BF Exclusive: 1984 Dodge Ram D100 Prospector

It’s hard to believe that this 1984 Dodge Ram D100 Prospector pickup has never had to deal with road salt, especially being from Pennsylvania, but it’s true. This farm truck is now located in Massachusetts and can be found here as a Barn Finds Exclusive! The seller says that this beauty is “A True Barn Find from a Farm in Pennsylvania!” A Barn Finds fan, Joe B., sent in this submission to list as an Exclusive and it really looks like a winner.

Those of us who live in the upper portion of the US, at least from the Rockies east, know the scourge that is road salt. It has ruined so many great vehicles. At the same time, some would argue that it has saved millions of lives by making the winter roads at least somewhat safely usable when they would otherwise be skating rinks with two-ton vehicles piling into each other at every turn, literally. This truck has seen none of that nonsense having lived its whole life (there I go again, referring to a vehicle as a living thing) on a farm in Pennsylvania.

The photos are fairly small but hopefully, the seller would send any prospective buyers bigger photos. It sure looks great from the photos that they did provide, though.

As a farm truck, the bed hardly looks like it’s been used and the spray-on bed liner looks clean and intact. This beautiful example “was bought new and used on a Farm in Lancaster, Pa. for over 30 years. 33,000 original miles. This Truck has never been on a salted road.” Normally I like salt but not when it’s on roads. It sounds like this truck has almost been fully restored: “New Step and Tow Rear Bumper with Ball Hitch. New complete paint and bed liner. Bed, Undercarriage and Frame all in excellent condition.

The interior is part old and part new, sort of like me: “New windshield and all window gaskets and felt replaced, Full new cab carpet, bench seat reupholstered. 50 Watt Stereo with 2 behind the seat box speakers installed.

The engine could use a good detailing to bring it up to the fantastic condition of the rest of the truck but, according to the seller, this truck has a “Slant Six Engine, Automatic Transmission. Powers Steering and Brakes. All Fluids changed and replaced. New Battery, Exhaust Manifold and Exhaust System, Brakes, Starter, Water Pump, Goodyear Wrangler Tires, Valve Cover Gasket, Oil and Transmission Pan Gaskets, Fan Belt.” The 225 slant-six is without question my favorite non-Hemi Chrysler engine, but that’s just me. Joe says that this one “Runs like new.” Check out this great looking Dodge Prospector Custom pickup and contact Joe on the form below if you have any questions.

Our thanks to Joe for listing his Dodge with us! If you have a survivor that needs a good home, please consider listing it right here on Barn Finds!

Location: Lynn, MA
Asking Price: $16,000
Mileage: 33,000
Title Status: Clean

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  1. SAM61

    Very nice truck. Brings back memories of a green and white one my grandfather had in Florida.

    It’s embarrassing how quickly the new Ram pickups start to rust. I’ve even seen numerous newer Challengers, 300’s and Chargers with rust. I’m in Central Indiana where salt use is moderate.


      You are right. My ’08 ram is rusted around the wheel wells and the tailgate. Makes Me mad I spend good money and the damn thing is rusting away.

  2. Cncbny

    This is a million dollar truck. You have an invincible slant 6, and mopar gears. I could make $50k a year using this for construction, and probably just change the oil and add gas for 20 years. Hot rods are fun, but this truck is all about making money!

  3. Matt Member

    I like these, but prefer the sweptlines of the 60s more. My daily that i drive to high school every day is an 83 d150, and am currently buying an 85 w150. About three years ago, my father passed me down his 83 (225 and 3spd stick) that used to look just like this one until the new paint and rims. I learned how to do body work, tune a carb, drive a stick, and many other skills thanks to my father, the man who i will always respect more than any other human being.

  4. John T.

    Seems like too nice of a truck to use as a work truck, but what Cncbny is saying actually makes some sense. Even at the full asking price of $16,000 if you get 20 years out of it that works out to a mere $800/year. The Slant Six is legendary, just keep oil in it.

  5. Jett

    Why would a truck with only 33,000 miles need “all new paint”? I guarantee the odometer’s rolled over, judging by the looks of that engine.

    • Miguel Member

      Don’t you know that every vehicle with a 5 digit odometer is actual miles now?

      What is the draw here? Is it the 6 cylinder engine or is it the stated low miles?

      How much would a Chevrolet or a Ford long bed be worth in this condition?

      Where I am the Dodge can be bought for about 1/4 the value of the Chevrolet for a similar truck.

      • r spreeman

        Looks to me like a 5 digit odometer. And I think the engine looks a lot less like 33000 miles than I’d expect it to.

    • Joe

      when you have rust spots on an old faded truck and you have them repaired, the new paint stands out like a sore thumb. I thought it best to repaint the whole truck and re-pin stripe it. All original miles ……title matches. Dodges are know to rust over the wheel wells.

  6. seth karpen

    the odometer only went up to 99,999 . this one probably rolled over at least once.

  7. Cidevco Member

    I’m with everyone here about the mileage. It’s rolled over. Original paint. Makes it original only once. This is a is a farm truck that has been repainted nothing more. By bid $500.00. All the money is in on my his one.

    • Wrockfish


    • jdsport

      The reupholstered seat is worth close to $500. Gerry

      • Miguel Member

        You pay $500.00 ro reupholster one seat?

        Why would a seat need to be reupholstered if it has low original miles?

        Seat wear out from use of getting in and out, not from sitting still.

      • r spreeman

        I’ve always though that after years and years, the foam dries out, the fabric shrinks a bit and is easier to pull apart at seams, old seats can look great and still need a lot of work.

  8. Ralph

    I had this year and a short box on propane with the 225. 4 speed stick on the floor. Drop the exhaust and replace it with 2 1/2. The truck will then amaze you . 1000. kilometres in the summer & 750 in the winter up N in Alberta Canada. One of the best motors made. Drop the lean burn computer and put in electronic ignition. I kick myself for getting rid of it.
    I owned it twice for a total of 12 years.

  9. Rob

    I love my my Rams! They dont get the respect like the Chevys and Fords do. And parts are stupid hard to find. I have a 81 d150 shortbox and a 85 w350 crew cab shortbox. 1st truck i owned was a identical to this right down to the lame lean burn on the air cleaner lol! Not one of Mopars better moments!

  10. Jim

    I have an 83 w/a 225/6 & the speedo has turned over 3 times + 25,000 & is still running great!!! Has been hot so many times & stopped running, don’t know the number anymore! Just wait till it cooled all the way down, climbed back in it & drove it home!!! Great truck!!!

  11. Chebby Member

    Amazing that in 1984 Dodge was selling 2.2 Turbos and the old slant six.

    • r spreeman

      I think they talked about dieselizing the slant 6 at one time.

  12. dave b.

    Sold a short bed ’87 with a v/8 in damn near perfect shape for less than $8,000. Southern truck with zero rust, interior was nicer than this one-( it has faded door panels) zero dents in bed, professional paint job too- This one is worth 5K at best- good luck!

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