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BF Exclusive: 1990 Ford F-150

1990 Ford F-150

UPDATE: There was some drama, but we have found a buyer for this truck. Thanks Patrick!

This may seem like a strange one to feature here on Barn Finds, but when was the last time you saw one of these trucks with only 26,000 miles? Apparently, it was owned by an older gentleman and when he went into the nursing home, the truck went into a barn. The current owner bought the truck from the original owner’s son after his father passed away recently. It’s in great shape with just a few minor flaws. Patrick, the seller, doesn’t have a garage to store her in though so he has decided it would be better to sell it to someone who does.

The truck is located in North Carolina, near Charlotte and Patrick would like to get $7,500. You can contact him via email if interested. The price may seem high, but it’s still a lot cheaper than a newer low-mileage truck would cost you. I’m not sure if this one really qualifies as a survivor or even a collector vehicle yet, but I’m sure there is someone out there who would like to use it as their daily driver. What do you guys think?


  1. Jeff Staff

    I think this is a case of, “Find me another one.” I’m sure they’re out there, but the price can’t be off by much. If it has some history of maintenance, totally worth it.

    • Cherokee Bill

      Had one just like this but without the camper. Great truck until my wife and I went to a picture show came out and she was gone, miss her still today.

  2. Bill

    Too bad it’s not four wheel drive. I’d be all over it. Nice truck and a price not unrealistic for what you’re getting.

  3. boxdin

    Trucks didn’t get much better after this, just more complicated. I like this level of computerization as I have a 1990 E350 Chinook Ford coach. Ultra dependable, overdrive w EFIm these are great trucks.

  4. TLouisJ

    Currently have a nice ’89 F150 with 115,000 miles. These are really great trucks. Handsome, ride great with good power from the 5.0/automatic. Gas mileage is 15 or so. Named it Henry. :-) Terry J

  5. Rick

    Had one of these long box entended cab version w/ the 300 I-6 and 5 speed w/ o/d, was a nice comfortable truck. The 300 came with a cast iron exhaust w/ 2 outlets, was easy to put duals on it and so I did, losing the cats and installing glass packs. Nothing like the sound of 6 w/ a split manifold! Anyhow, traded it in for $4500 toward a new KIA Spectre on the Obama “Cash for Clunkers” program back in summer of ’09 when gas was $4.50/gal, by then it had 150K on it and was pretty much run out. Still driving the KIA, it gets over 30 mpg and hasn’t had any problems.

    • Bill

      You couldn’t buy an American car with your American taxpayer money?

  6. TLouisJ

    Love those cast iron exhaust headers. Have a Rat Rod under construction with a 300 inline 6, Offenhauser Dual Plane/Edelbrock 500 cfm and those nice Ford factory FI exhaust headers. Doesn’t say what that F150 has for an engine. Sure is a nice truck though. Might have trouble with your local Credit Union on financing at $7500 though. It’s gotta be way off the Blue Book price. Anybody know? :-) Terry J

  7. JamestownMike

    If only it was a 4×4! Wonder what size engine it has?

  8. Rick

    Someone needs to fill in the blanks: engine tranny, options, etc.

    • Patrick

      4.9L, V-6 automatic trans, cold factoryA/C and warm heat, electric windows and locks. AM/FM cassette

      • JW454

        Check that engine again Patrick, it should be an in-line 6 cyl. 300 Cu. In.

      • Andrew

        Maybe he meant 5.0 (technically a 4.9) V-8 instead of V-6? Would a 6 have 2 tanks?

      • Rick

        There was a 4.9 (300 ci) inline six offered in 1990. I assume that’s what is in this truck. Good engine.

      • mark

        I would like purchase this car. Any phone number?

  9. grant

    Love these Fords. Lost an F250 with similar livery to this one in a divorce about 10 years back. I still miss her, but good trucks are easy to find! This one is nice but priced a bit high for a 4×2

  10. jim s

    looking at the photo of the speedo i see markings for an automatic transmission and 27499 miles.

    • Patrick

      Correct. I have put about 1,000 on it since finding.

  11. jim s

    not sure what motor it has. it is a short bed ( i think ), with cap, power windows and locks, and 2 gas tanks. old enough for antique tags where i live which means, no inspection plus low cost tags and insurance. great looking truck.

