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UPDATE – Our readers quickly identified this as a 1LE. That means it’s not a COPO car, but it’s still a very special car!

From David D – This 1994 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro COPO (Central Office Production Order) is a factory built race car. It has 27,099 miles and is a barn find (garage actually). Hasn’t been driven since 1996 and has no modifications except the roll bar. All repairs needed to get it driveable again were done by an AC Delco Professional Service Center with original parts. Has a few small dings and fuel gauge is inaccurate, but it runs and drives great now. It has the LT1 engine (350/5.7), 6-speed manual gearbox, sport suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes, and stainless steel exhaust. This car would be great for a collector or could be used as a daily driver.


Here’s the VIN for those who would like to do some due diligence. Can you guys figure out anything about the car with those numbers? This car is new enough that a CarFax could reveal any mileage discrepancies.

27099 Miles

Not that this car has been into the shop much to get the mileage recorded. That’s not many miles considering that this car is 18 years old. Then again, it was probably a handful to drive.

Camaro Interior

The interior is pretty unassuming, but once you sit behind the wheel and grasp the six-speed shifter, you’ll know that something is up. The 350 V8 found under the hood of this car was one of the most powerful small blocks offered in a Camaro up to that point.

All Clean

It would be interesting to hear the differences between a COPO 1LE Camaro and a standard one back in 1994. Hopefully someone here can fill us in on that. If you are interested in this one, it’s located in Atlanta, Georgia and David would like to get $12,500 for it. That seems like a fair deal considering the low mileage and the fact that he dropped over $4,500 to get it in tip-top shape. You can contact him here via email if interested. Thanks for listing this one with us David!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Healeydays

    All Z28s in 1994 came with the LT1. These were not COPOs, just standard out of the showroom cars.

    Available Engines:
    275-hp, 5.7-liter V-8 (regular gas)
    160-hp, 3.4-liter V-6 (regular gas)

    5-speed manual w/OD
    6-speed manual w/OD
    4-speed automatic w/OD

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  2. edh

    I remember these, it hasn’t been long enough to forget them yet…what a pity.

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  3. Jeff D

    I didn’t think that COPO was an option in the 90s….

    What is interesting and where some of the confusion around this car may arise is that this is a 1LE car! These were somewhat rare — were stripped down (hardtop, no power windows, cloth interior), but featured stiffer springs at 360# linear springs up front and 130-160# progressive springs in the rear. Also included was a 21mm rear sway bar, 32mm hollow front sway bar, higher durometer control arm & panhard bushings and a solid rubber transmission mount. Think they also had an aluminum driveshaft as well, but not sure.

    Tempting car…….rare and low mileage. Would be a killer auto-x car.

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  4. David Daniel

    Chevy made over 199000 Camaro’s in 1994 this one is 1 of 114 produced with these options. Maybe not a Copo car as in the late 60’s or more recent models with 427 engines but this car was special production factory built race car. Just like you can order one today from just about every manufacture to run in world challenge series.

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  5. Joe

    Hey David—Bottom Line—It is NOT COPO and was Not Ever a race car NOR Ever Built by the factory to be a Race Car. It would not compete with this engine and set-up. We race. We know. Can’t create a history (and value) that doesn’t exist. Makes us doubt everything about this car–mileage, barn find, $4500 repairs etc. etc. Just say what it is and provide documentation/receipts. No spin zone PLEASE.

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    • Louie seerey

      No buddy I had one of these back in 1999 and I had no clue it was a z28 1LE no factory power option s at all no ac it was a beast man for sure.

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  6. Blindmarc

    Alot of the 1LE cars were ordered as police pursuit vehicles.

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  7. SoCal Car Guy

    The Service Parts Identification sticker tells the story. GM has long used three-character alpha-numeric (combinations of letters and numbers) to identify equipment and option packages (Z28, Z06, ZR1, WS6, etc.). Third line, ninth alpha-numeric (1LE) is the key. RPO (Regular Production Option) 1LE was the code for a showroom stock and autocross competition prep package. 1LE Camaros and Firebirds dominated series like the old Motorola Cup and Firehawk series. Ford built the 1993, 1995 and 2000 Mustang Cobra R-models to try to compete with the 1LEs. The original 1LE cars were built from late model year 1988 into early model year 1999, covering both late third and most of the fourth generation F-bodies. The early 1LEs had upgraded (for road course) suspensions, C4 Corvette brakes, aluminum driveshafts, special fuel tanks with extra internal baffling, and were not available with the usual amenities like radios, air conditioning, T-tops, or power seats, windows and door locks– all to cut weight and add rigidity to the body shells. Later (the last three of so years of the fourth-gen cars) became a little less uncivilized, with radios and air conditioning standard, but they were always the most hardcore, performance oriented, most stripped down and no-frills (including the cheapest six-cylinder interiors) Camaros and Firebirds. And they’re rare. I don’t have the Camaro numbers at hand (around 1,500 over 12 model years) but the total number of 1LE Firebirds builts from 1988 into 1999 was 236 units.

