiped while it was parked on the street and took off.

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  6. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Sorry guys, we just went off the information provided us by the seller. We are waiting to hear back from Andrew with the actual year. Guess I don’t know my Crown Vics!

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    • Roselandpete

      I have the same problem with many “later” model year cars. They didn’t have model year changes like they did in the 60’s so it’s hard to differentiate years.

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  7. Kevin

    No doubt a well-preserved example of a once common but now rarely seen car. However, 8k for an otherwise unappealing, nothing special vehicle from 1990 is a pipe dream. The only thing this car really has going for it is that it’s neat and in good shape. While that is good enough reason for some to buy one and I personally love “boring” sedans from the 80’s and 90’s, 8k could buy a lot of other more appealing classics.

    Also, because I work for a financial institution I can say that unless you have spectacular credit or want an extremely high interest rate, good luck getting a loan for 8k on this one! There are ways around that of course. :)

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  8. Fred W.

    NADA has a classic car option. If this were an ’88, high retail is about $3200. A nice car and will float down the road, but not worth anywhere near the asking price.

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  9. Roger

    The headlights and tailights are dead giveaways as to the year . No worries , I still would not give $8k, MAYBE 4!!!!!

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  10. Ralph H.

    Having built so many of these, and usually purchased by older consumers, there is no doubt many low mileage examples will become available over the coming years..I can see spending $8k on a nice Vic with 25k, but not an example that is closer to 100k in the mileage department..

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  11. Ralph Robichaud

    I have two Mercury Grand Marquis, an 88 and an 89. The ’88 I’ve had a long time,now has just under 200K on it and still rides like a dream. I can’t call it flawless , but looks as good as her younger brother featured here. My /88 has consistently returned 27-28mpg , interstate driving 70-75mph, It has made return trips from Canada’s east coast to Florida and Texas at least ten times. Without a hiccup, I might add.And it’s ready to go at any time.. The ’89 is more of a daily driver, in fine shape in its own right, but has not had as much of the loving care . I can only squeeze 24mpg from it. I believe these Panther boxes were one of the best Ford ever produced… BTW, sold another MGM 1989 three years ago for $6K., with fewer miles, so yes $8K is $2-$3 too rich.

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