  12. JW

    I love it but like a few others would want 4 wheel drive where I live.

  13. Justin Boyle

    Not a Ford guy, but it is important to save clean two-tone trucks like this one! They don’t really do the two-tone thing anymore, and this truck looks great! The price seems a bit high, but really it’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

  14. Wayne

    Barn finds. This site has become a joke. Why not rename it ” Ebay list” this combining Ebay and Craigslist. Let’s get the site back on track.

    • Patrick

      So Wayne . . . you don’t think a 26 year old truck with 26,000 original miles AND actually found in a BARN doesn’t qualify to be listed on this site? SMH

      • Jason Houston

        Certainly not, especially if you just bought it to flip for a fat profit. Where’s the barn? Where’s the little old previous owner? Where’s the documentation that verifies the mileage is accurate? Why no phone when people want to call you? You’re probably a very nice guy, but I’m just not feeling any real commitment toward actually selling it.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We just feature the stuff people send in. What do you think would put us back on track?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      By the way Wayne, this is an exclusive so it isn’t from eBay or craigslist.

      • Mark 'cuda man

        Jesse-I would be more than happy to explain what went down with this owner. I sent an email to “Steve” and thought He would call me back but it is the weekend. If you would list a cell/phone number I would be happy to talk to you about what happened………Mark

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Your explanation below is good enough for me. That’s not cool and is definitely not what Barn Finds is about. Thanks for letting us know.

  15. Wayne

    I don’t think any 1990 model qualifies as a barn find. If you do, then I’ve got a harbour bridge I can sell you cheap.

    • Bill

      I’ve got a solution for you. If the photo shows a vehicle that isn’t all dirty and sitting in a barn, don’t click on it.

      • Wayne

        That is what I do now

      • Jason Houston

        Sadly, that’s mostly what I do anymore. The Internet is already top-heavy with shiny, expensive Camaros, Mustangs, GTOs, and all kinds of foreign garbage that’s not even 30 years old.

        Remember, too, that a “barn find experience” is not a tangible item you can sell. It happens only to the guy who found it, and nobody can re-experience that once it’s over. People still advertise ‘barn find’ cars, and add a premium for calling it ‘barn find’, even if it isn’t true.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The clock keeps on ticking Wayne. I know it’s hard to believe, but a vehicle from 1990 is now 25 years old and that qualifies it as a classic in many States.

  16. Mike

    I like it! My daily driver is an ’89 long bed with the same engine trans combo. Just turned 88,888 yesterday and I expect it to go to 300,000.
    The price is great if you think about how long it will last! Good luck but I don’t think you’ll need it, this should be an easy sell!

  17. AMX Brian

    According to my state it is an Antique Vehicle. “Antique Auto: An automobile, motorcycle or truck, manufactured after 1915 and more than 25 years old; equipped with an engine manufactured either at the same time as the vehicle or to the specifications of the original engine; substantially maintained in original or restored condition

  18. Tim

    Is this truck still available?
    I’ve emailed you 3 times and have not got a response from you.

    • Mark 'cuda man

      Don’t waist your time….he doesn’t want to sell it!!!! I know cause I tried!!!!!!

  19. mark

    Any phone number? I will purchase this truck

    • Patrick

      Not going to put my phone number out here. Getting lots of inquiries. E-mail:

  20. Bob Deveau

    Here’s my BF 1985 Ford F 150 300CI (carb). Antique status in Canada is 30 years. 70,000 kilometers which translates to roughly 40,000 miles. Elderly man bought it new,he passed away shortly afterwards and his son inherited it. Son was killed in a car accident a year later. The mother put it in the barn(built a tarp building over it) and there it stayed till last year. It came with a 23 channel Graig CB & a “Dukes Of Hazard” style horn. I found MacDonalds toys dated 1986 in the glove box.I put a new gas tank and calipers on it. The truck is up for sale if your in the Nova Scotia area asking $6500 Canadian. American dollar is worth around $1.40 Canadian!

  21. Wayne

    I think anything pre 1960 auto related that has been laid up for a considerable period of time. Not just kept in a garage would qualify.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Well, some guys think it should be pre-emissions cars only and some think it should be American only, so I guess we can’t please everyone. With a dozen finds every single day though, I sure everyone will see something they like.