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    • Ieracer

      I learned more about the car than knew just in these few comments.

      As far as being a barn find/ garage find, This car was used for 2 years, then covered and stored for 20 when the opti spark quit the 2nd time due to moisture build up because of lack of use. It has a Atlanta Olympic tag from 1996. It sat since last year in my lot waiting for the owner to figure out what he was going to do with it being 75 or so now.
      I have known the owner since he got the car and would do drivers schools with it at BMW club events in 94 and 95.
      It was not a police car because it came with no a/c, power windows or door locks. ILE built for the track.
      The amazing thing about the car is after all the work was done how the car looks almost new. The interior, dash,carpet and paint are almost perfect. There will be no question of the odometer when you see the car. I welcome anyone to come take a look!
      Unfortunately all my pictures are at the office and I will post them Monday if you guys still are interested.
      Thanks SoCal for the info and Jesse for the listing

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      • metalman

        It most definitely is not a police package car. The RPO code would be on it as 9C1. And some departments didn’t want the power accessories. I have been working on cars for 40+ yrs, 30+ at Chevrolet dealers. And my father worked for corporate out of the Oregon Zone Office. He was there from 1953-1990.

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    • Rocco

      In your post, you mentioned Ford Cobra “R” Models.

      “Ford built the 1993, 1995 and 2000 Mustang Cobra R-models to try to compete with the 1LEs.”

      You were correct. GM dominated the series through ’94 against the ’93 “R” Model and it’s under powered(302) with a 15 gallon fuel tank,requiring more frequent pit stops. The Ford group(SVT) developed the ’95 “R” Model with a 351W and a 20 gallon fuel cell to compete with GM’s(350) and anyone in that class. The result was a IMSA Championship in Street Stock for Ford.
      Just a little info for the Road Racing enthusiast.

      I just had to speak up for the ’95 Cobra “R” Models, since I own one that was in the mix from day 1, and still is in race form as it was back then, when it set records in ’95, and had three 1st place finishes, along with track records that some still stand today, 21 years later.
      Owner and driver: George Biskup #22. A little over 6K race miles on it now.

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  8. Miguel

    Can a 1994 really be considered a barn find?

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      Why not? It’s over 20 years old and is low mileage.

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  9. DENIS

    I’ve had 1LEs and I liked em-great handling…nothing wrong with LT1 power either, so I hope someone buys it n drives it…I would.

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  10. Joe

    Thanks SoCal Car Guy. Trouble is that 1994 was in the middle of the production run and already well-tamed. This could be a decent street car with some nice factory suspension enhancements, NOT COPO–NOT FACTORY SPECIAL BUILD—but certainly wasn’t made to be a factory race car. By 60s or even today’s standards, it’s not a fast street car and certainly not a race car. Good luck if you can get $12,500 for this, but I don’t see any value at this level of investment. Maybe a disappointing performer to whoever bought this in 1994–put it away and forgot it. Would be crushed by a Dodge Omni GLHS or a Honda CRX Si. Let’s be real.

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    • Ieracer

      Hey Joe,
      There no replacement for displacement.
      I have over 80 competition races and this car would sux the headlights out of even the fastest 2.5 or less liters even with a turbo back in its day.

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      • Tony S

        Incorrect. Turbocharging is a very effective replacement for displacement…

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  11. Charles H.

    I agree with Blindmarc, I believe this was equivalent to the police package, the Police Dept. in Lenoir, N.C., used a few of these 1LE models as police Pursuit Vehicles back in the day, and they were pretty fast as I remember…..

