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BF Exclusive: Barn Liquidation!

Reader Pat C recently emailed us to see if we could help his father liquidate a few of his classic cars. Of course, we told him we would love to help out! Initially, I assumed his dad would have a car or two to list, but then his dad Tim emailed with more details. It turns out Tim has quite the collection and he’s working at thinning the herd. They started out trying to list each car themselves, but it’s proven to be a monumental task. So far, they’ve managed to move 50 cars, but they still have about 20 more to go! That’s a lot of classic cars to find homes for, so we are going to need everyone’s help finding good homes for Tim’s cars. We will be listing them in small batches, he’s already moved some of them to his home while others are still in the barn and he won’t be able to retrieve until the weather improves. Enjoy this teaser of his barn and keep an eye out as we start to list the cars that are ready to go!

Here is a small preview of what all Tim will be listing:

1957 Mercury Monterey 2 door Hardtop
1958 Chevy Viking (converted to a car hauler by someone)
1954 Mercury Monarch Sun Valley (plexi roof car)

Special thanks to Tim and Pat for listing with us! If you have a collection of classics that you need help liquidating, please send us an email at


  1. George

    Hey Josh interesting indeed but a teaser list of some year makes and models would definitely stoke the imagination.

    • Josh Staff

      Sorry, I forgot to post his list. I’ve updated the post with a small preview of what all we will be listing in the days to come for Tim!

      • Jim LoScalzo

        Interested in the 48 Harley if they want to sell.

      • Jim LoScalzo

        HHi Jish;
        Have you actually seen this bike??

      • Doug Towsley

        Still interesting in seeing more on the Harley, but not holding my breath for a few reasons. #1) Nobody giving away vintage HD so expect retail upper end and that tends to be high #2) In my experience old Harleys tend to be cobbled together and poor condition. Very rare to find an original bike and all original parts. Many are Johnny Cash bikes and variety of years of parts on them.
        #3) The description of taken apart is not encouraging. Usually that means “lost the most important hard to find parts” However on the plus side that does permit inspection of many hidden internal parts so will choose to see glass as half full. :)
        #4) The early HD stuff is also tribal knowledge,. I have many old HD and Indian friends but they are aging out and dying off. Hard to find a good guru these days. You gotta know your HD trivia as a lot of one year and specialty parts that dont interchange. I have been attending AMCA events and rallys for 30 years and its a shrinking club.
        #5) I know that area well, and its a small world up there. I also know most of the Washington Vintage MC as well as VME Chapter guys. (I am a member) so not unusual to see bikes passed around. Long shot but I DID know of a bike like that for sale as a package deal around 2010. I went to look at the Harley and some Triumphs and a couple asian bikes after an even at Mt Venon for the WVMC show. Guy sold the pile out from under me a couple days later before I could return with the cash. (SOB). It was a good deal for the whole pile. About 4-5 months later I got a call from the buyer who wanted to sell me JUST the Harley for what I could have bought the whole pile for. I turned him down. I WOULD have accepted if it was the same original deal. ALL the bikes and ALL the parts for the original price..
        I would NOT be surprised at all if its the same bike and passed thru multiple owners. Seen it many times before. I might still have on a old file card the original pix of the bike. If it is…It sure as hell was not all stock and original.
        I told the seller,… He had gotten the bikes as part of an estate and bought the bikes along with some old cars and knew little about the bikes… so I told him internally the HD and others might be rebuilt and in great shape OR could be internally all junk. Therefore its a big guess and you bid low expecting bad condition, if its not, then bonus.

  2. Tim Cochran

    Would love to see pictures of the 58 Viking

    • Pat

      No time to clean it up yet but here it is.

  3. S.S. McDonald

    I don’t see a location listed???

    • AutoArcheologist

      Looks like Washington state on the Lic. plates.
      Washington is a pretty big state tho…

    • Pat

      North of Seattle.

  4. Blindmarc

    Know someone who would take the harley, if it gets put out.

    • Pat

      It is all apart. He must have been planning to rebuild it I guess but with failing health he never got it done. The new gasket sets, bearings, rings etc are all there but unopened. There are actually parts like fenders, front ends etc from 2 old Harleys. For example the original ’48 springer front end and also a hydraulic one that looks like it is off of a ’49. Anyway we are working on getting it organized and pics taken but the cars are more of a priority to make some space.

      • Doug Towsley

        Pat that is a typical story, I have a large collection of old bikes and often consult with others and volunteer with the vintage car and MC museum here in Oregon. It would take a very skilled and knowledgeable person to correctly assess the bike. There are many parts that interchange, and many that do not. Some parts are hard to find. My buddy spent 10 years looking for a one year only oil bag (Tank) for his 36 flat head. Here is a trivia point on the front ends. 47-48 is a big transition year. 1948 is the first year of the Panhead. and last year for Springers until the Evo-softail came out. The Hydroglides also came out in 48.
        So, my friend Harry served in WW2 as a diver in Pearl Harbor. After the war he moved out here to Oregon from Chicago. He bought a NEW 1948 Panhead with the new Hydroglide front end. Rode it for a while and took it back and traded it back in to the dealer for a Knucklhead with the Springer.
        Harry said the Hyrdroglides were pieces of S**t and you could not keep oil or seals in them. The knuck and springer were dead on reliable. He hitched a side car to the bike and he and his wife who was 6 months pregnant drove out here to Oregon cross country for a job. (He helped build a sawmill here in Oregon that is world famous). Not his only HD experience. After the war, Harry and a buddy were going to ride from the US to the tip of South America. They rode Knucks… They made it as far as Panama and said screw it. Lets go home. Turned around and came back. They had MANY adventures along the way. no time or room to keep yabbering on,,, But I have great respect for these old guys. Tough as nails.
        Harry is in his 90s now, and still gets around but not on MC’s anymore but he goes square dancing once a week so still going strong.
        I am veteran with disabilities but the heros in my view is guys like Harry and my dad and his generation who went out and did amazing things.
        There is a very active club called the AMCA -Antique MC club of America and the Evergreen chapter is based in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I attend the regional meet up in Tenino Washington every year. There is also the VME Vintage MC enthusiasts with multiple chapters in Washington and one here in Oregon,. (I am a founding member of the Oregon chapter) and in Northern Washington is the WVM-Washington Vingtage MC which was a VME chapter but split off. Ill be up in that area this spring. Also BC for the Canadian vintage show.