      This truck did sit in a barn for 15 years so it does meet one of your criteria. It’s also not a craigslist or eBay car. You never elaborated on how we can get this site “back on track” though Wayne…

    • Rob

      Maybe mine would qualify towards what you’d be thinking Wayne, tho when I found it, it had been stashed away in a garage, ‘n the padlock hadn’t been off for 30 yrs. But I haven’t had the time yet to get to it either, as I’d been moving State to State, i.e. ‘cept rebuilding its V8 flathead 20 yrs ago, ‘n it yet has to have been put back in as well.. Yep, last licensed and on the road under its own power, was in California. I bought it from the 2nd owner’s son, his Dad had garaged it due to a blown head gasket, i.e. right ‘fore he’d died as a Long Beach Firefighter in 1963. Tires are still holding their 50 yr old air.. :)

  22. TLouisJ

    I think you guys do a fine job sifting through stuff. There is a broad variety featured and an interesting vehicle doesn’t have to be 50 years old. Besides, you invented the site so it can be anything you want it to be. I drive my 440 powered ’41 Dodge P/U downtown and old guys give me thumbs up, but youngsters don’t even look away from their smart phones when I roar by. But if I’m in the Datsun B-210 those young folks often wave and smile when others think it’s just a car. I haven’t seen anything on your site that I wouldn’t do a double take at on the street. That’s the point I think. :-) Terry J

  23. Patrick

    After a flurry of inquires and one showing, my truck is still available. The one person who came to look at it, thought it was 4WD, so he didn’t buy. His review said that it is worth more than what I am asking and I agree. May pull of the market next week and take to Auto Fair at Charlotte Motor Speedway in April.

    • Jason Houston

      I used to get a lot of these “tire kickers” who insist my car is “worth more than I’m asking”. So why aren’t they peeling Benjamins? It’s because they’re lying just to get out of trying not to sound argumentative. If the car was truly worth more than the seller is asking, it would have already found a buyer. That’s common sense as old as dirt.

      The sad reality is, not every car is collectible and not every car has dozens of buyers waiting with fistfuls of hunnert-buck bills.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      As an “exclusive”, we did ask for two weeks of exclusivity Patrick. So, please keep that in mind. Thanks.

      • Jason Houston

        He’ll also get far more exposure here than at any local car show, too!

    • Jason Houston

      Or perhaps adjust the price.

    • Jason Houston

      That’s exactly what you wrote earlier.

      What is the reason you won’t answer emails or let people call you?

      Can you see how it looks like you’re playing fast and loose with people?

  24. Mark 'cuda man

    Don’t waste your time looking at this truck or emailing this guy! He does NOT want to sell it and the story above is a complete lie and fabrication!!!!!!!!

    • Patrick

      What? Mark, where the hell does that come from? I don’t know who you think you are or what you know, but I will not sit idly by while some one tries to discredit me! EVERYTHING in this post is 100% TRUE!

    • Patrick

      Mark what is your agenda? Would you like to come look at the truck yourself? E-mail me and I will be happy to give you my address. But dissing a guys post is low class and BS.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Come on guys, let’s keep it civil. Can you please elaborate on why you said all that Mark?

    • Jason Houston

      You may well be 100% right – but until you explain that for everyone’s benefit, your comments are 100% out of line.

  25. Jason Houston

    You have to remember, also, a 1990 anything is in that dangerous gray area: it’s too old to be a daily driver and light years away, if ever, from becoming a true collector car.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      1990 is too old? I haven’t daily driven anything newer than a 1990 for the past 10 years or so Jason. Perhaps you’ve grown soft? We have also proved time and time again that there is a growing collector market for certain 80s and 90s cars.

      • Jason Houston

        True, but we also have to keep things in perspective.

        1980s and 1990s cars having collector potential exist only in limited markets, namely, the Northeastern US. Or, what I call the rust belt – those states immediately surrounding the Great Lakes, where cars literally dissolve overnight from rust.

        The southern US, eastern seaboard, and the big “out west” are light years away from seeing these kind of prices, and always have been. When ’57 Chevrolet convertibles were a hard sell in LA @ $1,500, they would bring $7,500 in a finger-snap in the rust belts.

