BF Exclusive: Bronco Bob’s Backyard Bonanza!


UPDATE 11/8/16 – David just let us know that the following vehicles have been sold: 1966 Bronco Rock Crawler, 1971 Honda 600, Fox Body Mustang, and the MGB carcass. There has been a lot of interest in the Bronco Diesel, but its still available along with many of the other cars. They are willing to hear offers, so you might want to give this huge stash a second look!

FROM 9/6/16 – The other day we looked at large collection of cars that once belong to Bronco Bob. Bob was well known for his off-roading Broncos and he performed a lot of engine and transmission swaps on other people’s trucks here in the Boise area. Unfortunately, he passed away recently and now his wife and son are trying to find new homes for all the vehicles and parts he amassed over the years. It’s going to be quite a job so we thought we’d help them out by giving the collection a mention. Let’s go a walk in the backyard and take a look at what all is back there.

Bob's Broncos - 33

When we first arrived, we were greeted by a couple of seriously modified Broncos. One had a V8 in it and the other had a Cummins diesel! Both looked rugged and well used, but still ready for some rock crawling. Dash plaques adorned the dash of one of the trucks so you could tell that it had seen some serious action in its life. These rigs hold a lot of memories for the family so it’s going to be hard for them to say goodbye.


As we ventured further into the yard we spotted a couple of sand rails. These looked like serious fun for the money. They are asking $1,500 each, but I would try to work a deal for the pair so you and a buddy could recreate some Mario Kart action at the dunes!


A little further in there were a few cars that are probably only good for parts. This is a Mustang GT convertible with a 5-speed, but it looks pretty forlorn.


This MGB is even worse, but there might still be a few good parts there. As we worked our way through the yard we noticed that there were MGB and Bronco parts scattered along the fence. These parts cars are worth about $200 each so you might want to pick them up while buying one of the better cars.


At the back of the lot we were surprised to find more MGBs and a 1971 Honda 600. The Honda may be the best back there, but the Bs might be worth a look too. The red one is a ’71 and has new paint. The grey one is a ’78, but looks complete.


After checking out everything outside, we took a peak in the garage. Inside, we found a pair of MGBs. The white one is very nice, but the yellow one had a V8 under the hood! It runs and is claimed to be quite a handful. Looks like fun to us!


After looking at everything there, we were surprised to discover there were more cars stashed at an undisclosed location. We spotted this MGB in the weeds when we arrived, but were happy to see a shed on the property.


After swatting the wasps away, we were able to unlock the door and swing it open. As we did so, we were greeted by this smiling face! It’s an Austin-Healey Sprite and it sure looked good on the outside. Looks can sometimes be deceiving though. This car came out of Texas and it looks like someone repaired the rust holes by affixing fiberglass to the backside and then skimming Bondo over the top. It might still be worth rescuing though.


We thought we had seen everything, but there was one more truck parked outside. Bob picked up this 1965 Ford at a local charity car lot. It needs some work, but actually looked like one of the best deals out there. The body is decent and the V8 was running not long ago. The sale even includes a Travel Queen topper!


Lots of gems here and almost everything has a title. I have included an inventory list with asking prices below and you can view more photos here in our photo gallery. Feel free to contact Bob’s son Dave here via email if you would like to take a look or get more information. Everything is located in Boise, Idaho. We are grateful for this opportunity to help and hope that everything finds a good home!

  • 1968 Bronco Diesel – $7,500
  • 1966 Bronco Rock Crawler – $9,000
  • Sand Rails – $1,500 each
  • Mustang GT Convertible – $200
  • MGB Junker – $200
  • 1978 MGB (gray) – $1,000
  • 1971 MGB (red) – $1,500
  • 1971 Honda 600 – $3,000
  • MGB V8 Conversion – $5,000
  • Austin-Healey Sprite – Pending title
  • 1965 Ford w/ Travel Queen – $4,500


  1. Jeff Staff

    This isn’t helping my fascination with the Honda 600. Did you guys poke around the inside at all? I’ll drop Dave an email…

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We did Jeff! It’s not bad actually. There are a bunch of photos in the photo gallery and I believe they have a spare engine. I love the firebird sticker on the hood too!

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  2. Donald Davis

    Would be helpful to know where they are located.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The location is right there in the last paragraph. Boise, Idaho.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    “Bronco Bob” Sanders!! A great guy and a real asset to the early Bronco community. He helped a lot of people with disc brake conversions, NP435 conversions and power steering conversions 20-25 years ago. I drove past his home near Boise about 20 years ago on a trip through the area. I thought his Early Bronco Specialties business has been sold but perhaps not. RIP Bob.

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    • David Thomas

      Yes, the business was sold some time ago but he still maintained a couple of Broncos. Then he moved on to other things, like stuffing that 302 in the MGB.

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    • Claudia Sanders

      Hi, Todd. I remember your name. Bob did sell the business several years ago and then started playing with British cars. If you need the name and contact information for the new owner send me a message and I will contact you. It is nice to share good memories of Bob. Thank you.


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  4. Cassidy

    No engine pic for the Mustang, does it have one?

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    • David Thomas

      It has a Ford 302. I’m traveling today and wont be able to take one but I’ll post one in this thread as soon as possible.


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      • David Thomas

        My apologies. I had so many emails last night that I replied to you question incorrectly. The Mustang pictured has no engine. Transmission only (4 spd).

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      • Cassidy

        Is it possible to get a picture of the Mustang’s driver side? That trailer worries me

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  5. stillrunners

    sorry to hear of the loss David….

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  6. DrinkinGasoline

    I’d like to drop that 65 Ford cab and bed onto my 84 TTB frame, with the camper.

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    • David Thomas

      That could happen. Let us know when you would like to pick it up..


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      • David Thomas

        That truck is still available. We didn’t really pursue any advertisement after the barnfinds post. Let me know if you might be interested.

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  7. David J David J

    Excellent reporting, BF. What a cool site!

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  8. David Thomas

    I wanted to post a copy of the magazine article that was written on the diesel Bronco. Some might find it interesting. I cannot figure out a way to post the entire article. Ping me if you would like the other 5 pages and I’ll email it to you.


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  9. Kieran.M

    Nice little junkyard must say

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  10. shellb

    As an update – I bought the diesel Bronco!

    Flew into Boise ID from Denver and drove it home! Fun but cold road trip.

    Thanks to this site and the family for the sale.

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