Rad Bicentennial Edition: 1976 Ford F150

1976 Ford F-150 Custom Bicentennial Edition

For a birthday celebration that was 200 years in the making, Ford came out with a present for the public. This 1976 Ford F-150 Custom Bicentennial Edition pays tribute to the United States of America. This patriotic pickup is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While no VIN is listed, the truck has 74,000 miles on the odometer and a clean title. Thank you, Roger, for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1976 Ford F-150 Custom Bicentennial Edition

Powered by a 360 cubic inch V8 and moved by an automatic transmission, everything is said to run smoothly according to the listing. As you can see in the photos, the engine has normal wear and tear for its age and mileage. Thankfully there does not appear to be any structurally compromising rust that is visible under the hood. They do not provide any photos of the underside. The body appears to be solid as well.

A patriotic plaid interior is decorating the inside of the cabin. This was also a hallmark of the special edition trim. The signature eagle that was used on the side decals is also fixed to the glove box. Looking at the photos you can see that in the bed of the truck there is some paint missing, but nothing terrible. You can easily touch it up and put in a rubber bed liner to hide and protect the bed if you plan on using the truck.

1976 Ford F-150 Custom Bicentennial Edition

If there is one vehicle that could capture both the American spirit of 200 years and showcase the best of what 1976 fashion and styling was like, this truck was exactly that. 33 years later and America is still gobbling up pickup trucks at an exponential rate. Who knows if rigs like this one will still be around in 17 years for a 250-year celebration, but hopefully transportation designers will look back on this truck at that time to inspire commemorative transportation then!


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  1. Todd Fitch Staff

    Hey Brentton, nice find! My Grandfather bought one of these used, his last truck. It was the Bicentennial special but in Bahama Blue, also in Western PA. Once, on the highway, he explained how primaries and secondaries on a four-barrel worked then demonstrated by flooring it and launching us forward. Good times. Thanks for the memories!

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Even though I graduated high school in 1976, sadly, my brain still knows that it was 43 years ago, not 33. That said, I was not aware that Ford made such a truck, and I love it.

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    • Michael

      Hi …I agree cool truck😊…in looking a few of the comments/posts…brings back some of my own memories and I to ,with being a ford man for 30 years,was in shock when I found mine 8 years ago 2,500 miles away…yes I am also a proud owner of one of these editions…an F250 w/460,c6 auto ,2wd 80k original miles🙂very cool…congratulations

  3. Stevieg

    Looks like Uncle Jessy had some custom stripes added to his truck, possibly done by the same guy who painted the General Lee!

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  4. john

    rear wheel drive truck in western pennsylvania? nahhhhh…..dont be a ynzr!

    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Hi John! Growing up in Northwest PA, Warren county, virtually no individuals had 4×4, only government and company trucks, until sometime in the ’80s anyway. Even the farm trucks were usually 2WD with big paddle wheel lugged tires. One of my buddies had a ’79 Chevy C20 Trailering Special that we drove down a creek bed for a mile or so (and other interesting places) just for kicks. We’re spoiled these days but, with RWD and good tires, yinz can go nearly anywhere yinz want like dahn tahn, over the Sousside, Gint Iggle or even up up Greentree Hill ‘n’ ‘at.

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      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Todd, yinz could also take it to a Stillers game.

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      • Todd Fitch Staff

        Rex is right. Just cause them roads is slippy and your pickup is RWD aint no reason to miss a Stillers game.

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    • Dana

      What is a ynzr!?

  5. Miguel

    If he wants 12K for this truck, he had better repaint that rear bumper.

    Seeing rust on the bumper makes me think there is much more underneath.

    To me it just looks like an old truck with small tires.

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    • Gib Moore

      I have one. f150 360 with a 4 speed. Two wheel drive with factory air. Wimbledon white with the scotch plaid interior. 81k miles and is a blast to drive.

  6. Richard Gugenberger

    I knew a guy who had one of these , he pulled his horse to rodeos with it until it was dust and rust , The add in craigslist says 5 cyl ??, nice old truck hope it finds a good home !

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  7. Deadhorse

    This was my truck. I sold it to the current owner at the start of summer. Here is some background for anyone who may be interested. I owned it for (6) years and purchased it from the second owner, who found it in a chicken coop in central PA–with a topper on it. It was originally sold at Selinsgrove Motors near Lewisburg. The wheel is from an 80s F-series and the mirrors are also later units–however I included the original mirrors with the sale, along with a brand new in-box tailgate. The truck is very solid all around and underneath. No frame rot at all. It is a true original paint/interior survivor. During my ownership I used it for light hauling, daily driver duties, and the occasional cruise. If anyone has questions, I would be happy to answer.

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    • Eric and Marcy Zgela

      We just bought it off Mr. Fuller . We very much appreciate all the reviews and the interesting history . It really is a nice truck and runs very well no problem with the drive north. We live up near Slippery Rock so it’s great that it was born and raised in Pennsylvania and will stay here !

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      • Michael

        Hi …sorry this was my first time posting on this site…I was trying to reply/respond to Eric and Marcie’s last post my bad…I think I got the wrong one…again sorry😔🙂 This is Michael a fellow ‘76 bicentennial owner

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      • Michael

        My other post is mixed within the comments above…just thought I’d add that…but while I’m here again thought I’d elaborate alil more on my original 1 year long search (for a “1976” ford truck not knowing ofthe special edition )…eventual find and journey (loading up my wife and our ,at the time 12 year old son ,in our ‘97 Jeep cherokee 2,500 mile long trip) to Boise ,Idaho to purchase and drive home🙂…I will always and forever have those great memories👍🏼😊

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