        I drive a late-model Ford Taurus I bought for formal work assignments, but I can’t stand it. I also have a 30+ year-old Ford Ranger I drive every day. It’s tolerable only bc it has no computer crap, power assists or boat anchor automatic transmission.

        But I could get by easier driving my Sahara Beige 1960 Edsel every day if the insurance would permit it. It’s easier to get in and out of, has no seat belts, buzzers, ladies telling me the door’s open, computers to crash, doorbells, or a host of greedy, needless, expensive smog requirements.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        There are plenty of insurance companies that would cover your Edsel for daily use.

  26. Mark 'cuda man

    I sent a friend there to buy it (Patrick mentioned “….the one guy came and looked at it….”) And after Patrick agreed to a price over the phone he then jacked the price up and my friend still went to look at it and buy it for the price he’s asking ($7500.00) then Patrick wouldn’t sell it to him! Then he writes the next morning that it’s “still available”. That’s how I know what I’m talking about Patrick! All this owner is doing is doing an auction without having the truck in an auction. That’s NOT what Barn Finds is for! Post it on ebay or put it on craigslist but don’t use this great site to dangle vehicles in front of everybody and then choose not to sell it.

    • Jason Houston

      Thanks, Mark, for providing what sounds like a compelling explanation. Your outrage sounds genuine, as would mine. What you’re describing also sounds consistent with my original assessment of this seller when the car first appeared.

      Now, I’d like to hear Patrick’s response.

    • Patrick

      1. A very nice guy by the name “Tim” e-mailed me last Friday and said he was interested in my truck.
      2. After a series of e-mails, Tim asked to come see the truck on Saturday morning. He also asked me what was the least I would take for the truck. I said “maybe” $7,250, but there has been a lot of interest and I would need to discuss with my wife.
      3. Tim asked me to hold the truck until he could look at it on Saturday morning. I agreed.
      4. On Friday evening, after receiving several e-mails from interested parties, I e-mailed Tim and let him know that I would not take any less than $7,500 because visitors to this site were telling me that I was asking too little. I did not want him to waste a trip.
      5. Tim came to my house and the first thing out of his mouth was that he thought it ways 4WD. Apparently, Mark ‘cuda man gave his friend bad information and Tim wasted half a day coming to look at a truck he wasn’t interested in.
      6. Tim spent an hour in my driveway looking over the truck and BSing with me. He’s a great guy and he is the one who advised I take the truck to the Auto Fair and ask $11,500! Tim left on good terms without ever making an offer and said that he was only looking for something with 4WD.
      7. Mark ‘cuda man’ original post called my story about the truck “lies and fabrication”. I would swear on a stack of bibles that it is the truth. Mark has not seen the truck and has no information to back up his slanderous statement.
      8. My truck is very much for sale and Mark ‘cuda man has tried to destroy any attempt I had at selling it through this website.
      9. FINAL FACT: I am done with this middle school girl drama.

      • Jason Houston

        I guess my final question, then, is WHY do you still have it for sale, when all those tons of other ready, willing and able buyers were coming to beat your door down?

        If you’d take $7,250, was all that toxic BS really worth $250?

        At least if you’d have given that Tim guy an even chance, you’d probably have $7,250 in your pocket, instead of a big truck everyone in the western hemisphere thinks is worth $11,000 but which nobody wants.

        Would you reconsider honoring your $7,250 offer, if nothing more than to keep peace in the valley?

  27. Patrick

    Jason – I really would like to sell my truck and I continue to communicate with 3 interested parties. If I would have known that the first showing would have caused all of this drama, I probably would have sold it to him – but he never formally made an offer and clearly wanted 4WD. I also have a two week agreement with Barn Finds for an exclusive listing, which I intend to honor.

  28. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Patrick let us know that the sale is pending. It’s been a little rough, but we are grateful for the opportunity to feature this one. Hopefully it’s going to a good home. Thanks Patrick!

    • Mark 'cuda man

      Jesse…..have you read the last comment by the buyer??? Patrick’s true colors has come out. He is truly what I expected……….not credible at all!!!!

  29. TLouisJ

    Well Jesse, It’s your website of course, but it seems like you gotta figure out a way to disengage BF from the transaction itself. In C/L or E/Bay the drama of the deal isn’t part of the dialog. Any ideas? Terry J

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Maybe you’re right, but isn’t that part of the fun? You don’t get to read this kind of dialog on craigslist!