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  12. BMW/Tundra Guy

    Cannot tell from the extremely limited amount of pics, but did anyone notice the temp gauge reading way above the normal level? Also, if this is a “Special Build” why are there no pics showing any of the “upgrades”? Not even an engine pic? No suspension pics to back up the “handling package” upgrades? I have heard of the newest iteration Camoro having the COPO package available and it is easily noticeable, extremely bare bones, and definitely not street legal! I am NOT an expert in any sense of the imagination but other than words, I see nothing showing the uniqueness of this vehicle.
    P.S. I am, unfortunately, a part time resident of Atlanta and would be more than happy to look this over should anyone out there have a true interest. Just leave me contact info in a reply and I will touch base and see how I can help out.

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    • todd

      yeah that’s the first thing I noticed lol, as mine usually ran hot like that as well poor air circulation through the front, couldn’t seem to get enough air flow unless you were driving on the interstate hwy, ended up modifying the fans to run continuously and a lower temp thermostat, cause of the embarrassment of overheating in town traffic.

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    • Ieracer

      It wasn’t running when I took the picture. It doesn’t get over 1/2 way on the temp gauge when it is running. Come by next week and take a look if you get a chance next week. That way there is a second option about the car.
      It’s in Chamblee.

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  13. Tom Cantral

    I pulled out my old GM Production Options book and ran the RPO codes on the tag. Thinking this was not a special order race car. Lets go over a few of the more interesting RPO codes. AK5 cargo Net, really GU6 rear axle ratio 3.42 great for gas milage, FE2 this one is for the suspension package it was in the middle not very impressive as its labeled Ride / Handling, G80 is a posi ,J65 standard front disk / rear disk brakes, K09 120 Amp Alternator, Nk3 Steering wheel / Soft rim simulated leather, N96 Wheel 16×8 cast aluminum , Un6 radio AM/FM stereo with cassette and equalizer, that’s for those long wait to for your next run at your local drag strip. Z28 merchandised package , Special performance, And 41U Primary color Black. I’ll let the next owner decide for himself if this was indeed a race car but my money says no way no how . Keep the finds coming enjoy reading about them . Tom C.

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  14. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    I’m with Joe…….

    ………..I race too, and this is not a Factory BUILT Race Car….

    ……………….what’s is the logbook number ???

    …………………….that’s story is just seller’s overzealous HYPE

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    • Ieracer

      It was built for the track but never raced, has no log book

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  15. stillrunners

    pictures…..we need pictures !!!!

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    • Ieracer


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  16. Joe

    There is no replacement for weightless. Hey leracer how about tossing that AK5 “Racer Special” Cargo Net, the GU6 “Racer Special Order” rear axle gas saver, the NK3 “Racer Special” soft foam padded steering wheel, and the UN6 “Racer Special” AM/FM cassette deck and equalizer. If you toss all this junk and your comfy interior, you might lose 500 lbs and be able to match a Honda Fit. COPO Indeed!

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  17. HeadMaster1

    I used to have an 89 20th anniversary Trans Am (the Turbo pace Car), it also had the 1LE package, as all of the Pace Cars did, but they were also fully loaded, and the little V6 would have left this in the dust…just sayin’

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  18. DENIS

    One thing that disappoints me here is that everyone wants to attack the person who lists the vehicle as a scammer, liar, rip the car up, and “I’m the expert, you don’t know shit”…I have been in love with cars all my life, have owned hundreds n hundreds of collector cars and I still learn something every day on here. Aren’t we all here to enjoy the old cars? How about we back-off the name calling and discuss this stuff like adults. I would be happy to debate with any of you, but sometimes you self-proclaimed experts take it over the top. Got a hot car? Bring it, but remember, if you no longer have it:
    “the older I get, the quicker I(it) was”!! FACT! Sorry if I offended anyone…free speech, remember?

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    • Ieracer

      Thank you sir

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    • BMW/Tundra Guy

      I agree. I was NOT trying to attack nor degrade the seller!! I was merely pointing out, or questioning, the lack of pics showing the “meat” of the matter. It sounds like the seller didn’t know it was going be picked up on a site that has a bunch gear heads that like to dig down into the provenance of a vehicle. While it might not be a true COPO, it sounds like it might have some track friendly options and that’s what the seller was just trying to point out. If my schedule permits, I might try to make my way over to his place next week.
      Don’t give some of these gear heads a second thought. Lots of knowledge flows on this site!!!! I have learned TONS since finding it. People with a passion, tend to get passionate, when discussing said passion.