      • Pat

        It is original 1 owner. He bought it new. Yes we have the original title.


  5. BillB

    Would have been nice to see the first 50 cars before they got away!

  6. Doug Towsley

    Pics and details, Harley would be interesting, lets see PEEKTURES!!!! But no one is giving away vintage HDs anymore.

  7. Shawn

    I would be interested in buying the 54 lincoln and Harley. What are the prices and where are they located.

  8. smittydog

    Lincoln looks solid. Teaser is right. Problem with Barn Finds…good deals gone by the time we see ’em.

    • George

      Reading between the lines he comes off as a reluctant seller. Like got this truck but using it, and drive the Olds and yeah a vintage Harley but might keep that. Hate dealing with guys like that, they want top dollar for the scraps but don’t want to come off the good stuff.

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    no pictures – no deal…….isn’t that our creed ?

  10. milotus

    Hey – EVEN I can take point-&-shoot pictures,
    & post them here.
    Could the seller please do the same?

  11. Kuzspike

    Looks like the 54 Lincoln Capri has been cross-listed on You might have to scroll down pretty far to see it. Also on the Bellingham, Washington Craigslist.

    • philthyphil

      saw it on BAT yesterday with some pics

  12. Dovi65

    I’m lusting after the mid-60s Lincoln Conti, and the Ford/Merc wagon in front of it!
    License frame says “Seattle” … I have family in Redmond, & Kirkland .. so maybe time to pay them a visit!

    • Pat

      The ’69 Continental will be posted here soon. The wagon still needs to be pulled out come spring.

  13. M/K

    Be careful with cars that have slept for a long time in north west Washington state (or even spokane) I have seen cars rust as quick there as in the rust belt.

    • Doug Towsley

      Say what???? (Rusting cars in Washington) What the heck you talkin’ bout Willis?? I am in Oregon and have property up in Washington as well (Near Bellingham) And true enough, we get a LOT of rain and moisture, and if you are close to the coast, well the Salt air can be destructive, But overall we dont see anything near the rust cancer other places see. That may change as Washington and Oregon are starting to use Salt on the roads in limited cases, but in general, the reason we have so many cool old vehicles is because stuff does not rust like it does in the rust belt (midwest and East coast),.
      Hell, When I was in the Air Force I had a friend who had an old Mopar from the Rust Belt. Swiss cheese.,, One day on his way to work the fuel tank fell out and onto Airbase road and started a fire in the Sage Brush,,, He made it about another 1/2-3/4 mile before the car sputtered and died. He scrapped it as there was not any salvageable metal left to weld or strap it to. (Being a resourceful Acft tech he drove it for another 2 weeks with a plastic fuel can on the passenger seat and a hose to the carb.)

      • M/K

        I live in grants pass Oregon’s and my old lady was born an raised in Bellingham her family owns a homestead on toad mountain. I seen more rust through on cars from that area than anywhere else on the west coast. That salt the roads when it snows there. Have u been there this time of year? Snows every year. I lived all around there from blain south to mount Vernon and bought many rusted through cars.

    • Doug Towsley

      Our old family farm was in Ferndale area up towards Cherry Point. My Grandfather and family moved to that area in the 1930s and he worked as a pipefitter at the Aluminum plant and the Oil terminals. My Dad and Uncle both enlisted in the military in 1942 and 1943 respectively while growing up there. My GF died in early 80s but if you look on a map, Douglas Road is adjacent to our old farm. Its named after my Greatgrandfather and me. So, yep,,, I know the Bellingham and related area to some extent you might say. I stand by my points about Rust. *IF* a car spent much time around Birch bay, or the other areas with sea water, then YES,, just like any coastal community you WILL see Salt based corrosion. Other wise, No, Nyet, Yok, Bitmish, Nein, No Mas. I usually attend the swap meet (motorcycle and Auto) at Mt Vernon each spring and the following day as well up in BC Canada. (Double header weekend). I have many friends up in the area, and many in the vintage club up there. Heck my buddy has barn fulls of stuff up on Whidby Island (Right by the Navy Base) and even his stuff doesnt get much salt water rust.
      As to Salting the roads, I was aware limited amounts were done in Seattle areas, and some of the crews were dispatched to Portland Oregon over the last 3 storms. (They predicted 1-4 inches and instead we got 14 inches plus Ice on top of that) I will have to email my buddy who is an engineer for WA-DOT and ask where they are using salt now, but I thought it was pretty limited.
      (Salmon dont like salt in freshwater, And I dont like it on my roads)

      • Pat

        All the cars in the estate spent their lives (and then were stored) on the east side of the state.


  14. Tyrone Shoelaces

    To All Who Read This: If these cars are in Bellingham, WA – try your hardest to pick them up; an absolutely beautiful part of the USA!

    • That Guy

      I’m giving you a thumbs up just for your screen name. If you aren’t a Car Talk staff member, you should be.

  15. erikj

    I can get to Bellingham in 3 hours away.Live kinda close. Let me know if someone would like a pi Tell me what pics you want tosee, a little gas and you will here back that day unless something goes awall. Ive done this several times with great results

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