  30. TLouisJ

    Actually C/L has a section called “Rants and Raves” that is usually about like much of this transaction. Though I don’t click on that section often, once in a while for entertainment purposes I do check in. Good point. :-) Terry J

  31. Bobby

    Jesse keep doing what you do its a interesting site for us gearheads I don’t care what year make model they enjoy looking at different stuff you will always have cry babies and know it alls started in every venture to take on great site good job keep it up thanks

  32. Rick

    Here’s a follow-up on this truck. I bought it, brought it back to Ohio and ran a CARFAX on it because there appeared to be a masking mark on the passenger door and I wanted to be certain it hadn’t been wrecked. Quite frankly I intended to shine it up and flip it, knowing there was damn little additional meat left on the bone, but what the heck… The CARFAX showed no accident history, which was the good news. The bad news is that it showed an emission test on it in 1999 at 93,997 miles! S-o-o-o, the truck apparently has 127,000 miles on it, not 27,000. Contacted the seller and offered to eat my cost of driving to North Carolina and picking up the truck, plus the cost of the detailing done on the truck and the repairs to the door strikers that were required to make the doors operate properly. All I asked was that he arrange to have the truck picked up and return my money. I thought that was a fair resolution. He responded with an email that, in short, said “you eat it.” He hasn’t responded to any more emails. So now I have to contact an attorney in North Carolina, etc.,etc., etc.

  33. Mark 'cuda man

    So sorry to hear your misfortune on this truck. If you read the previous comments by myself and the seller you will see he was very “shady” to say the least. He just seemed very questionable and uncooperative. I have learned over the years to back away from questionable sellers like Patrick. As you can see in my previous correspondence he apparently didn’t want to make a deal with me which worked out for good for me. Again, I am so sorry you’re having to deal with this……..Mark

    • Rick

      I’m sorry, too. Obviously!

  34. Mark 'cuda man

    I would like to hear a comment from Jesse on this………

  35. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    This is terrible news Rick! Patrick has yet to pay the commision too so it looks like we all got duped. Hopefully you can get some good legal advice and get it all worked out. Please keep us updated.

  36. Terry J

    Very sorry Rick. Either Patrick knew the mileage or he didn’t. If he did, then he’s dishonest. If he didn’t, then he’s not. I’ve reread the thread. Did Patrick say “This Truck has 26,000 miles” ? Or did he say “The last owner told me, or his Grandson said”, or ????? If Patrick made a statement of fact from his own knowledge, I suppose you might have a case, but that’s why you do your due diligence BEFORE you pay the money. I’ve been saved by Carfax on more than 1 occasion, once helping my daughter pick out an SUV. Buying a used car from any private party and most dealers is an as-is where-is proposition. Expecting Patrick to refund your money is naive I’m afraid, unless he purposely misrepresented the truck. My opinion anyhow. I’ve bought and sold many vehicles in my life, and once in awhile I got burned. No offense meant at all, and you probably have been having this talk with yourself anyhow. :-( Terry J

  37. Rick

    When he signed the title over to me he recorded the mileage as 27,608. He had the option of indicating it was in excess of its mechanical limits or that the reading was not the actual mileage. He marked neither.

  38. Rick

    Incidentally, check Patrick’s statement in an earlier post that “EVERYTHING in this post is 100% TRUE!”

  39. Terry J

    Well, signing the Title in that manner is certainly damning. Doesn’t necessarily means he knew better, but an attorney probably has something to work with anyhow. Good luck. Terry J

  40. Rick

    Just to follow up one more time the cost of recovering my loss wasn’t worth the money, so I still have the truck, although I’ll dump it this spring at a loss and remember in the future to trust no one on a car deal. And caution anyone to not deal with Patrick! Not a straight dude!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Sorry to hear that Rick. We all need to be careful when dealing with anyone online because it’s easy for people to misrepresent things. It’s a shame we can’t just trust people though. Always do your research before buying anything online or off.

  41. cudaman

    As I stated many posts ago, this guy was a total scammer! I sent a friend to buy it and this creep wouldn’t sell it. He wanted more than what he was originally asking. I tried to warn my friends here at Barn Finds……..again, sorry Rick…..

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