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  19. Joe

    Free speech is great. Deception and hype are not and shouldn’t be tolerated from sellers and flippers. This is not a Barn Find. It is not a COPO Camaro. It is not a factory built race car. Whatever compelled the buyer to special order the car in this way—as a “wannabee racer”—it was never raced, unloved and neglected. If it was raced as is, it would have gotten its doors blown off since it is TOO HEAVY with creature comfort junk and TOO UNDERPOWERED to be a race car. Could be a nice looking car and fun drive, but many better Camaros and other fast cars out there at $12.5k. Why did it need $4500 in recent maintenance with only 20K miles, mothballed and never raced? An AC Delco service center is kind of like a Firestone shop? Why is this mentioned as a plus? Will you post the receipts?

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    • ieracer

      As your comment about deception and hype, I clear stated that I learned what the car is on this thread, thanks to Socal. It being a barn find, I knew about the car the whole time it was stored and finely got a chance to buy it.I stated clearly stated that it sat up for 20 years with gas in it, it took all that work to get it back to great condition. So that I can sell it.
      Now Calling My shop that has been in chamblee ga since 1953 the same thing is a Firestone is crossing the line, I also own a award winning restoration shop and body shop. We have pride in what we do, We only install original equipment parts whenever possible. So mind your what you say. Like the rule say no personal attacks!!!

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    • donovan vondracek

      please google 4th gen 1le,done

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  20. Kincer DaveMember

    Wow this is a active thread, No this car is not anything special, however I have a question for all of you that think this is a lackluster performer, have you ever driven a Camaro or a Firebird of this era with the LT1 and a 6 spd? I have, 1995 Z28 LT1 6spd, my first brand new car, 275hp, the car was no slouch by any means. I’ll say it again this car is nothing special $3500-$5000 car but Geeez do we really need all this negativity?

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  21. Mikey

    In first place the SS Lt4 Camaro was the best camaro to get. It had a lot more horsepower than the Lt1

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    • Kincer DaveMember

      Cannot deny that at all, however my boss had a 96 collectors edition Corvette with the LT4 and he couldn’t shake my 95 LT1 Camaro and was very impressed with it in our little race.

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  22. Joe

    Whatever this Camaro is or isn’t–could have been or should have been—right now it is still sitting after so many years. We wish Dave best of luck in passing it on with a true story AND a fair price to an appreciative driver. Good karma.

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  23. Andre

    The 1LE package was created with the third-generation Camaros and Firebirds that raced in the old Player’s/GM Series in Canada back in the late 80s and early 90s.

    Like So-Cal Car Guy mentioned above, the fourth generation with the 1LE was popular in the Motorola Cup and the Firehawk showroom stock series in the 90s.

    This was about as close as you could get to a COPO at the time with a Camaro.

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  24. Bubba Smith

    The 1LE was not a COPO but a regular option code. Few of these cars were built, and it actually was a hot little performance package for its time.

    Someone above noted that it could have been a Police package and suggests that RPO code 9C1 would denounce such on the SPID label. That is the Police Package RPO code used on GM B bodies. RPO code B4C was the code used on Police Package F bodies such as this Camaro.

    Cool little car, nice find. Is it a barn find? That’s debaitable…but it’s rarity is not.

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  25. Michael Gordy

    Hi to everyone on here that has commented on this car. David sold this car to me Sept of 17′. My first car was a 74′ camaro with a 350 & 350 turbo trans. I had built a passion camaro’s and studied quite a bit as well as turn my 74′ into a manual with a posi rear. Munci 4 spd with 3.73 gears. Had alot of fun with it as well as learned alot of do’s & don’ts. Long story short. Someone has hit it in the rear and I ended up selling it and eventually had a family of my own and moved out. During ths period of 95′ I was really intrigued by the LT1 with a 6 spd! Was going to buy one, instead bought my first house. 20 years laters out of the hot rid world pretty much I had a opportunity to look into a personal vehicle to enjoy on sunny day’s and be parked in the garage otherwise. I stumbled across this 94′ Z28 1LE! I absolutely love it!!! It may not beat some of these new camaro’s or mustangs on the road, but this car drives like a beast and my kid’s love it! Most of all it’s all about having fun and just enjoying life! Just wanted to share this with all if you as I stumbled across this just finding out as much as I can about my car. I keep the miles low and treat her really nice! It’s taken 20 yrs for me to have a car like this and it’s paid for and David gave me a really good deal for it knowing how much of a camaro enthusiast I am. No more lonely day just sitting! I’ll post some pictures of it now since I’ve had it. Thanks for reading this everyone and David Thank you for the sale! We love it & I love it!

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